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Toci1 - Black Skinleg by Tapejara Toci1 - Black Skinleg by Tapejara
They are like snakes with centipede like features. Instead of legs, sharp edges of their skin are extended to hold their bodies slightly off the ground. Small muscles under their skin allow the extensions to rotate counter-clockwise, moving the body forward. Individual muscles can rotate at a different pace to allow the animal to turn.

Skinlegs are basic widespread creatures found on Toci1. They come in many different sizes the smallest being the length of your thumbnail to as long as a Hearse (a car designed to carry coffins). Their diets varies just as much, with some being herbivore, carnivore, omnivore and even coprophagian. However, there are a few details that all Skinlegs have in common. First, they all have four compound eyes. Second, they all spit acid. Some acids are strong enough to digest plant matter outside the body while the Black Skinleg above has an acid so strong it can melt away the head of a careless observant. All fauna on Toci1 has inherited some degree of waryness of Skinlegs, just like how most animals evolved to be cautious around snakes. Some animals however do prey on Skinlegs, such as the Stilt-Foot Snake Eaters.

However, Skinlegs only spit as a last resort and only when disturb. They will usually rely on warning displays first because acid is expensive. Most species must obtain necessary chemicals from their food. Also, Skinlegs have very low intellience and little memory. They cannot recognise themselves in a mirror.
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I like this critter a lot, also it's streamlinedness! :)
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