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Eighth Doctor's Screwdriver + tutorial

Sooo...You know how you can never find Eight's Sonic?
I made one.
I also have a tutorial if you're interested.
It can be found here - 
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Neat i might make one
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THANK YOU! I love that Sonic screwdriver. I was actually disappointed that this wasn't Eight's sonic in Night, as it would have fit with his new costume.
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The weird thing about it is we have absolutely no idea when Night Of The Doctor takes place in his timeline we know it's sort of in the middle of the Time War because he's avoiding the war itself. We also have no idea when Dark Eyes take place it does take place before the Time War but we don't know when we have a slight easter egg that pops up at the end when *SPOILERS* Straxus aka Kotris says something right as the Dalek time Controller is about to kill him and what he says is this.  "Kill them would you? make sure you kill all of them Kill the Timelords" and the Dalek Time Controller says " we....will."  so we know that Dark Eyes takes place before the time war but we don't know when. I personally like to think it's a good 100 years or so away (though in doctor who time never matters) but we don't know what happens to this screwdriver or even his bag and world war 1 outfit that he wears (no his outfit is not a nod to nine it's just a bunch of stuff he found on the train in The Great War because his frock outfit ended up being soaked in mud and ruined so Molly and another VAD girl ripped it off of him and soaked him down so whilst on the train to the chateau the doctor picked up a military peacoat and a military medical bag that was being used by the nurses. His new outfit was just stolen off of the train (though it could have been given to him by Molly herself) the screwdriver he had made after Lucy Miller sacrificed herself to the Daleks. I still have no idea why in Night Of The Doctor he threw away the leather jacket and the new screwdriver for a raggedy version of his old outfit? maybe moffat just wanted fans to recognize him better since not everyone had listened to dark eyes? or maybe The Doctor just wanted to be more recognizable. who knows? though Dark Eyes 3 is set to release later this year and Dark Eyes 4 next year 2015 so maybe he tosses the leather jacket and gets the night of the doctor outfit in dark eyes 3 or 4. guess we'll have to see but anyhow thank you so much for the tutorial i'll try my hardest to make it but i'm a very lazy person so I don't know if I will have the patience for this. 
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You're welcome ^_^  
RIGHT!  They had a perfect chance and they didn't do it.  *sighs* Ah well. 
I should put together a costume for him....