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Toci1 - Arch-Back Murggle
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Published: April 12, 2015
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One of the most common species on Toci1 are the murggles. The group consists primarily of herbivores with tough saggy skin wrapped around an elongated body with light armor running along the length of their back. Murggles are highly social and have evolved to fill several niches on the jungle planet.

The species above is called an Arch-Back after its body design. While all Murggles have elongated bodies, this species takes it to the extreme. Their skeleton is almost made entirely of an extremely strong spine that can keep the body stiff when necessary. They keep their bodies in this arch position while walking around to forge for food. It may seem umcomfortable but it allows them to appear large without having to grow bigger.

When approached by a predator, the Arch-Backs will tighten their bodies, maximizing their height. If this doesn't intimidate their attackers, the animal turns their spine into a type of spring, allowing the animal herd to leap at great speed. They keep their front and back pairs of legs together and let their abdominal and erector muscles (and maybe others) do all the moving. Once danger has been evaded, the group resumes foraging, nibbling at soft plant tissue with their muscular, teeth covered lips. Meanwhile, a designated look-out keeps its large eyes out for further threats.

:bulletgreen: Young Arch-Back spend most of their lives in trees. Their bodies start off colored brown and green to blend in with the tree branches.
:bulletgreen: Arch-Back spines are so strong that they can actually erect their entire body upright for a few minutes in order to feed on the spongy tree leaves when ground vegetation is scarce.
:bulletgreen: Unlike most animals anywhere, the Arch-Back's small intestine is almost completely uncoiled

SPORE VERSION: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-vOhy…
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