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Toci1 - Bazin
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Published: March 1, 2016
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Bazins are distant relatives of the Stiltfoot Snake-Eaters as shown by the shape of their hands and fingers. These omnivores are less aggressive and their small teeth indicate that they prefer to feed on vegetation and blugs. Bazins are relatively easy to recognize due to their black coloring and tall dorsal spikes that serve as protection from predator. Their faces also have odd crests that seem to grow all over the place. The angle at which these grow is random for each individual and may serve as a means for members of a herd to recognize one another. The rest of their bodies are covered with osteoderms that are made up of stiffened pieces of their skin.

The males are the more impressive ones as their heads supports a large "mohawk" made of dead skin that changes from black to white, blue or red with time. The alpha tends to have the taller and more colourful crest and is the only one allowed to mate with females. During seasons where testosterone levels are high, the osteoderms locate on the shoulders of males get noticeably larger and battles for domination are frequent. Males appear to engage in a dance off that's initially almost comical as they circle one another and attempt to stand on one hoof. If the dance drags on however, the duel gets violent and involves slashes and bites to the head.

Although alpha males can mate as they please, the act does not come without consequences. Although Bazins lay eggs, the babies hatch prematurely and must spend a considerable amount of time in the male's ventral pouch until they can grow spikes for their protection. In short, the more offspring the Bazin makes at once, the greater the weight on their bodies. The pouch is made of loose dead skin and an overstimulated male had his torn apart when the weight of its many babies was too much to handle. All of the young fell to the ground onto the solid ground. Bazins are on average 4 meters tall, which means a 2 meter high fall from the height of the pouch resulted in the death of a generation.

"Knowing that leap years only come once in a while, I had to make something that was signed February 29 in a short amount of time. I wasn't sure what to draw at first. I was going for the Pygmy Iaculoligula but wings aren't easy for me to draw. Instead I decided to go back to high school when I was starting off my alien projects to see if I forgotten any noticeable creatures. That's when I remember the one above that was based on a classmate who was the only one who went ahead and gotten a giant black mohawk. I still wonder to this day how he slept at night. The initial design of the Bazin was very generic and had a bird beak instead of the mouth shown above. So I revamped it, taking inspiration from an outdated painting of a Plateosaurus, the goddess Vertigo from Primal Rage and from a random Mohawk picture I found on Google since I haven't seen one in years."
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