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Toci1 - Mega Murggle
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Published: June 2, 2015
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Behold! The most graceful creature on Toci1. Jokes aside, the Mega Murggle is the biggest and heaviest species of Murggle on the planet. Males can grow up to 6 meters in length and weigh approximaltely 900 kg, just barely the legal limit for terrestrial animals to be able to walk without needing legs directly below their bodies.

The truth is that Mega Murggles are only semi-terrestrial and only come onto the shore to rest or mate. They spend a considerable amount of time in the water feeding on aquatic plants and, occasionally, fleels. Like grizzly bears on Earth, the diet of these bulky animals consists 80 to 90% of plant matter, with the remainder being fleels or carrion. When fishing, they dive in deep rivers and will pin fleels against the rocky walls or riverbeds with their clawed hands. What follows is rather graphic: the muscular lips of the Murggle unfolds, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth, and proceeds to either shred the prey apart like a cheeze grather, or worse, skin it alive.

Although they can be rather aggressive when approached, the Mega Murggle looks deceptively harmless on land. They do move slugglishly, dragging themselves in the dirt with their front legs and rotating their rear flippers like a double-bladed paddle. Even if they don't move very quickly on land, males will not hesitate to ram their immense weight into attackers who target their mates or offspring. Unfortunately, Mega Murggles are not very bright and their rash behavior can result in the accidently crushing of juveniles that cannot move out of their path quickly enough.

"This creature was heavily inspired by this entry in the chimaera gallery on Worth1000 that appears to be a mix between a monkey, a walrus and a bear: www.worth1000.com/contests/115… . The initial design also have matching rear legs as well as a mane but these were both discarded in favor of a more streamline design. The Mega Murggle lifestyle was inspired by bears and elephant seals."

:bulletblue: Because they have to drag their bodies through mud and dirt when living on land, Mega Murggles tend to get very dirty very fast.
:bulletblue: Relative to body size, Mega Murggles have some of the smallest reproductive organs. The male genatalia ressembles a small triangle located between the two flippers.
:bulletblue: Like Elephant Seals on Earth, males compete for the attention of females by wrestling each other. The difference is that the bloody battles involves scratching instead of biting.
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