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Toci1 - Hercules Sciuritoad
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Published: May 1, 2015
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Sciuritoads are the "song birds" of Toci1 are are easily recognised by their various chirping, hooting and whistling. Generally, they are shaped like rodents with beaks and have horns that come in many different shapes. Sciuritoads actually share a common ancestor with the Fleels who also have beaks and both are completely unrelated to larger animals such as Forest Stalkers or Well Dragons. What sets them apart from other animals is their skins. Rather than shedding their skin gradually or instantly, Sciuritoads skin cells shed individually and form a chain that continues to lengthen with time. That chain gives the impression that the animal is covered with a greasy fur. That design provides the animal with warmth and unique colorations. The hair is more fragile than human hair for example and will easily break if caught, prevent predator from grabbing hold of them.

Hercules Sciuritoads were one of the first Sciuritoads discovered and one of the first animals identified on Toci1. They feed primarily on tough plants that they peel apart with their strong parrot-like beaks. Their fur is bright blue and, like other colorful "tropical" animals, they make their home in trees around the equator. The trees there grow noticeably taller, allowing them to climb out of reach of large ground dwelling predators. Males and females are equally colorful but males have large horns on their heads which they use to compete against one another for the right to mate. Like any other animal on Toci1, Hercules Sciuritoads have patterns near their eyes to protect them from sunlight and must hide during solar flares.

"The first aliens I actually thought of for Toci1 were actually not based off of classmates but of entries in the Chimera gallery on Worth1000. The ideas that some of these talented photoshoppers thought of were quite amazing and inspiring. The sciuritoads in general were inspired by entries that involved rodents with squirrel heads and sometimes animal horns. The Hercules Sciuritoad for example was inspired by this entry: www.worth1000.com/entries/1538… . This is part of why I am sometimes ashamed to consider Toci1 part of my universe because many of the lifeforms on the planet were not entirely of my imagination alone."

:bulletblue: Sciuritoads have lived in trees throughout their evolution and do not have hooves like many of Toci1's megafauna.
:bulletblue: Being small, Hercules Sciuritoads, like many of their relatives, rely on their songs to communicate with one another. They have large outer ears to catch these sounds and can tune-out unwanted songs like a well trained conductor.
:bulletblue: Hercules Sciuritoads can live their entire lives without ever touching the ground.
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