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Planet Adam - Ergabrachis rorschach 2.0
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Published: September 14, 2013
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Ergabrachis rorschach

The last known sentient species of the Foidart universe and possibly the strangest of all. The Ergabrachis (tool arms) are 3 metre tall and can swim as fast as a Killer Whale. They get the rorschach suffix from the ink blot pattern located on their jellyfish-like caps. The ink blot is unique to each individual and helps members of a colony identify each other. They don't have a real head: what you see is two pairs of chameleon like eyes encased in a bulge of tough skin. The mound houses a small percentage of the nervous system and primarily supports the mouth when it is folded and the cap. That cap helps with propulsion but solely to go upwards. Its double finned tail provides forward propulsion.

On its back are two long antannae that bear bioluminescent bulbs on the tips that are used for communication, lighting up dark spaces and luring prey. The Ergabrachis are fully capable of diving to great depth for hunting or for collecting ressources. Their flat torsos can resist greater water pressure while the long tube mouth, that follows the split body plan of the ecosystem, flattens itself to prevent damage. As long as they undertake a slow descent, this is perfectly safe for their health.

Their two pairs of arms have different purposes. The main flexible tentacle like fins are use to grab and manipulate objects and can stretch to great widths. The thinner scythe bearing arms are used to cut objects and to help maintain balance. They are also used for communication: lacking vocal chords, the Ergabrachis talk using sign language. The brain is located in the pelvis area, along most of the other organs.

Despite the obvious sharp teeth, Ergabrachis is an omnivore, and requires protein and chlorophyll to survive. They will hunt animals, sometimes even the giant Eye Gods, and farm the mobile corrals for their leaves and nectar.

They live in medium sized villages made up of tipis (constructed with coral, rocks and animal armor) under the rule of a chief and his mates. As with the entire Planet Adam ecosystem, Ergabrachis have three genders: male, female and trimale. The first two follow the same known principle: males have brain power more focused on physical activity such as hunting and construction, while female brains focus on communication and maternal instincts (therefor they are responsible for raising the young*).

The trimales now have brains focused entirely on chemicals. This gender is usually smaller than the two while males are bulky and females are streamline. In the village, trimales are responsible for scouting and detecting nearby scents, whether it would be food, foes or even underwater volcanic activity. Trimales are coordinated by a head trimale that we named the oracles, who are essentially the right hand men of the chief. In marriage, a male has to choose both a female and a trimale, for a very important purpose. Although males and females mate, the females can't conceive. They have to pass on the fertilised egg to the trimale who swallows it and lets it grow inside a pouch in its more developped throat and mouth. During conception, they can predict on their own the gender of the young thanks to their strong detection of chemicals. If the village is short on females, it can descend down to the cooler region of the ocean or rise closer to the sunny warmer waters when lacking males. The mouth is also the location of the gills, which explains the smaller size of the trimales. When pregnant, the growing foetus will cause the passage of the gills to shrink. Being smaller allows them to require less oxygen.

Since they live entirely underwater, they live in a 360° world with maximum mobility, a great advantage. However, they can't light fires and can't cook their food, an important step that made man the "genius" it is today. So what will they do? No worries, Ergabrachis sundry their meat by picking it on branches and leaving them metres above the surface, creating grizzly monuments. They are currently experimenting with gears and other dynamic tools. Whether they will discover electricity or not remains to be seen.

"I was never sure what to call these guys, thankfully I remembered the whole greek naming rule for Adam and Eve. Eve was actually supposed to have large spider like natives with the rorschach blots and the multiple arms while Adam's natives were going to be simple merman. Looking back, I remember worrying about not having enough weird aliens that wouldn't be mistaken for dinosaurs. So I decided to merge the two and implant them solely on the weirder world."
"A short time later, I was left unsatisfied with the original design which still felt too human to me. I wanted to create something with gigantic hands that could grab a submarine and study the crew inside with a scary look on its face. The tail, which isn't as noticeable in this version, still retained the design of the original. To see the original artwork, following the link here": tapejara.deviantart.com/art/Pl…

Although scientists compare this creature to a cavalier riding a carnivorous horse, the Ergabrachis is subject to the crude joke of being an alien with a man eating phallus.

*Females are therefor also capable of hunting and it is them who train the young to use weapons. Due to the caste system, females usually don't hunt however and instead learn from observing or discussing with the males in between hunts. Males could teach the young themselves but they need to constantly obtain food for the colony and need the young adults ready to enter hunting areas as soon as possible. The roles of males, females and trimales are similar to most species on Adam, with slight differences.

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue is his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around
Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

-Eiffel 65
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Bravo! This one takes the cake for me! Clap Nod
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Grumpy-Old-Snake|Student General Artist
A wonderfully unique creature! I like the design, and the detail of your description is impressive. I got an instant picture of a stretch of sea with a forest of  meat hanging from pikes--it would be a startling and gruesome sight to a human explorer! I do have a question, does the mouth fold up against (for lack of a better word) the torso, and if so is it held in place with those black tooth/claw like things?
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Tapejara|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, that's exactly how it's folded.
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Grumpy-Old-Snake|Student General Artist
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