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Toci1 - Yggreck by Tapejara Toci1 - Yggreck by Tapejara
This creature was stirring questions as soon as it was discovered. Even though its appearance was fully detailed, little is known about it. Although it has been confirmed that several animals on Toci-1 can be polycephals, some astrobiologists believe that one of the heads may be a fake. During its observation, the Yggreck's head never turned towards each other. Therefor, it is possible one head is a decoy to fool predators into thinking their presence is known.

During the same observation, one head was seen feeding upon a carcass. It was initially believed to be carnivore, but the droppings it left behind mostly contained plant matter. The last thing the observer noted was that the animal screeched loudly and quickl slithered away into the forest.

"This animal came to me in a dream as an animatronic in an alien museum. It appeared as a two-headed mandrill with its whole body being the one of a grey snake. The new design looks less like a Mandrill, but I still picture it with a grey body. To draw it, I still found inspiration from the Mandrill as well as the Tosserlad."

Although at first they look nothing alike, Yggrecks are actually distant relatives of animals such as Pincer Tails:… . The key comes from the design of their mouths who have a highly flexible upper and lower jaw bone. They are loosely attached to the rest of the skull and either one can close onto the other.

:bulletred: Both heads have a large mane made entirely of dead skin.
:bulletred: The Yggreck gets it name from the French pronounciation of the letter Y.
:bulletred: The Yggreck is subject of an inside joke among scientists gave it the nickname as the "sexiest" alien of all time.
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