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Toci1 - Rattleface by Tapejara Toci1 - Rattleface by Tapejara
Growing up to a meter tall, these are the alarms of Toci1's forests. Rattlefaces live their entire lives clinging upsidedown at the branch of the trees keeping their eyes open for potential threats. By forming small colonies where each individual can rotate their heads as far as owls and see every color of the rainbow, they increase their ability to spot danger. When a predator, such as a Forest Stalker, appears too close to the colony, the first individual to spot it will start to rattle its feathers, which are actually rough to the touch. The sound, which can be heard from a great distance, alerts the rest of the colony who in turn rattle their own feathers, creating a chain reaction. Once the message is passed, the Rattlefaces retreat in a hollow structure of the tree, which can either be the trunk or the chlorophyll. They can squeeze into tight spaces because most of their anatomy is made up of cartillage or muscle.

The Rattleface is a biped that also uses the suction pad on its tail to maintain a grip on a branch, almost making it a triped. The two main arms or tentacles have three digits to manipulate foot and feel where it is going, and six mini suction pads to increase its grip. Their mouth is located on the proboscis located between the two tentacles. It is also equipped with sensitive tips that smell and taste objects it encounters. It primarily feeds on seeds, fruit and slug like creatures. The large bulb on its back houses its reproductive organs, which are round in shape instead of square like most animals. This individual is therefor female.

:bulletgreen: The eye patterns on the feathers are used to confuse predators who may attempt to attack their heads.
:bulletgreen: Other wildlife uses the Rattleface alarms to be made aware of danger as well. Some predators will actually seek out the Rattlefaces to keep them quiet (kill them).
Dragonthunders Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
a monstrous creature but fascinating :)
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