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9 headed Hydra- character sheet commission

Commissioned by :iconprussiantique:

drawn in Procreate.
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How many heads is too many heads

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Looks so amazing and love the detailed work in he body design!
TheNightmareCooper's avatar
Absolutely one of the best depictions of the Hydra I've ever seen. Classic and yet still evocative, beautiful, and threatening looking. Kudos to you.
alienhominid2000's avatar
That's how Hercules cried himself in the corner, hoping Zeus or Kratos (God of War) would smite this creature

Great job on the monster.
Ket-DawnAtSunset's avatar
HareTrinity's avatar
Nice! :D Hydras don't get enough love.
Pekejha's avatar
that's a big big big spaghetti
InfoInternet13's avatar
*manly voice* EPICCCCCCCC
poke-shapeshifter13's avatar
love it! Hydra's are amazing creatures!

So great! I sent you a note a few days ago, can you check it out later? Thanks!

doomskull999's avatar
Looks amazing as always, though I have to say 9 heads seems too many.
loverofcarnage's avatar
Would the increase in head count also increase the hydra's calorie requirements? Im pretty sure humans would be insufficient prey something this big
Mystically Stunning
kasaibou's avatar
x3 Keizer Ghidorah
xXAKUMAAXx's avatar
which heads  control the body ?Discord Emoji - Thinking 
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Hydra's are not known for LONG LONG tails, lol, but a very superb design I adore nonetheless! 
TheMonkeysUnkle's avatar
Considering the hydra has a long tail in some of it's early depictions, I'd say that's not true.
BudderZilla's avatar
Aa yes, that's right.
And you mean the non-serpent like depiction, right?
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, So Awesome So Awesome. 
Sylizar's avatar
Hella awesome Tap!
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
I love everything about this!
templar127's avatar
When 3 is not enough! 
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