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Rain Fan Art by TapinAnts Rain Fan Art by TapinAnts
Well.  It has been a long time since I've uploaded anything at all.  I've just been busy doodling instead of, like, legit drawing.

So, recently (not really), I've been reading this Webcomic called Rain by JocelynSamara.…  So recently, she's not posting anything and requested her fans to do some fan art.  I was like, why not?  XD

So in this picture, I have a new character from my imaginary world.  I don't know her name yet....  And on the left is Rain from JocelynSamara.  Oh yes, and so I decided to draw my character and Rain as Minnie and Daisy.  My character is dressed like Daisy, and Rain is dressed like Minnie.  I didn't really know what else to do.  

So my character who is nameless right now; she's also a transgender girl, like Rain.  I think the background story of how I found her is funny.  So originally, I thought it was time to have a transgender girl in my story.  So I just drafted up random picture ideas.  I had no idea where she would fit into my story at all.  At the same time, I was also figuring out one of my character's father who was always timid and some how disappeared.  Then it hit me!  They were the same person!  So my poor character doesn't start expressing her true gender until later in her life, and when she does, she becomes shunned by her closest friends.  I think she eventually gets killed because of it.  It's really depressing.  And her friends miss her dearly.  I obviously haven't figured out the kinks yet.  It's also very depressing that I keep accidentally calling her "him", since she was originally a male.  Regardless, I love drawing her as the person she wish she could have been, not really what others saw of her.  
So her hair looks blue, but I thinks she's actually blonde?  She dyed it.  And because she hasn't fully accepted the fact that she's a girl, she still has her short boy haircut.  So she wears extensions.  She also hasn't figured out the boob thing like Rain over there, so she's kind of flat-chested.  Hehe.
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very cute
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October 25, 2014
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