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Professor Falkirk



The professor was an ungroomed poodle with grey feathery wings. Some of his fur had been inexpertly shaved and cut back to try and keep it under some semblance of control and in blatant defiance of the clothing guidelines for professors, he was dressed only in a pair of shiny black leather jeans not unlike Richard's but only slightly too small. This, combined with his unkempt, shoulder-length hair gave him the vague appearance of a gay floor-mop on the pull.

Well, Merlin expressed keen interest in doing a comic based on my Epsilon Project story at some point down the line. So I ran off a list of concept art that would be handy to have and she couldn't resist the challenge of attempting to draw 'a sexy mop'.

The result came out almost exactly how I'd imagined the professor, so it had to be coloured ASAP. Surprisingly enough, Professor Falkirk is of Daryil's clan. The mark is between his shoulderblades, as with Abel in DMFA.

Lines by :iconlilandra-surge:, colour by me.
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. . . . Its so fluffy!