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Anime Head Angle and Expressions Practice. by Taqresu650 Anime Head Angle and Expressions Practice. :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 An Old Original Character Returns by Taqresu650 An Old Original Character Returns :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 3
Qui Gon Jinn (Restored) by Taqresu650 Qui Gon Jinn (Restored) :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 2 0 Brand New Profile Picture by Taqresu650 Brand New Profile Picture :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0
The True MCU Timeline (Updated)
I will start with disclaimers:
This WILL include spoilers for all the other MCU movies (including Ant man and the Wasp), but not the shows (except Agents of SHIELD), I haven't watched them all, so I will not include most of the shows or 1-shots to this post.
This is a topic I've been thinking over for a while. Since the release of Spiderman Homecoming, the internet has blown up with, "Spiderman Homecoming breaks the MCU Timeline!" "Will Infinity War fix the MCU Timeline?" "Since The Avengers took place in 2012, does that mean Spiderman Homecoming takes place in 2020?"
Since watching Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, and Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD, I have concluded that the 8 years Time Card is inaccurate, I've had to update this entire timeline accordingly. However a possible new problem has occurred.
Let's begin with Phase 1. This is filled with many wrong assumptions; the primary being that the movies take place mostly between 2010 and 2012. But honestly, Phase 1 ends in
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Dynamic Female Pose Practice by Taqresu650 Dynamic Female Pose Practice :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 Male Dynamic Pose Practice by Taqresu650 Male Dynamic Pose Practice :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 0 Undertale Skelebros Fan Art by Taqresu650 Undertale Skelebros Fan Art :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 17 42 Spyro The Dragon Fan Art #2 by Taqresu650 Spyro The Dragon Fan Art #2 :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 8 6 Spyro the Dragon Concept Sketch Fan Art by Taqresu650 Spyro the Dragon Concept Sketch Fan Art :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 10 13
My Diagnosis
There is something immensely important I need to talk about. It's very personal, but I really want to get it off my chest. I have Asperger's Syndrome.
For those of you who aren't aware, Asperger's a "high functioning" form of Autism. I'm still as intelligent as most people, but there are some areas I struggle in. I have very poor social skills, I may miss obvious communication cues, I may repeat what I say over and over, I may sound monotone and seemingly act without emotion, I even have trouble making eye contact. I may also have an obsessive attachment to certain subjects, even unusual subjects. I'm clumsy, and have trouble with specific motor skills. I'll have one-sided conversations and only talk about subjects I enjoy.
In school I have a hard time focusing on particular subjects. In fact, it's greatly afflicting me in college, where I have difficulty taking time off something I may obsess over and focus instead on homework. I managed in high school, but College is a whole other ba
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Toa Tahu Nuva vs Tahnok Kal WIP 2 by Taqresu650 Toa Tahu Nuva vs Tahnok Kal WIP 2 :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 20 3 Tigiratel WIP by Taqresu650 Tigiratel WIP :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 5 13 Commence Nostalgia Overload by Taqresu650 Commence Nostalgia Overload :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 2 2016 Chiroptera Jack-o-Lantern by Taqresu650 2016 Chiroptera Jack-o-Lantern :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 5 5 Anthro Bat (Microchiroptera) Anatomy by Taqresu650 Anthro Bat (Microchiroptera) Anatomy :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 4 5
Christianity and Free Will
First and foremost, this entry is dedicated to my Lord and Savior.
One of the concerns I've seen about my faith is in the issue of conversion. There is a misunderstanding I would like to clear up here. In one point of view Christians are "perfect" people on high pedestals forcing others to be like them. It rides upon an assumption that Christians have the "Self/Other" binary. While there may be truth in this about some Christians, this is not what the Bible teaches us.
I will start with the account of Genesis and the story of Adam and Eve. It's very well known, but let's take a closer look. God created the Heaven and the Earth, and saw that it was good. He created man (Adam), and made woman (Eve) out of the rib of Adam. This does not make Eve inferior to Adam, or men superior to women. Eve is flesh of Adam's flesh, and they became "one flesh" in their marriage. In that sense, they are partners and equals.
The point I want to bring up is that Adam and Eve were both given a soul, and the
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Minecraft Midgar Concept Art (xboxOne) by Taqresu650 Minecraft Midgar Concept Art (xboxOne) :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 3 4 TLoTaX Species Concept Art by Taqresu650 TLoTaX Species Concept Art :icontaqresu650:Taqresu650 1 22
Verification in History
Before I begin, I will tell you in advance that this is dedicated to my faith in Christianity and in God. I understand there are many who don't share my beliefs, and that's fine. I will not force anyone to convert to my religion. It's only real faith if one chooses to believe of their own accord. There are two reasons I'm writing this. First, I wish to honor God, and second, I want to clear up some misunderstandings circulating around Christianity. Most of what I say here is from what I've learned in Church, I am not a pastor or have any authoritative position in my church. I also believe that the Bible really has only One author, God. Where he reveals His Word through the pens, minds, and hearts, of the people who wrote the books of the Bible.
Now for the message. Many see the Bible as a fable or some fictional nonsense, but that is because most people don't really grasp or understand the Bible and how it works. Take the Old Testament for example. From Genenis to around Esther, the Ol
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