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The Legacy of Taqresu and Xxtvee: Sorphyous part 1 by Taqresu650 The Legacy of Taqresu and Xxtvee: Sorphyous part 1 by Taqresu650
This is a story I plan on making into a novel. I am using my 3ds to upload my art, and typing the story through a computer. I have several made-up words, and a few are in my Pronounciation Guide (It's a journal entry). This is the first part of my Prologue, Enjoy.
The creature studied the hologram closely. A planet was projected, a planet third from its star, and the closest one with a moon. After all those years of sending unmanned expeditions into wormholes, he has finally found a planet with life.
"Phelisojf!" the creature called, "We are successful, in finding a planet with life!" Phelisojf ran into the room. The creature who found the planet is named Telphroih. He, like his son Phelisojf, are Crysteloidve.
Crysteloidve are dragon-like creatures with four legs and two arms like a centaur. Their cells are made entirely out of organic crystals. Telphroih is the leader of all Crysteloidve, or Sraq. Nobody sees him as a tyrant or a dictator.
Phelisojf is a Mer-Sraq, a rank just beneath the Sraq. At first, everyone thought it was unwise for Telphroih to choose his own son for a Mer-Sraq, but Phelisojf soon changed their minds.
Phelisojf is one of the most intelligent Crysteloidve of his generation. He is also a great stradegist. Politics are no problem for Phelisojf either. Telphroih is proud about how much his son has accomplished as a Mer-Sraq.
"This planet is called Earth," explained Telphroih as he enlarged the hologram. "Tomorrow, after the council meeting, I will send a crystal meteor to Earth," continued Telphroih, "I will use it to bring back a "human" I have studied."
When Telphroih showed the hologram of 14 year old boy. Phelisojf was shocked. "Your capturing an orphan child?" asked Phelisojf, "Why take anyone from this planet?" Telphroih turned to Phelisojf and said, "I believe that all four races originated on Earth. When I scanned the memories of humans, I found a strange memory belonging to this boy.
"This boy, Phelisojf, may hold the key to our origin." After a pause Phelisojf said, "I don't like it, but I will help." Soon afterward, the two returned to their rooms to get some sleep.
The next day, Telphroih and his son Phelisojf flew on a ship, from their home planet Dihgthee, to the broken planet Zelfri. Zelfri is the closest planet to the star Sorphyous, long ago it collided with the planet Bonnirri, a planet even closer to Sorphyous, and much smaller than Zelfri.
Now all that is left is half of Zelfri and rings of derbis. Luckly the Zej, the native intelligent species of Zelfri, were able to escape with the most of the plant and animal life. They are currently trying to repopulate what they can of Zelfri.
The Council meeting is a meeting between the Sraq and Mer-Sraq of each race. They usually take place on Zelfri's moons. Rossur, the Sraq of Zelfri is the current Vu-Sraq, or main leader. The Vu-Sraq is elected from the four Sraq for a set amount of terms.
When Telphroih enter the Council chamber, he noticed that Rossur and his Mer-Sraq have already arrived. The Zej are a race with reptilian heads and bodies, but have insect-like legs. Sraq Vrueqi and her Mer-Sraq have also arrived early. They are Qrivets from the city-planet Qruevuu.
Qrivet are like ants with more than six legs, but they are roughly a meter tall. Their city-planet is the farthest rocky planet from the star, Sorphyous. Sraq Vrueqi angrier than usuall, observed Telphroih, something bad must have happened to her to make her so angry.
They only ones who didn't arrive early, were Sraqs from the Desolate planet Raqyi. Even though Sraq Zemour and his Mer-Sraq were the last to arrive, they weren't late. They are Rykenn, a race similar to dinosaurs, and are the largest of all the intelligent races.
"Now that every Sraq and Mer-Sraq are here," announced Vu-Sraq Rossur, "We will begin the Council meeting!" Everyone sat in their their seats and prepared for a meeting that could take a long time. "Everything is fine on Dihgthee," reported Telphroih since it was his turn to announce his report first in this meeting.
Sraq Zemour was next, "A couple months ago, Civil war broke out in the main continet, Tarvik. I believe it will resolve itself shortly." Rykenn base their ruling system on Power and Honor, wars are common for them. Vu-Sraq Rossur then announced his report.
"The Repopulation of the planet is going by smoothly. Our scientists have successfully established an artificial atmosphere. They are still trying to balance the planetwide gravity to a stable state. Afterwards we need to cover the environmental establishments."
Now it was Sraq Vrueqi's turn. She stood up and announced, "One of you is a traitor to our cause and tried to destroy the Qrivet!"

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