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Hi mom

More cloudjumper and toothless, complete with riders!

how to train your dragon 2.
Drawn in sketch club.
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Hi Tapwing! I just wanted to let you know that I've featured this dragon on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course). I love HHTYD, this is awesome! You can find me at Writing Dragons, and your feature in my April AtoZ Challenge here. Keep up the amazing work!
Beautiful job and XD
I can just imagine Hiccup, being Chief, having to go to other places to talk about peace agreements and this particular place hasn't really seen dragons and he didn't bring his dragon, so Valka flys by with Toothless. She stands up on Cloudcutters back, shouts Hi Son! And lands with Toothless on the island, and the villagers are all just staring.
Something like that.
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Ohhhh Hai There!!!!!  XD
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"Que pasa, madre! i can speak spanish now! you should be proud!" 

"Well, what did you expect? Some Tyto owl with gleaming armor, and battle claws, the moon rising behind him?"

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A four winged dragon is one of the awesomest ideas ever...
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I don't know if it'd actually be able to fly though.
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They are shown to be able to fuse their wings, so I think they open them when they have enough height. And its 'X-wings' beat up and down in sync, probably used for extremely tight turns, maneuvers and for hovering. Plus they might have hollow bones or flight bladders filled with gasses(also used for breathing fire) or something like that.

Plus its possible that like Vampire bats they have very powerful limbs to jump off the ground first and then slowly gain altitude or maybe climb up somewhere to jump off, like Pterosaurs, and then open up their wings.
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Ahh, yes. That does make sense.
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Nature isn't constrained by man's lack of imagination, with the right adaptations almost everything's possible...
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Truer words have never been spoken :)
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You're welcome :D
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love toothles's posex
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-Right!! Toothless looks like he's in a staring contest with Cloudjumper!! XD
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Cloudjumper is like "who the fuck is toothless??? this gay emo drabitchgon????"
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I am not certain in what folder it should be of my fav's, "Stuff that is to awesome for words" or "Stuff that is funny".

I decided to set it in the awesome part because it is more awesome then it is funny.
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