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Planet Eve - Rozkeratos

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Published: January 24, 2017
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Name Meaning: derives from the greek words roz (pink) and kerato (horn)
Common name: Pachyderm

Name Meaning: derives from the greek words roz (pink) and kerato (horn)
Common name: Pachyderm

Rozkeratos are four-meter-tall herbivores that is instantly reminescent in shape and size to Earth's Elephant, except that they have two trunks instead of one. These trunks are actually the animal’s highly muscular incurrent and excurrent siphons. The left trunk is fully capable of grasping and crushing tough plant matter without the need of a clamp like the “fully armored” animals. As one would imagine, the trunk is necessary to reach plant matter that is otherwise inaccessible to the Rozkeratos, such as weeds growing underwater or flowers on top of cactus-trees. The right trunk not only acts as a means to rid the body of waste, but can also be used to drink. The excurrent siphon is an intestine after all so it is able to absorb water and filter out bacteria. Both trunks are also useful in manipulating tools and carrying babies to safety.

Rozkeratos belong to the same family of animals as the Koronkazella, which is made up of animals that have sacrificed part of their armor for increased flexibility. For hundreds of years, they were the dominant animals on the two Southern continents of planet Eve. However continent drift has brought the Northern continents close enough to create a land bridge that the fully armored-animals have used to migrate. This has caused territorial disputes among herbivores and the introduction of powerful predators that the locals had little means of defense against. Rozkeratos is armed with tusks on its face and spikes on its legs, but these were meant to tear at the exposed fleshy bodies of armor-less hunters. A creature like Ostrakosaurus will not be as easily damaged by the herbivore’s defenses it still must be wary if an angered herd stampede towards it.


:bulletpink: those are not ears or fins branching out of the animal’s head, but its numerous eyes.

:bulletpink: Rozkeratos have a massive nasal cavity needed to make loud noises to scare off intruders.

:bulletpink: They can keep their skin moist by spraying themselves or each other with water stored in their coelom from their excurrent siphon. They are very social and commonly gather to take mud baths near the coast.

:bulletpink: The stripes on the animal’s thighs act as a repellant against biting insect-like creatures of Planet Eve, similar to Earth’s Zebras.

:bulletpink: the elongated spur is shaped and colored similar to the Rozkeratos' trunk and acts as symmetry to confuse predators.

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A pink "elephant" with two trunks?  I like it!  :)
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Brilliant! I've been working on a creature design with a similar dual-mouth idea and love your design. Really cool and well thought out
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InkGinkHobbyist General Artist
What is?
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
properly disturbing! :D
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looks like a monster alien elephant
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Michael2K17Hobbyist Artist
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