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Toci1 - Unmtsee of Matt
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Published: June 30, 2015
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Unmtsee of Matt

"This alien is based on an idea by :iconthemutantlizard: . The final design was inspired by the Great Unmtsee, a Kronosaurus, alligators and prehistoric whales."

Although closely related to the Great Unmtsee and the Unmtsee of Troy, the Unmtsee of Matt is unique as it is purely carnivorous. Like alien alligators, these ambush predators float at the surface of rivers with weak currents, mimicking the shape and color of driftwood. The crest on the top of the head resembles a type of flower that is prized by herbivores for its taste and antibiotics. This ruse lures large animals towards the Unmtsee until it is close enough to attack.

But the similarities of the hunting style between crocodilians and this beast ends here. Growing at only 3 meters long, the Unmtsee of Matt doesn't have the strength to clamp onto a large herbivore and drag it beneath the surface to drown it. Instead, the saw like teeth shave a considerable piece of flesh (usually around the legs) off the unfortunate animal. The Unmtsee then quickly retreats to avoid damage from retaliation. Still, a bite from such a large mouth is often lethal and will cause the prey to die of blood loss. Some river beds can be found littered with corpses that have a single bite in them.

:bulletblue: Unlike alligators, Unmtsees of Matt, like its relatives, have very smooth skin.
:bulletblue: Unmtsees of Matt shed their worn out teeth and grow need rows like the other Unmtsees. The upper and lower teeth however can be still found joined together by a thin membrane of death skin at the bottom of a river. Astrobiologists call these "Space Dentures".
:bulletblue: A way to tell the skeleton of a Great Unmtsee and that of an Unmtsee of Matt apart is by looking at the hips. Unmtsees of map are shaped more like a drop of water and have narrower hips.
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