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Reimagined Ankylodocus
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Published: January 12, 2019
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Diplodocus has a weirder skull than I remember.
Anywho here is my final entry to my JW-E mini series. (Not that there arn’t a couple other hybrids I want to tackle, but tha’ts for another time)

Normally docile but has been seen to be a bit of a troll, is known to grab-and-toss the occasional unsuspecting bystander. 
do NOT approach from behind, it is well aware of it’s not-so-armoured hind legs. 

Drawn in Procreate
Ankylodocus- Jurassic world: evolution
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a lot better than the ankylodocus in Jurassic world evolution 
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SheTheTDEHobbyist General Artist
Oh THAT is beautiful
HolyFurryFish's avatar
Your reimaginings of the dinosaurs are so much better than those in Evolution; hat's off to you, sir!
Silveraptor's avatar
Love your take on the club tail and how it kinda tapers up to it rather than *BANG* big bony ball.
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JosephBrunoroBeilmanHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the Ankylodocus we should have had...
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ApCarryKittyProfessional Filmographer
shaden90's avatar
I wish this was the Ankylodocus we got.
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BulbaFriendStudent Traditional Artist
This thing is build like a fortress tower!
Giant03's avatar
the is the best ankylodocus i have ever seen
Archanubis's avatar
God, I wish this was in the game.
Kelskora's avatar
Man seeing this makes me so upset with what we got. The missed potential is painful
metalliphil's avatar
wonderful concept and great execution of it!
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Aram-RexProfessional Traditional Artist
Love this so much. 
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Bi0PhotonHobbyist Writer
yet again bringing the paleo goods!
having these two creatures in one seems pretty contradictory to an extent, only really because of their tails. diplodocus has a long whip-like tail that can shatter bone and break the sound barrier, while ankylosaurus has a well proportioned tail with a massive bone crushing club on its end with occasional-- likely with spikes, rather.
a-anyway i love this! reminds me a bit of the Turtosaur from The New Dinosaur.
CarvalhoNobre's avatar
You need to chill
Those designs are fire!
Amazing job!
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DeeJaysArt1993Hobbyist Artist
geeze tapwing you make them look better then the actual developers
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sphenaphinaeHobbyist General Artist
I like the way this actually looks like an animal that could exist
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JacobSpencerKaiju79 Traditional Artist
Interesting dinosaur hybrid design
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jogomanHobbyist Artist
sassy tail just got a upgrade:D (Big Grin) 
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Thicc and slim at the same
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah, looks so incredible! :jawdrop:
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You're great at making alien looking dinosaurs and hybrids!
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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist
if only the game itself put so much love and care in its hybrids as you did here
maybe then i would actually enjoy them

this looks amazing, love how the tail club looks like it actually fits it isn't just THERE and it adds to the bizarre creature
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