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Planet Eve - Mainokelyfos

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Published: September 9, 2015
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From the greek words mainómenos (berserk) and kélyfos (shell)

Mainokelyfos are common herbivorous mollusks that feed on tall kelp-like plants that can only bloom where there are no layers of algae on the ocean surface cutting off sunlight. So while you are likely to find many of these creatures in the same area, they are only found in the subtropics. Note that Mainokelyfos are big, growing as wide as a kin-ball (about 1.5 meters wide). Lots of big animals in one area means lots of competition for food. The tall kelp plants they feed on are scrawny and, while they do breed like mad, are scattered over large areas. The first encounter with these animals consisted of three adults in a feeding frenzy over a single plants, trying to consume as much of it as possible before the competition takes the rest. Using their long trunk, they even went into the sand where the large oval anchor that keeps the plant submerged was located.

The Kakomydis may be the Mainokelyfos' closest relative, but it is also its primary predator. To protect its vital organs, Mainokelyfos does have its pinecone-like shell but its still leaves its trunk and fins vulnerable. So if it cannot protect itself from being bitten, the alternative is to avoid being bitten. Marinokelyfos have long flippers with non-smooth leading edges, that provide superior maneuverability and fluid dynamics that the Kakomydis' smooth fins. Not only does this reduce draw while swimming, it also allows the mollusk to take extremely sharp turns. There have been occasions where a Mrinokelyfos simply "side-stepped" a charging predator, who found itself no longer able to locate its target (which was practically right behind it).

"Mainokelyfos was originally just going to be part of a timeline that demonstrated the evolution of land based animals on Planet Eve. However, since it shared similarities with the Kakomydis, it became its own animal. The final product is a combination of a pinecone, a clam, an elephant and a humpback whale."

:bulletpink: The pinecone design of the shell actually helps the Mainokelyfos reduce draw while swimming, similar to how a golfball works.
:bulletpink: The Mainokelyfos gets its name for its bizarre shell, but not just for its pinecone design. The upper half have scales that grow up-and-down, while the bottom half's scales grow sideways.
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Nice alien lifeform speculation :)
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Thank you
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Yolu are very welcome :)