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Toci1 - Quillback Murggle
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Published: June 15, 2015
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Quillback Murggle

The feature that immediately sets this species apart from other Murggles is its long legs. Quillbacks Murggles, or Quillbacks for short, must outrun prey items so they don't have heavy folds of skin sagging down to their ankles. Instead, their skin grows towards their spine and forms sharp spikes as it dies. The spikes fall off once completely worn but are quickly replaced.

Quillbacks usually move around with their mouth closed and their teeth hidden. But when in pursuit of an animal, they will protrude their muscular lips at its flank. That doesn't sound very threatening at first, but Murggle lips are covered with sharp teeth and those will easily skewer any small animal. Since they grow only about 2 meters tall on average, Murggles usually hunt small herbivores alone. But if small fry is scrarce, some Quillbacks may form temporary alliances among each other to take down larger aging carnivores such as Des Trolls. Repeated strikes of these dangerous lips will easily shave off massive chunks of flesh off of the flank of large aliens.

The specimen depicted above is male. Males have a mane of dead skin behind their heads and their genatalia located in front of its pelvic area. Females however lack a mane and have their genitals on the back side. As a result, they lack some spikes on their lower back to make room for a growing offspring but make up for the loss of armor by growing considerably bigger than the males. A mating ritual ended tragically when a female lost her footing and fell onto her back. Her weight caused her dorsal spines to impale the male, instantly killing it.

:bulletgreen: Quillbacks have arms with a similar design to those of Earth's Tyrannosaurids. Further observation could potentially reveal valuable data on the purpose for such small limbs.
:bulletgreen: Quillbacks hunt by concelling themselves in thick folliage and observing prey with their bulging eyes.

Spore version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIpFLN…
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That is one scary looking life form
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