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Planet Adam - Ergabrachis bampoulas by Tapejara Planet Adam - Ergabrachis bampoulas by Tapejara
Ergabrachis bampoulas
Name origin: tool arms

Meet the arch enemies of the sentient Ergabrachis rorschachs. The Ergabrachis bampoulas, commonly known to the public as Boogeymen, are five meter tall monsters that are actually distantly related to the "Rorschachs". Boogeymen are easily distinguishable by their dark skin tone and the difference in design of their many claws and flippers. Being primarily nocturnal, the Boogeymen blend better in the darkness and can even see better thanks to a tapetum lucidum located within their eyes. This is making their biolights vestigial since they hunt prey rather than lure it and overall work better in near complete darkness, thus reducing the antannae into stumps. They mostly chase after small marine organisms, but females, like the one above, are the only genders best suited to give chase thanks to their slimmer proportions. Males and trimales are infamous for their choice in favourite foods: they hunt baby Ergabrachis rorschachs.

The suffix bampoulas actually derives from the ancient greek word for bogeyman, a well known supernatural being in human folklore that is known for stealing away children who misbehave. Planet Adam's Boogeymen have been observed catching young Rorschachs who have wandered away from their village and tearing them apart with their massive uneven claws. Individual pieces are then hastily fed to its snake-like mouth before escaping the wrath of the chief Rorschachs. Even more sinister yet are the more daring individuals. Some Boogeyman have been seen swimming up to Rorschach huts while the whole village sleeps and delicately tearing off walls that belong to the room of babies. The baby is then captured in its sharp chest claws and taken away to be eaten. Trimales are most commonly seen doing this since their enhanced ability to detect chemicals allow them to tell the scent of an adult and a juvenile apart.

But Boogeymen can be fought off several ways. They have a more frail body and their fins can be torn apart by the claws of an angry adult Rorschach. Also, they are more sensitive to light and any Rorschach that shines its biolight brightly enough can cause the Boogeyman to be temporarily blinded and forced to retreat.

"The design of the Ergabrachis bampoulas has changed just as much as that of the Ergabrachis rorschach. The original design had a black helmet that made it look like an earless Batman. The fins were also more triangular it had a mermaid like tail, making it look more like a marine vampire. The current design was mostly inspired by the Ergabrachis rorschach's current design but also took inspiration from damselflies, the shinigami Sidoh from Death Note, an alligator, a jellyfish and a nereid riding a shark."

:bulletblack: A Boogeyman could never support its structure outside of water. Its claws are relatively heavy compared to its fins and if it tried to drag itself onto land, the claws would likely detatch themselves and maybe take part of the fin with them.
:bulletblack: Boogeymen do not build huts like their sentient relatives and rather rest themselves atop large walking corals. The movement of the coral, while slow, helps the Boogeymen intake water while they sleep.
WorldBuildersInc Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
What in gods name is this monstrosity?! It's like a demented icthyocentaur...! 0-o
Tapejara Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's the boogeyman
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