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So if you've been paying attention to the activity in my past journal entries, I have been reading Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. First thing I noted was that the book turned out very different than what I anticipated. The cover art was from the first story of a young girl's relationship with a household robot, and I thought the whole book would be about them. But I, Robot wasn't one story, but a collection of short stories. All three based around three rules of robotics:

1. First Law:A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. Second LawA robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
3. Third LawA robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

The way each story worked was like an enigma; different robots would not behave as planned and scientists had to figure out how the three laws were affecting those robots and what could be done to work around this behavior. The reveal of each story was pretty clever. I especially liked the one where a man running for mayor was suspected of being an advanced cyborg in disguise and he had to prove he was not a robot. I must say however the story and the science felt a bit dated, like the idea of a human colony on Mercury, but at the same time it was neat to see what people from the 50's had anticipated would happen in the future. The last story unfortunately caused me to lose interest, it wasn't as engaging and the twist was not as impressive.

I'd still recommend it for anyone who's into science fiction, and I'm glad I got to read at least one book from this renowned author.

At the same time, I have been collecting Youtube videos on the subject of biology and evolution and compiled them in a playlist I simply called Biology Studies:…

Watching these videos while I drew my Fakemon made me thing about how many of my aliens from my 7 worlds may have flawed designs and I may find myself with the need to redesign some of them. Here are some examples.

Geb - Summer Tigadrake by Tapejara
The Tigerdrake has its heavy tongue and all major organs located too close to the front of the body and not a heavy enough tail to balance out this weight. I would need to either move the legs forward or find a way to shift the digestive system closer to the hips.

Geb - Magnaviator by Tapejara
Although Geb does have a slightly thicker atmosphere, I feel like the flying Pteropods in general have too small of a wingspan relative to their bodies.

Midgard - Nidhogg by Tapejara
I've learned that the shrink-wrapped dinosaur design is dated, so I should avoid it with my aliens too

Geb - Homomimus 3 by Tapejara
The Imperator Homomimus clashes with the rules of convergence. It would be a lot more effective at catching microscopic prey if it was torpedo shaped like a blue whale (which would increase its speed) and could swallow more prey at once with a giant gaping mouth rather than a narrow trunk.

Piscivultuses 3 by Tapejara
If I ever do an above-view of the Doberman Pisce, I should make sure that its tail is clearly flat like a paddle.

Lyell3 - Skull Cat by Tapejara
The Skull Cat's rear limps are not well designed for a tree-dwelling creature. They should be thinner with longer metatarsus bones ideal from sprinting after prey or jumping forward. They should also have a different toe arrangement for gripping branches. In this artwork, the legs look too human-like.

Lyell3 - Lyell Flytrap by Tapejara
Actually a general problem with Lyell-3 creatures was my decision of ridding them of eyesight and forcing them to find their way around entirely through touch, scent and hearing. This would have been okay for a cave environment with no light available, but these animals live in a giant equatorial forest where there is still some light available especially near the canopy. I even made it clear that the understory layer has different species of plants that create their own bio luminescence. These animals should therefor have some limited eyesight at most to take advantage of the limited amount of light available. I did read something interesting about squids however; their eyes are not connected to the brain like ours, but they developed within the skin itself, which means they lack the blind spot were humans have. Since Lyell-3's lifeforms evolved from leech-like creatures which are also squishy to the touch, maybe I can retcon Lyell-3 so that most animals do in fact have eyes in the skin of their faces, but they are just black and have not been noticed due to laws forbidding dissections of alien fauna. The creatures living on the forest floor however can still be deprived of eyesight since there's too much soot and darkness down there anyway.
Eyesight should especially be important for the above Lyell Flytrap which must catch insects in the air. Otherwise, one wrong leap and it would plummet into the abyss.

Planet Adam - Simultaneous Events by Tapejara
A common error with all my planets is that the plants don't seem to have enough chlorophyll generating surface relative to their volume. I should train myself to have plants with more leaves.

Geb - Fluctopraevehos by Tapejara
And this thing... probably could use some revision... now I'm wondering if this should just be a hoax created by the Internet on Earth

Tunjera - Sand Shifter by Tapejara
Finally, regarding the whole wheels on Tunjera thing... I'm actually going to keep doing those. I doubt that nature could ever create organic wheels. But this world will focus more on the debate of which creatures are truly organic and which ones are actually cyborgs manufactured by the former inhabitants in an attempt to fill niches in an ecosystem they have nearly destroyed completely. An attempt that was in vain because life can fix itself without intervention from sentient creatures.
Oh yeah and no, the three laws of robotics aren't going to be applied in Tunjera... this place is wild and people are not welcomed here.

Additional feedback is also appreciated.
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This 3 parter youtube video got me re-interested in doing alien artworks.

I can't wait to get back to my old Alien drawing and re-work what I've learned about biology since. I still plan on finishing what I started first. I may one day make a journal entry covering 10 important things I've learned about biology and how it may force me to rework some of my alien worlds.
Also I needed an excuse to rid my main page of the St Patrick's day journal entry.

I should note one thing that brings me much joy is seeing fanart of my works, regardless of quality. Feel free to comment any fanart you made and it will be an auto-favorite, added to a specially designated collection I started. Below you'll find some works that were already made in the past:
Map of Lyell-3 by JWArtwork
For Tapejara - Lyell-3 by JWArtwork
Request: Separagru by Zachariah-of-Mars
My Fakemon Type Meme by FazeTheEggCarUndead2
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Hageto Fakemon 105 by Tapejara

On a side note, I can't wait to start working on the next member of the Deadly Sin Septet but this upcoming Saturday I'm planning on spending my savings on some new Pokémon cards to update my decks. So I will be working on my Decklist deviations instead. I mean my birthday's this week anyway so I won't be home a lot because I'm being treated to some dinners by close people so, might as well work on stuff that only takes a couple of nights to finish instead of four.

I lost count but I think I only have two more decks left to upload: Hurricane and Fire Wall

Plus I have one more deck I'm currently building.

Have a nice day
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For the two of you who don't know yet, it's confirmed that an 8th generation of Pokémon games are coming out this year. Although I have no intention of buying Pokémon Sword or Shield (or a switch to that matter), I am pretty excited to see what this new generation of Pokémon games has planned. This is just a little discussion about what I think we should expect from the games. I didn't do a lot of research, this is all just a hunch.
Galar Region by r-rex Pokemon Hageto Region by Tapejara
So first thing I want to point out is that the Galar region is based on (I'm 99% sure of this) England,while my Hageto region is based on the United-Kingdom. This actually bummed me out a little because Galar looks much more fleshed out and does its real world counterpart more justice. My region looking back feels a little empty and my lack of research prior to drawing it greatly shows. Hageto's cities don't look like typical England architecture and the landscape does not really match, there's too much forest. I should've done more grassland. My inexperience really shows. Maybe in 10 years I'll remake the map so that it feels more accurate.

Anyway, back to Galar. I saw this video by Commonwealth Realm on Youtube and the Youtuber is from England so they should be able to point out the real world similarities better than me. I will be borrowing some of their notes for this entry if they sound logical enough.
Video: [link]
I have a feeling the journey/story is going to be very VERY linear. The whole region is a vertical line for crying out loud. Based on the trailer, I have confirmed that the trainer's house, which is appropriately made of stone and half-timber, is located at the very South of the region (although I heard technically it's North of the region because the map was flipped upside down, but we'll assume that up is North for the sake of this journal entry). Then to the east is the town that introduces you to Pokemon centers and all that beginner stuff. The next town seems to be where the regional professor will be found, and I'm guessing it's going to be in a large purple library.

The professor's town also has a train station that will take the player straight to the first walled city, which looks highly industrial. The trailer seems to also show a grass type gym, and since it focused on a lot of early game stuff, I'm guessing it's going to be the first gym and that industrial town (which may be based on Manchester) will be just a pit stop which you will need to return to later. Am I also the only one who noticed the Klingklang shaped gears in the trailer? I smell a steel type gym, and yes I do believe I see another stadium there.

The town with the grass gym is also the town with the big hill figure, which is based on the Cerne Abbas Giant. I wonder if the runes mean that the towns will be named after Celtic gods or something. My concern with Pokemon Stadium gyms is that they won't have puzzles to solve in order for you to face the gym leader. So either you will face the gym crew one by one as if it was the battle maison, or there won't be any of them at all. Game Freak has been making the games gradually easier afterall so...

There's a little castle near some lakes at the center of the region. I wonder if this generation will introduce some Loch Ness monster-like Pokemon, even though the Loch is in Scotland, not England. One thing's for sure, fishing will play an important part in Galar. There's a very rocky looking area west of Manchester, but it just looks like a route with lots of encounters and split paths. It probably connects to that cave with the jewels.

With all that water there is bound to be a water type gym, so all three starter types will get their gym in this game too. East of the grass gym I see a port with another stadium, so woo, probably a water type gym. It may be necessary to surf to that cold looking town just further North. Because the region looks so cold (in contrast to Alola), there is bound to be an ice type gym, and yes, there is a stadium there too. So that's  four gyms confirmed so far. I actually noticed while browsing the map that there are lots of train tracks connecting the towns, so trains will be important. Maybe they will connect to Kalos, making it the first time two regions will be in the same game since G/S/C (I doubt it knowing Game Freak's history, but the Switch console does have the capabilities for it and it would explain the lack of a third or fourth Kalos based game).

Back to the towns, West of the snowy town there's a crater looking town with many rocky features and it's probably accessible via that jewel cave we saw earlier. I see another stadium in the lake crater, so that's gym #5 (or 4 in possible chronological order). Between the two towns is a castle. Maybe you'll find the king and queen of Galar and they could challenge you in a double battle with fighting Pokemon. I don't see a stadium there but it could be inside the castle.

Anyone else noticed that bright town in the middle of the north-west forest? It has large mushrooms too, feels very Alice in Wonderland-ish. Might be another fairy-type gym, hence the stadium there. According to Commonwealth, the north-most town is London, hence the size and the existence of Big Ben there. Looks like there's a bright red stadium there, could be psychic type (I wanted to say electric but electric gyms are usually yellow). Anyone else notives that the train track sort of dead-ends between the castle and London?

Possible Eight Gym types:

The Pokemon league could either in that large castle at the center of the region (which would mean I missed a gym somewhere) or in London itself in that large tower. That tower could also be a new battle tower though so maybe it will be only accessible via post game?

It's probably also going to rain a lot in this region and maybe fog will return. Also maybe instead of a Pokemon school it will be a Pokemon University? I'm running out of speculation... one last thing I want to point out though is that the route from the player's home goes North, but also South. Maybe there's something hidden in the fog below?

[ POKEMON ] press f for the second time by Ashuribbon
So far only the starters have been revealed, although part of me still thinks Meltan and its evolution are meant to be Gen 8 Pokémon. Man oh man I am glad I decided to change my Mikowa region's grass starter from a monkey to a hyrax. Grookey has officially filled the niche of a grass monkey starter. I have a feeling that Bogleech, the dude behind the Gotta Critique em' All blog, is going to be really butt-hurt over this new monkey since he was not very fond of Pansage. I'm actually already reading some disappointment from the Pokémon community about the designs of the starters, some saying the heads are too much the same shape or that they clash with each other. Me personally I think they're okay so far. I think Scorbunny has the better design and I love how it runs so fast it creates fire (it will probably have the highest Speed of all starter fire Pokemon). Still, if I ever somehow end up playing Pokemon Sword or Shield (I think I'd pick Sword out of the two), I'd pick Sobble, the water chameleon. I think its concept of becoming invisible like water is a nice twist on the camouflage gimmick and is a nice nod to Vaporeon's Acid Armor. I'm concerned that Scorbunny might evolve into another Fire/Fighting type because the way it runs and its "bandage" pattern on its face and feet remind me of a triathlon runner.
In the anime, Pokémon that can make the best facial expressions are more likely to accompany the protagonists in their journey. That being said, I don't think any main character will own a Sobble, but Grookey and Scorbunny are likely candidates.

I think I know what their final forms will be. Scorbunny will probably be a soccer player that kicks flaming soccer balls, and will be a fast fire type with high SPA but low defenses. Sobble will probably be a spy or another ninja like Greninja which can perfectly blend anywhere. I can imagine it having high defenses. And Grookey? Well I know its based on a drum monkey because it strikes a stone with its stick in the trailer. Maybe it will evolve into a gorilla with some SICK COCONUT DRUMS!
Gorilla Jungle Drums - Bart Castle by bartcastle
So Grookey's final form will probably be a bulky attacker with low speed.

Cobalion by Masae
What else is there to talk about? Well we know that quite a handful of Pokemon are going to be returning from previous generations. There is Wishiwashi, Minccino, Grubbin, Hoothoot, Zweilous, Flygon, Braviary, Wailmer, Meowstic, Tyranitar and Munchlax. I have a hunch that there will only be a limited number of new Pokémon, just like how Kalos introduced very few, but they will hopefully be well thought out designs. I'm thinking Galar will also be home to most, if not all, the fan-favourites. Not only the already confirmed Pikachu and Lucario, but also Eevee and its evolutions (or Eeveelutions), the Charizard line, Greninja line, the Meowth line and maybe the Magikarp and Ghastly lines. Because the versions are Sword and Shield, I think the swords of justice (Virizion, Cobalion etc.) are going to return, as well as Aegislash, especially Aegislash. Although I wouldn't be surprised if GameFreak drops the ball again and does not include it in the game, just like they did with Sun & Moon and Solrock & Lunatone. Kings and queens will likely also be a theme, so Nidoking and Nidoqueen will return probably. Overall, I'm guessing most returning Pokemon will be from Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Kalos, the colder regions. I don't think there will be a Diamond & Pearl remake because of its meh reception (from what I heard). Given the Alice in Wonderland themed town, maybe the Morelull line will return too.

Elbion Region: Suchonyx and Spinobek by SkarmorySilver
Here are some ideas for new Pokemon.

The fossils could be based on Baryonyx and Iguanodon, England's most famous dinos.
Another pair of pure poison types.
Lots of legendaries, one of them may have been hinted to us from those crop circles we saw in the trailer. You can see the crop circles North of England on the map.
A hound-dog Pokemon
Maybe some termite bug Pokemon, based on kings and queens
One legendary will represent swords, while the other represents a shield. So maybe some Swordfish kaiju and a giant tortoise kaiju? Or a knight vs a dragon.
Another regional bird and rodent Pokémon line, maybe based on Coocoo birds and a dormouse
Troll Pokemon

Mega Ampharos VS Armored Mewtwo by IanDimas
Obviously random encounters are back, and so is crouching.
Player customization should be returning, there is no reason for it not too, it was one of the best features of X and Y and made it more immersive. I don' think the sport outfit the male trainer wore into the stadium gym is a mandatory outfit like it is with riding Pokemon but rather one of many accessories available.
I think they're going to bring back the bicycle and drop Pokemon riding, although I will miss the option of flying around without having to use a team slot.
I don't think there will be any Galarian Pokémon, or new variants of pre-existing Pokémon in Galar. The alolan variants were fitting because when you think of tropical island fauna, you think of animals from the continent that look a little more exotic. England in my opinion has very standard animals so, no regional variants here. Besides, all Alolan variants were made with Kanto Pokemon for nostalgia's sake, and there aren't many left to choose from
Last week apparently someone leaked the Pokemon game titles and that same source talked about armor evolution. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a rehash of mega-evolution but it could also be something as simple as equipping armor on your Pokémon like you would your character in a medieval RPG. Maybe this can be done without using up an item slot and different pieces of armor have different effects, so you have to customize your Pokémon armor to maximize its potential.
There will definitely be another villainous team, maybe based on Romans or Gladiators as suggested by Commonwealth Realm.
The Pokemon centers will again have a café, but they will likely mainly serve tea.
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Oh dear, and I thought my idea of a milk producing snake Fakemon would weird people out enough.
Hageto Fakemon 121 by Tapejara

Now this happened. Just imagine, a bug type Pokemon that can use milk drink.…
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So for the Mikowa Region, I decided that the grass starter will not be a grass monkey after, because there are TOO MANY MONKEYS. Also there are no Monkeys indigenous to Canada... but then again Kalos has Pandas so not the best argument. Point is I found something better. The Hyrax.

It looks like a rodent but it's actually related to elephants. Here's an extract from Britannica:

Adult hyraxes are about 30 to 50 cm (12 to 20 inches) long and weigh about 4 to 5 kg (9 to 11 pounds). They are agile and climb well with the aid of special pads on their feet. Anatomically, they are characterized by small hooves on the first and third digits of the hind foot (the middle digit is clawed). Teeth include a pair of curved, continuously growing upper incisors, four chisel-like lower incisors, and molars similar to those of the rhinoceros. There is a scent gland on the back. One to three fully furred young are born after a gestation period of about seven or eight months. Natural enemies of hyraxes are pythons, eagles, and large cats.

The phylogenetic relationships of order Hyracoidea are not clear. Their fundamental characteristics indicate that the group may be an ancient and unprogressive offshoot derived from the ungulatestem. Fossils are known from about 30 million years ago (the Oligocene Epoch); most of these early hyraxes were large, the largest perhaps as big as a modern horse. The closest surviving relatives of the order Hyracoidea are members of the orders Proboscidea (elephants) and Sirenia (manatees and dugongs). Together these three groups are classified as uranotherians.

They also seem to have an iconic call, which is what I was aiming for, so it's a good replacement. Most importantly though, they also remind me of an extinct creature from the later Permian. The Diictodon. I recently realized too late that most grass type starters may be based on extinct animals one way or another, so a synapsid would be perfect. It's still going to evolve into a snake charmer, followed by a flying carpet user. Probably will also remain Grass/Psychic.

In other news, I may no longer need to drive my friend to work every week night. Let's just say there was a conflict of interest among my group of friends. So hopefully starting next Monday I will be able to draw more frequently again. WILL STILL NEED TO DRIVE MY FRIEND TO WORK MONDAY TO THURSDAY IN THE AFTERNOON BECAUSE MY FRIENDS MADE UP SO... THERE GOES MY EVENINGS AGAIN...

We have less than 20 Fakemon remaining until the Kawaru Dex is complete. Well... I mean there are still the Mega Evolutions but that's going to be its own project in a sense.

One last thing. I found a copy of I, Robot by Isaac Asimov in the basement. The cover's in bad shape but I may still take it with me places when I need to read something.
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2018 has been one of my worst years. It hasn't ended yet and it seems to want to torture me as much as it can.

Once again I won't be able to upload a lot of art for a while. A friend of mine has started a part time evening shift at this clothing cleaning factory or something, I think their shift is from 6:30 to 9:45 pm...

Anyway, I'm the only one of my group of friends who has a full license and they refuse to bus home at night when their shift is over. Their argument is because they are a woman and aboriginal, they are too vulnerable to safely take the city bus and need me to pick them up after work. I personally never had problems busing at night but I'm a white male so apparently I don't understand what it's like. Though to be fair the who MMIW movement started for a reason.

That being said, it was decided that I had to give up my evening 4 out of 5 week days to drive out downtown and pick them up. Actually, it's not that easy either. Her friend wants to be picked up first so that we can both be there to pick up the evening worker. Problem is, she lives on the other side of the city from me. So that's 30 minutes to pick up the friend, 25 minutes to drive from there to the job, 30 minutes to drive back to the friend's house and dropping off the worker along the way, then 30 minutes back to my house. I do have Fridays left sometimes, but they may work 5 day shifts sometimes or other things might come up. Their friend is also my friend so they want me to spend time visiting them before we pick up the worker (usually it just involves me cooking or looking after her 3 dogs).

This is exhausting. Plus I didn't bother buying a bus pass this month because I wanted to save money for xmas presents plus I needed the exercise. So by the time I come home at 10:30 PM, sometimes later, I'm too tired to do anything. I had just started working on the next Fakemon too but it's still in its pencil phase and there is no indication on how soon I can finish it. 

I should really put my foot down or reduce the amount of activity we do, but I'm too much of a pushover to do that.

So if my uploads just suddenly end, now you know why. No more time left ever.
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Some French guy has been posting people's Fakemon (including mine) on some blog. Looks like they removed the Fakemon names and signatures.

For those who don't speak French, the guy called SUPPRIME-smogye wrote "if you are still looking for new Fakemon, allow me to present these to you ^^ personally I haven't thought of a name for them yet"
Should something be done about this?
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Decided to make a new journal entry since my original Safekeeping entry is about to move over to the 2nd page of my journal list.

Mikowa Region
Region is based on province of Manitoba, Canada
Derives from cree words Mihko = Red and Miskwamis = Ice

Region 3 Fakedex:

1. Hyrax (Grass Starter)
2. Hyrax Snake Charmer (Grass)
3. Hyrax Flying Moss Carpet (Grass / Psychic)
4. Zebrafish (Fire Starter)
5. Zebrafish-Moorish Idol Hybrid (Fire)
6. Moorish Idol Cleric based on Heart Burn and Love (Fire)
7. Cone Shell (Water Starter / Poison)
8. Long tongue cone shell (Water / Poison)
9. Big Cone Shell (Water / Poison)
10. Eider Chick Cinderella Story (Normal / Flying)
11. King Eider gender differences (Normal / Flying)
12. Goose Chick (Poison / Flying)
13. Canada Goose Street Thug (Poison / Flying)
14. Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel Socialite (Normal)
15. Fisher Loner (Normal)

16. Caterpillar infected with Voodoo Wasp Maggots based on Voodoo Doll (Bug)

17. Caterpillar protecting 6 Voodoo Wasp Cocoons (Bug / Psychic)

18. Voodoo Wasp, does not have ability levitate (Bug Psychic)
19. Voyageur 1 (Ice)
20. Voyageur 2 with racoon hat (Ice)
21. Rock Candy (Rock)

22. Rock Lollipop (Rock)

23. Salmon Hatchling (Water)

24. Salmon (Water)

25. Aggressive Salmon (Water / Fighting)

26. Panda Bat with Levitate (Electric / Normal), Region’s Pikachu

27. The Fly Eeveelution (Bug)

28. Pixiu Eeveelution (Dragon)

29. Garter Snake with Chlorophyll-like ability (Ground)

30. Garter Snake trio (Ground)

31. American Water Spaniel (Water / Normal)

32. American Water Spaniel that foams rabies from mouth (Water / Normal)

33. Skink (Lizard from Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock) that can dismember itself (Poison)

34. Nordic Alien (Spock from Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock) with hypersleep status attack that heals HP and cures conditions but freezes user for 2 turns (Psychic)

35. Troll Arm Wrestler with ability that adds rock typing in sunlight (Fighting) - Trehere, Troll under a bridge

36. Hamartroll Arm Wrestler (Fighting)
37. Black Cap Mushroom (Dark / Fairy)
38. Black Cap Mushroom Trio (Dark / Fairy)
39. Animalito - grants wishes and carries a reed (Dark)

40. Red Blood Cell 1 (Steel)

41. Red Blood Cell 2 (Steel)

42. Saskatoon Berry (Electric / Grass)

43. Thunder Cloud Berry (Electric / Grass)

44. Pliosaur Fossil (Rock / Dragon)

45. Mosasaur Fossil (Rock / Dragon)

46. Orthoceras Fossil (Rock / Water)

47. Basculites Vampire Squid Fossil (Rock / Water)

48. Clown Fish in Sea Anemone that reminds of clowns in tiny car (Electric)

49. Clown Fish Pennywise, villainous team favorite (Electric)

50. Sturgeon with variety of sizes, largest size based on Ponik the monster from Lake pohénégamook (Water)

51. Mimic Octopus mimics coral snake, stunfisk and lion fish, ability constantly swaps stats around (Water / Psychic)

52. Haunted Animatronic Beartic, based on Abandonned Amusement Parks (Ghost)

53. Lava Lamp Lion Maned Jellyfish (Poison / Fire)

54. Large Lava Lamp Lion Maned Jellyfish (Poison / Fire)

55. Angler Fish based on lost boot version exclusive (Dark / Ghost)

56. Bear Trap Snapping Turtle version exclusive (Steel / Ground)

57. French Bull Dog (Version Exclusive A) (Electric)

58. Shock Collar Dog (Electric)

59. Shock Therapy Dog (Electric/Fighting)

60. Encased in ice with condensation face (Version Exclusive B) (Ice)

61. Partially Encased (Ice)

62. Frost Giant themed (Ice/Fire)

63. Qilin (Normal)

64. Beluga Whale Ice Breaker with Soundproof and Thick Fat (Water / Ice)

65. Grasshopper similar to Wishiwashi that becomes extremely powerful in a swarm when lv. 20 or over (Bug)

66. Lost Child with Teddy Bear (Ghost)

67. Einherjar 1 (Ghost / Fighting)

68. Einherjar 2 (Ghost / Fighting)

69. Red Crowned Crane Soul Collector (Fairy)

70. Red Crowned Crane/Angel/Priestess/Mortician/Counsellor Hybrid (Fairy) **
71. Condor Fearow Evolution (Dark / Flying)
72. Wobbegong Stunfisk Evolution (Ground / Electric)
73. Ditto Evolution (Normal)

74. Rose Dragon, genetically modified (Grass / Dragon)

75. Rose Cocoon (Grass / Dragon)

76. Pseudo Legendary Rose Dragon based on Biollante and Indominus Rex, hybrid of Tyrantrum, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Roserade, Mimic Octopus and Thoraptor (Grass / Dragon)

77. Pestilence Legendary based on Aniwye (Steel)

78. Famine Legendary based on Wendigo (Ice)

79. War Legendary based on Unktehila (Fighting)…

80. Death Legendary based on Electric chair and Katshituashku (Electric)

81. Version Mascot Nature Gorilla (Grass / Ground)

82. Version Mascot Technology Godzilla (Steel / Electric)

83. Version Mascot Paranormal (Bug / Ghost)

84. Ice Queen Fairy Legendary (Fairy / Ice)

** Ability is Soul Collect: increases the Pokemon SpA by 1 everytime it knocks out a Pokemon

Regional Variants (this is a Gen VII game so there are going to be some similarities with Alola)
1. Ponyta (Water) - Kelpie
2. Rapidash (Water) - Unicorn Kelpie
3. Solosis (Psychic / Rock)
4. Duosion (Psychic / Rock)
5. Reuniclus (Psychic / Rock)
6. Crabominable (Fighting/Poison) - based on Chinese Mitten Crab, Bigfoot. Invasive Species.
7. Hypno (Psychic/Ground) - based on Sandman, loses pendulum but sand pours constantly from hands. Also learns a ground type status move that garantees 100% sleep similar to Spore
8. Komala (Psychic/Poison) - is more yellowish in color, is carrying a bush of leaves that are hallucinogens that let it see other wordly things)
9. Ledyba (Bug/Dark) - yellow-orange wing cases with more black spots, blacker body and noticeable fangs. Based on the Asian Lady Beetle which has been biting people in Manitoba. Found early in travel.
10. Ledian (Bug/Dark) - similar features to pre-evolution. Alien origins expanded upon with a possible connection to Fakemon 83.
11. Woolly Donphan (Ground/Ice) - fuzzy body, armor now has exaggerated studs, reminescent of a winter tire. Has lower defense but higher speed.
12. Unmilong (Grass) - looks more like someone made a fake cow out of leaves and twigs. Merges with herds of Bouffalant to gain their trust, tables have turned, now everyone is oblivious to it
13. Petritaic (Grass) - true form, carnivorous birch tree that feeds on Bouffalant, massive horns, tongue sticks out

Villainous Team
Team Circus: a failed circus that was recruited by the main antagonist to do her grunt work. They will steal some random things and some Pokemon needed to construct a machine that will turn people into Ghost Pokémon. Some of the grunts include a firebreather, a male clown with Pennywise-like makeup, female acrobatic twins, a small clown that can balance himself on a giant Pokeball shaped balloon, a very buff clown with a smiling mask and a female clown with a Harley Quinn-like appearance.

Towns and Parks
Town names are made of two words, similar to Hoenn and Sinnoh. One of the words is always going to be based on a character you'd find on a music sheet. The parks/tourist attractions get their names from tempos.

Route 1: where the player's house is. It's on the outskirts of La Semibreve.
Notre-Dame-de-Treble (based on Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes): location of the Pokemon School and a restaurant called the Amphibex. The professor and rival also live there.
Saint-Segno* (based on Bruxelles): This small town is surrounded by ranches that raise Bouffalant and is overlooked by a large hill. The ice trial takes place at the local hockey arena. The trial captain was supposed to raise normal Pokemon but she rebelled against her family heritage and opted for ice types instead to prove they can be just as strong.
La Semibreve (Treherne): another small town known for its RV park and wooden bridge. Fighting type trial occurs at the bridge. Trial captain is a man who plays wheelchair basketball.
Beau Minim (Morden): a booming town where the museum of prehistoric marine Pokemon is located. The prairie kahuna can be challenged here and specializes in rock type Pokemon

Crotchet Hill (Stonewall): a town that used to be a mining town now turned into a place of festivals and museums and even has an artificial oasis. Team Circus' tents are located just on the outskirts of the town and overwhelm the town with an amusement park once their plan is put into action. The bug trial takes place in the mine shafts. The trial captain always wears goggles and an item finder to look as much as a bug as possible.
Quaver City (Winnipeg): the largest city in Mikowa known for its winter festival. A large bridge connects both sides of the river together. One side has residences, a fort where the winter festival took place and the location of the Pokemon league. Meanwhile the other side of the bank has a large market, train station and hotel among other things. Crossing the bridge is optional in winter when the river freezes. The ghost trial occurs in the hotel in a haunted room that is said to have been built over an old restaurant.
New Tenor (Steinbach): a booming city that used to rely primarily on agriculture but is gearing heavily towards manufacturing farming vehicles. The Valley Kahuna is a former war hero and is in charge of an automated plant. She is known for using Electric Pokemon and for her short temper. She may have been Lt. Surge's superior.

Tenuto Lake (Falcon Lake) - a small resort area along a large freshwater lake. Most of the buildings here are cottages but there's also a gas station. UFO sightings are common and Paranormal Mascot can be encountered here. Vivace Rock Camp is just north of here and is the location of the trial with the local trial captain who specializes in Psychic Pokemon.
Trill Rapids (Thompson) - this average looking town is the current mining town. Aside from the nearby rapids, there isn't much to see. The dark nights are filled with the howls of Lycanrocs. The trial captain here specializes in steel types.
Caesura Bay (Churchill) - a northern town that borders the sea. It snows often and the town is well known for its Beartic sightings. Hundreds of visitors come here by train to see them as well as the aurora borealis although visitors have been few since the railway was damaged. The Plateau Kahuna here specializes in water Pokemon.

Sharp Cove (Gimli) - this fishing town has many monuments commemorating its Hageto heritage. It borders one of Mikowa's great lakes and the flying type trial captain can be found amongst large rocky pillars offshore. Strong winds creates large waves of which the town is wary.
Little Alto (Dauphin) - a decent sized city known for its massive gardens and cultural events. The Forest Kahuna can be challenged here and specializes in fairy types.

*May change town name if saint creates too much religious conflict

Elite Four:

The League is based on Fort Whyte Alive, with the main entrance and Buffalo Stone Cafe acting as the gate and final Pokemon Center. By entering the league, you follow a path that leads to the Interpretive Center which is locked until you face the members of the Elite Four. The Ghost Elite Four is found in a haunted willow walk trail, the Fighting Elite Four is exercising in the middle of a lake, the Grass Elite Four is found in the Wetland Boardwalk and the Normal Elite Four is in a prairie/Bouffalant observatory. Once you've beaten an Elite Four, they will grant you access to a trail that brings the player back to the Interpretive Center (a ledge prevents return). Once all four Elite Four are beaten, access to the spiral staircase is granted. The champion does not specialize in any type and is a gamer girl.

Bird's Hill (Forest)
Spruce Woods (Desert)
Red Rock (Shield)
Oak Hammock Marsh (Marsh)
Winnipeg Beach (Lake and Caves)
Narcisse Snake Dens (Mountain)

Like my other regions, I always make a Youtube playlist based on my region. The songs are supposed to give an idea of what kind of vibes you'd feel from the different locations:…

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Good news everyone! Futurama - Professor Farnsworth 

The battle against the bed bugs is over. We won. It took three sprays in the end but it paid off.

Unfortunately, my sketchbooks are to remain sealed away for 2 years for "extra precaution" (yeah right...). So instead, I went and bought myself a new one from Michael's (and I got it 40% off, sweet deal). Starting next week, the Kawaru Region project will resume. I'm too tired from running around to start tonight, fridays is when I play video games mostly, and this weekend I need to travel to the countryside for some errands and I'm planning on seeing Deadpool II. Note to self, don't forget to take the scanner out of storage too so that there are no further delays.

That's pretty much all I got. I hope you're all excited to see the next grass type version exclusive.
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Just a disclaimer, my computer is still unplugged, I'm just temporarily using a slower computer. That's why I'm becoming a little active again. My art supplies are still stored away so I can't draw or paint anything. But the old scanner (actually the new scanner which makes everything orange look red) works so that's why I was able to upload a new favourite Pokemon per type meme picture. However, next friday we're doing one final spray and then (I hope) we can start unboxing things again. I haven't seen any bugs in a while so it's looking good.

Once everything is settled again, I'll pick up right away on the Kawaru Region, which is EXTREMELY overdue. I am eager to start again. I might first do another Pokemon meme, but this time with my least favourite of each type. And this time I will draw everything and make it look goofy. It's just to get myself to relearn every took in Photoshop before I take on Kawaru's next version exclusive grass type.

I tried to purchase some songs on itunes with my gift card but I kept getting an error and it's not working. I'm going to see my fiance because maybe we can do that on her phone. We're also off to take one of her three (yes, she's living the dream, sigh) dogs for a walk in the park where lies a creepy witche's hut. Google Kildonian Park in Winnipeg.
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We're painting the walls of my room today, meaning I need to temporarily unplug my computer and store it away until it's done. At least the whole bed bug problem is finally over, so hopefully after the weekend, I'll be able to start moving everything back where it belongs and resume my normal life.

In the meantime I plan on spending my Itunes gift card on more songs for my Ipod, buy the latest Attack on Titan book and see A Quiet Place in theatres with friends. Also I'm craving a deep deep dish from Little Caesar's (I wasn't paid to say that). If this takes longer than planned, I might binge play Pokemon Ultra Moon and try to wrap it up. Though I am feeling burned out from all these Pokémon games. I think this is the last one I'll buy.

See you on the flip side.
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Another reason why they'd be expensive units.

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I'm about 75% - 80% finished my third and final painting. I just need to add the ribbon seal's stripes, shade them, draw the whiskers and sign my name and date. Then after it's all dry, I'll scan it. This is the first time I could paint since the bed bug infestation and it feels good to get going again. Note however that after I finish it, I'll probably be offline for a week. Since the Superman wallpaper is now gone and the shelves have been taken down, it's a good opportunity to begin cleaning and repainting the walls. My parents really want to make my room look anew so might as well get it all done at once. My bedroom/studio already feels very bare now that the carpet is gone. So many echos too. I really want this to be all done ASAP. All my sketchbooks are still stored away following the cleansing so I've made no progress with the Kawaru Region at all. I miss drawing so much. I was able to keep myself sane by doing a few Photoshop projects like the Age of Mythology Disney thingy as well as doodle some early sketches of future Kawaru Fakemon that I haven't worked on yet in my mini backup sketchbook. As soon as things go back to normal though, I'm going to be on overdrive mode and do some serious catching up. If I run out of pages in my mini sketchbook, I can always begin working on the part of inventing Fakemon that always takes longer than it should: naming them.

In other news, work was slow today and I was able to browse random pictures on Google images, when I stumbled upon this:
ShVI: Surprise Attack by tuomaskoivurinne

It's called a Shunosaurus (Shu Lizard). It almost feels like something that came out of Jurassic Park Chaos Effect; a mix of a Camarasaurus and a Euoplocephalus. But this thing is 100% legit. Also I feel like tuomaskoivurinne deserves a pat on the back for the deviation, it's very energetic and colourful, with a nice blend of warm and cool colours.

But I digress. Apparently Shunosaurus lii was named in 1983 and I feel like I should have known about this sauropod long ago but I don't recall ever reading about it before. Based on the information I'm getting from… and…, lots of well preserved specimens were found so we know quite a bit about them. It was 9.5 meters long, so pretty short for a sauropod, and weighed 7 tons. It lived in prehistoric China alongside larger sauropods so it probably filled a niche where it fed on more low lying vegetation. The most noticeable feature was its tail-club, which also had two pairs of spikes on it. I know that larger sauropods could deliver painful blows with their whip-like tail, so this weapon could be just as dangerous in its own right. It probably needed this tail-club to fend off predators such as Gasosaurus and Szechuanosaurus (such as the ones depicted in the deviation).

Oh and by the way, I also just learned that Troodon is a dubious dinosaur. Sad thought. Good night.
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Quetzalcoatlus by PaleoGuy
So I've read some articles and had my siblings tell me how Quetzalcoatlus, the largest Pterosaur known (or that I know of at the time of writing this), was actually flightless because it was too heavy to take off. It was as tall as a giraffe afterall. Now I accepted this idea pretty easily, I mean ostriches are big birds but they're flightless too. But what about baby Quetzalcoatlus'. Were they're flightless too and scurried after tadpoles to eat? Or what if they were like the Emperor Sea Striders from Darwin IV.
Emperor Sea Strider Sculpture by AirborneTerror
Sea Striders were the largest animals on Darwin IV in both the book and the documentary. They were so big that they were restricted to walking on the gelatinous surface of the amoebic sea, upon which they also fed. Their young however were nymphs that were capable of flight. If I recall, they would enter a cavity in the adult Sea Strider's mouthless head and bathe in a type of energy and come out completely rejuvenated. Now imagine flocks of Quetzalcoatlus roosting together in prehistoric North America like today's penguins. I don't think they ever found a Quetzalcoatlus nest so I'm guessing parents laid one large head because they were predators. The young were probably still big but not as heavy so maybe they could still fly until they were big enough to fend for themselves. There were pesky insects at the time such as mosquitoes (they have been around for over 100 million years, longer than the giant pterosaur) that would harass Quetzalcoatlus. What if the babies were to their parents what Oxpeckers are to large African mammals? And if predators came to attack the flock, they could have fended it off by snapping their beaks (think of the Gannetwhales from The Future is Wild).
Gannet Whale by Hydromancerx

What are your thoughts? Am I on to something or is there something I haven't read yet that corrects everything I wrote? Either way, I'm thinking of applying this idea to a future alien. Maybe a Pteropod from Geb.
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Little animation made by my brother.

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It appears I have encountered another delay which will slow down my art progress. We found bed bugs in my bed, and in my parents' bed. So a lot of time and energy will be dedicated for the next month in cleaning up everything. I'm actually hoping to get rid of the red carpet in my bedroom which I find unappealing, especially considering how worn out it is. I've already done a lot of cleaning tonight, as well as help pick up my friend from College (oh didn't I mention? I need to pick them up from their evening classes, which eats up a lot of drawing time sadly).

As per the title of this journal, finding that bed bug and the handful of dead ones has made me extremely paranoid. Every little speck of dirt now looks like either a bug or an egg. Every itch on my body feels like a bite. The only way to deal with this is to do a major spring cleaning and then continue with cleaner habits (no more backpacks on my bed). Even if I do find free time, my priority will be the third and final painting, but I've already finished the background, so that's good. I'm really excited to get going on the next two Kawaru Fakemon, which will be version exclusives based on some interesting plants. The version for cHAoS will be especially fun to remake now that I have an idea on how to make its face from a typical triangular eyed "meh" to a total nightmare fuel.

Hint hint: 
One missed call? by KooboriSapphire
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Seriously, anyone else just realized the similarities?

Saurokahydron ilesis (2016) by King-Edmarka and  Mawile by Lisanata

I'm taking a short break from the Kawaru Region to work on a painting request from my mother and to enjoy some of my Xmas presents.
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If anyone has been looking at my Safekeeping journal entry, you may have noticed that the Kawaru Fakemon that was originally going to be a :iconpoisontypeplz: :iconpsychictypeplz: dual type Koala was replaced by something code-named Bulky Life Drainer. The truth is that the introduction of Komala in Gen 7 forced me to change my initial Koala Pokemon idea into a regional variant for my upcoming third Fakemon gen.
Sneak Peek to Fakemon Gen III by Tapejara

So I had to replace the gap with a :icondarktypeplz: type Fakemon. My initial goal was to have a very bulky (high HP) dark type that had a unique ability where every time it loses HP, the attacking Pokemon loses an equal amount of HP. But that turned out to be an OP version of Pyukumuku's Innards Out so I decided to work on it a little more.

Gen7 early route by leparagon

Reading those Gotta Critique Them All blogs helped me realize that I should take more liberties with my designs, but I still want to follow a certain theme. The theme I decided to pick for this upcoming Kawaru Fakemon is something along the lines of "a despicable creature that will prolong its life at the expense of others". If there's a verb or noun to shorten that description I'd be grateful to anyone who can provide it to me. SPOILER ALERT, I think I was heavily inspired by the 2017 film Get Out, but also by the Simpsons season 17 episode "The Last of the Red Hat Mamas" where it says on the Simpsons wiki:
Burns once promised them that amount to donate to a children's hospital; however, at a press conference, the selfish millionaire announced he plans to keep the money for himself (to undergo a procedure that will extend his life by ten minutes)

Get out by EddieHolly

So I have a theme but it needs a physical form. I was going to go for something with pieces of metal and wires going inside its body but I don't want it to be part :iconsteeltypeplz: although maybe I should considering I already have plenty of pure dark types in Kawaru. Yes yes, then it will be like Genesect who was brought back to life by being electronically modified and had a cannon added to its back. The story behind this Fakemon is that for years they were extinct but they always left behind shriveled carcasses. After the introduction of Pokemon centers, one child thought the carcass of this Pokemon was actually still alive and brought it to one to be healed. Miraculously it came back to life but became a much more vile version of its former self (Pet Sematary anyone).
Pet Sematary by KareIchi

Despite being brought back to life, this Fakemon's body is extremely unstable and it's in a constant state of decay. This will be represented by its unique ability "Deterioration" where it is constantly losing 1/16 of its HP but at the same time draining that equal amount of HP from an adjacent foe. You see, its only means of prolonging its existence naturally is by eating the DNA of other Pokemon which it does on a constant basis with long tubes coming out of its maw. This was inspired by Bdelloids who are rotifers found in freshwater habitats all over the world. The beautiful artwork below perfectly demonstrates one such specimen:
Macrotrachela by PavelRiha

Its only means of recovery is the move Pain Split, which will be difficult to use because it will have a high HP stat similar to Chansey. I think I will have trouble making a Bdelloid very Pokemon-like so I will also borrow elements from the Right Whale, mainly giving it a large mouth with baleen-like teeth and large flipper-like hands. It will be anthropomorphic however so it will stand upright but with a hunchback stance. Right Whales are also fitting because they tend to live for a long time. This article here not only goes into details on Bdelloids but also explains how a Right Whale was discovered with an ancient artifact in its body:…
Imagine that, a Bdelloid-Right Whale hybrid that filter-feeds the air for DNA.
<da:thumb id="598845837"/>

I want to make it look like it was involved in a very bad car accident, so I'm think of adding some type of cloak or metallic appendage around its head that looks like a neck-brace. The middle finger on its hands will look metallic too with wires following the length of the arm, like a pulse oximeter. Two large tubes, meant to represent feeding of breathing tubes, will emerge from the opposite sides of its mouth and into its translucent back. The latter will look like either an iron lung or an anaesthetic machine. Trailing behind it will be a green drape like the ones patients wear at hospitals. Most noticeably, it will have a pitch black belly (maybe even black-purple arms, symbolic of a rotting body) that acts like an electrocardiograph. It will have a constantly pulsing meter on its belly that flatlines when it's knocked out. Overall, it will look like someone who's terminally ill or in an ICU.

Mature Content

Untitled 2.0 by VelvetEchoes

Some additional notes. It's not going to be a legendary but I think finding one of these will require a certain gimmick. Maybe something similar to Spiritomb where you have to bring a shriveled body to a Pokemon Center (which are scarce in Kawaru). It will not have a very offensive movepool, probably barely more diverse than Wobbuffet. I'm thinking:
:bulletblack: Pain Split
:bulletblack: Safeguard
:bulletblack: Destiny Bond
:bulletblack: Protect
:bulletblack: Bide
:bulletblack: Sleep Talk
.:Wobba:. by Volmise

It also needs baggy eyes. They could be even yellow, as if it has just awaken from the dead and was not happy with what it saw. Also a triangular red nose like something from Animal Crossing but is meant to be skeletal-like.
Tomoko kuroki by mariocent

Yeah this is pretty much how I'm going to brainstorm now. I'll have to work on a doodle next. Thankfully I have a lot of time before I have to work on the final design.
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I'm just going to leave this article here for anyone curious enough to read:…

This was a useful read and will likely influence how I creature future alien plants, especially on Geb. Oh by the way, if anyone is wondering why I haven't drawn aliens for a while, let's just say I should make sure I'm well informed before rushing concepts that are impossible.
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