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ThaiSon by TapinAnts ThaiSon by TapinAnts
This is a picture of my vampire. I don't think I've explained my vampires before....
Well, first of all, my vampire here, his name is ThaiSon. He's the Ice Princess's [link] older brother, back in the Classico World. He's supposed to be like Marshall Lee. I feel so unoriginal.
I love how he's wearing a Killers shirt. I dictated them as my favorite band when I was in middle school. It seemed only fitting to have ThaiSon wear a rock band shirt, given that Marshall Lee and Marceline both love to rock.

Anyways, in my imaginary world, there are three types of vampires. There are Classico Vampires, Anti Vampires, and Neo Vampires.
Classico Vampires are like the vampires we know. Initially, Classico Vampires are born as a demigod. They were originally part god part mortal. Somehow, through their life, their mortal part got killed. Thus they become part god part dead. They are weak in sunlight, because they don't have the protection that mortals usually have. They don't age. They can shape shift. They shape shift depending on the last creature they drank blood from. That's why we associate vampires with bats. Some of them drank the blood of a bat and turned into one. Classico Vampires can reproduce, but the baby would be born a demigod, if it survives. They would be born part god part dead part mortal. The mortal side can "fill in" the dead gap.
Anti Vampires are the opposite of Classico Vampires. They are like Classico Vampire's children. They are part mortal part dead. It's rare that they survive, but they can with intensive care. The mortal part can over come the dead, making them fully mortal.
Neo Vampires arise from Classico Vampires. After the destruction of the Classico World, the Classico Vampires (part god part dead) have their god part killed. So they're 100% dead, yet they still function. Basically what happened was that the bridge between the Underworld and Earth fell. So the Neo Vampire's spirit inhabit their bodies. So they're just a ghost that controls a body. They can't reproduce.

That's pretty much it about my vampires.

Adventure Time was created by Pendleton Ward
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