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Planet Adam - Simultaneous Events
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Published: December 3, 2012
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Working on an Ocean Planet drawing reminded me that right now, there is an infinite amount of events happening at the same time. Keeping track of everything would send someone into shock. Thankfully, my drawings are much simpler than real life. It gives enough time to to see a predator chasing prey, tall slender coral trees walking in line and a village of the Ergabrachis rorschach swaying in the current.

From the greek words vélos (Arrow) and Dilitirio (Poison)

While most, if not all, animals on planet Adam have a split body plan, Dilitiriovelos is the only one who can completely detach a part of its body. On its back near the breathing holes are two poison glands that look like supersized cells with flagellas. This animal was an important find. Not only was it the first not blue skinned creature found on Adam, it may be the first animal proven to use telepathy.
It has a relatively large brain for its body size and is a very clever fish. It swims by orange coloured walking coral to sneak up on prey then slowly approaches it. When it is close enough, an alternate orifice helps propel one of the poison glands forward. Using brain waves to communicate with it, the Dilitiriovelos signals the gland where to move and how fast. With luck, the gland will implale prey with its stinger. The prey succombs to the powerful neurotoxin and the predator slowly swims towards it to feed. Its teeth enable it to grasp slippery food.
It has a spare gland on its back, but it needs to wait a week for another gland to replace the one that was used.

Dilitiriovelos was originally meant for Geb-7 but with the body plan of life on Adam fully developped, it would be more interesting to move it there, creating a unique creature. Its teeth are based on those of the Sand Tiger Shark.

Fun Fact: The purple appendages on its head are meant to ressemble a parasite, making the animal look too dangerous to eat.

Leptokoralli (from the words Lepto, meaning slender, and Koralli meaning coral)
Leptokorallis dali
The Leptokorallies are tall, long legged corals that migrate in groups looking for ideal places for photosynthesis. They also absorb minerals from the water current that passes through hollow tubes in their structures. The Ergabrachis use them to build their homes, using the shell to make the house, the algae balloons to keep it upright and anchored and the legs as a means to hold pieces of meat above the water surface to be sundried.

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me

-Disney's The Little Mermaid
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