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:Tissoplastic spinosaurus:
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Published: July 22, 2017
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'It can saunter on land and camouflage like any other tisso, but its true talent shines in water. Compact, hair-triggered, aquatic sentient knife of a fisher.  It's become a powerful specialist swimmer, being able to utilize a divided spine for sail control enabling it to switch between speed and stability. 
Every aspect of its jaws are needle-like, from teeth to chin, it will lunge, swipe or slap to take targets down. So unless you're armoured or big enough, enter waters at you're own risk. '

This is the last tissoplastic strain I'll be designing. at least till the reformatted one gets an official reveale.
While that's up in the air though I have another isle themed project on it's way. 
Teaser coming soon.

Drawn in Procreate
isnpired by 'the isle'

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SquidpastaHobbyist General Artist
longnose lancetfish!
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DoesToesStudent Traditional Artist
Lovely and terrifying. The spines remind me of a Siamese Fighting Fish's fins.
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I hope this one becomes the tisso spino, even after the "tisso being redone" thing. Your concept art is amazing
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NiyoTheAzureHobbyist Traditional Artist
Imagine one of these guys NYOOM-ing at you when you go to take a drink.

I would spend hours going for this.
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AdikavitaHobbyist Digital Artist
hopefully its not made out of plastic
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LilyAngelBonesHobbyist Digital Artist
Holy hell I hope this thing gets accepted into the game, its my favourite design by you qwq
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XenoXyvernHobbyist Artist
Vote for who is the best strain:
I will total the votes in 3 days time.
Until then-START VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AdikavitaHobbyist Digital Artist
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ShadkillHobbyist General Artist
Hyperendocrin is my favourite so far. keep up the good work
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XenoXyvernHobbyist Artist
Thank you for voting:TipOfTheHat: 
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ShadkillHobbyist General Artist
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I love all of them, but the Tisso is my favourite.
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XenoXyvernHobbyist Artist
THANK YOU! Finally someone actually voted.
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XenoXyvernHobbyist Artist
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You are one of the best artists working on the isle
I like how you create artwork for the undeveloped strains
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TapwingProfessional Digital Artist
Them being undeveloped creatures has been a big part of the fun/chalange, trying to come up with designs off a rough concept. Glad you’re enjoying them. 
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oh my god
this tisso spino and your tisso anky is the best strain i saw
the neuro carno too

i hope all get into the game (sadly there are no herb strains :(  )
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TapwingProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks :D 
(and eh, never know if someone might be interested in modding them in )
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JahoaSuchusHobbyist Photographer
hope this gets into the game like your nuero!!!!
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Drake6401Hobbyist General Artist
   If I was a worth while mod creator, I would totally make all of your concepts into Ark modded dinos. With permission of course. I could see this one being an awesome water specialized Spino with faster swim speed and super sharp turn radius in the water. That sail would fold back when mobile and fan out for those turns.

   Truly professional grade work from this and your gallery as a whole. Just thinking about how these designs would look in a game spikes my imagination. :D
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Cool :D
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jgarza511Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It reminds me of a skull crawler from kong
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AntonellisofbBenderStudent Filmographer
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hey Tapwing are u gonna be making deinosuchus strains?
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