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I Miss You. D19


How thought provoking. :XD:

Today will be the first and the last time I'd see you this week. And four days on the next, and then . Okay, I'll stop with the Math. D:
Happy you got well.(:

HALLO, THIS IS A SIDE SUBMISSION. xD or will be Day Nineteen. I don't see any submission of Day Nineteen and yet when I try to submit again it prevents me and says I've submitted one already. :|
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I feel that way right now and I'm listening to the radio and it has a sad song!
I miss my boyfriend.
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so true. reminds me of Bedtime stories, the movie. that was a really funny scene, but this is really sad.....:(
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this is soo true :tears:......this is nice though :aww:
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that happened to me today :P stupid secondhand serenade...
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*sigh* this makes me sad. I haven't seen my boyfriend since February, we're long distance. :(
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Awww :( Hope you guys see each other soon :D
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38 days. Lol. :) Thanks.
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woops forgot the link haha
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Featured here...couldnt not use this after i saw it :D peace dude :D
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That's very lovely. Adore it.
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