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Illiath Taun



This was drawn by the wonderful :iconlilandra-surge:, colouring by me. It's a character test for Illiath, a slightly wayward warrior succubus of Taun clan who runs a 'Cubi school in my 'Epsilon Project' series. (Yes, she went from a head collector to headmistress)

The armour she's wearing is an advanced impact-resistant material, and it has proved equally popular with motorcyclists, adventurers and Creatures afraid of being slain by adventurers (she has been all of these at some point).

Sadly, Epsilon is currently at chapter 15 - she's not likely to appear until chapter 30 or so! She might actually cameo in Project Future before she appears in her actual story.

P.S. Taun Clan is a creation of Amber Williams. While I've done a lot of research I'm not going to pretend Illiath is a canon DMFA character :3

PPS: Sorry Keats, I know you wanted another species, but I love Dobermans too much

PPPS: Ren, I still want to see your take on her ;-)
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Yays~ More Cubi!