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Marvel QPOC Pride


Since it’s PRIDE month 2017, I wanted to do a picture with a few of my favorite Queer Marvel characters of color (In color).

Red: Ayo and Aneka, former Dora Milaje for the Black Panther, and the fiercest Lesbian couple in the Marvel Universe. As seen in the World of Wakanda comic

Orange: Daken, Bisexual rogue and calculating villain. I love his new haircut by Kevin Wada

Yellow: David Alleyne AKA Prodigy. Bi former mutant & super-genius trouble-shooter

Green: Xavin, the Gender-fluid super Skrull warrior from The Runaways. Former fiance of Karolina Dean. (I took some liberties with their look....)

Blue: Ms America Chavez, the Lesbian multidimensional kicker of ass

Indigo: Jake Oh, Bisexual (possibly gay) super spy, distinguished Agent of SHIELD

Violet: Roxanne "Roxy" Washington AKA Bling, the unbreakable Queer heroine and future X-man

All characters are the property of Marvel Comics

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Man, xavin hasn't been seen in forever.
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Thanks for submitting!