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Neurotenic Carnotaurus
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Published: April 27, 2017
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One of the more translucent neurotenics found on the isle along with the nuero quetz.  Instead of blending in though, it's glass-like body serves in utilizing a set of internal bioluminescent organs for a startling full-body flash to daze onlookers. If it's not scavenging, It preys on bite-sized creatures using it's set of detachable jaws which give it a slightly longer ranged and more whip-like bite. Strangely to aid in it's night endeavours,  (though eyeless at first glance) it possesses two headlight-esc spots near where eyes would be, casting a difficult to detect red light on those hiding in the dark. All in all, it's a daytime push-over and a nighttime devil.  

Fan strain inspired by the isle
drawn in procreate 

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This thing looks badass, you really should think about making your own alien planet with designs like these.
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Frost-SpectreHobbyist General Artist
I do wonder if it were possible to develop dislocating jaws that orient opposite of what deep sea pelican fishes do.

trap-jaw with moveable upper-jaw instead, lower jaw could be moveable or solid into the skull.

Oh well, this design likely scoops small prey and aims for softer underbelly against bigger ones.
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you should make the jaws like what you already have you  could mix it with the jaws of this fish called a payara where its teeth goe through its head

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 12.56.41 PM by Xenobeast22  
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well i gotta say if this one shows up in game i will definetly try to unlock it and pack with other carnos even other carno strains
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ValiantWolf115Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love how it's like a stoplight loosejaw, nice job!
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Demon-wolf-of-the-UKHobbyist General Artist
I love how you've taken the concept of the goblish sharks mouth and put it onto the carno! It looks amazing!
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TapwingProfessional Digital Artist
Hehehm thanks, though If you think the goblin shark’s mouth is strange you should see the stoplight-loose-jaw.
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Love the biography on this creature
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
I feel like that the Neurotenic strain takes some of its influence from deep sea fishes/insects.
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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
This thing is terrifying.
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RiotOnTheDanceFloorHobbyist General Artist
That is one freaky SOB. Love the detail Tap, keep it up!!
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SepticduzzleHobbyist Digital Artist
reminds me of the goblin shark and the viper-fish
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XenoXyvernHobbyist Artist
Looks like a viper-fish.
Nuero-carno: "I am a genius! Fear me!"
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ShadowdaTricoHobbyist Filmographer
That face alone describes: I am the reason why nightmares exist, fear me.
I love the creepiness.
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When it's face pops off you can almost hear the cries of children
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
Reminds me of a hatchet fish
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T4coCatStudent Photographer
Jesus Christ... That looks horrifying
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BlondeyartHobbyist General Artist
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hoodiebabeHobbyist Digital Artist
the neurotenic strains are honestly the scariest
i think theyre whats going to make the game more of a horror game

this is amazing btw !!
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DinoswarsRAwesomeStudent Traditional Artist
A goblin shark/Carnotaurus hybrid? Sign me right the fuck up
Tarbos6's avatar
I think its more like a carnotaurus + deep sea dragon fish + viper fish...

Sign me up as well
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Absol989Hobbyist Artist
It's a carnotaurus + a stoplight loose jaw 
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