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Classification of Toci1 Multicellular Lifeforms
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Published: June 3, 2015
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As of June 2015, this is how lifeforms on Toci1 were classified. The chart may be subjected to changes in the future once more information about the planet and its ecosystem becomes uncovered. The animal list may be short, but they only included animals that have been properly documented as of today. It is believed that many more aliens have yet to be discovered.

There are currently five classes for Toci1: Dandruffers, Blugs, Ramphimimids, Frost Bloods and the Unclassified.

The first class, the Drandruffers, is currently the most common and one of the oldest. It is believed they existed long ago when Toci1 has a more mountain-esque landscape and gradually adapted for a jungle lifestyle. The animals in this group are warm blooded, hooved, can regrow lost teeth and are known for their skin shavings found across the planet surface. The class is subcategorized based on how the animals shed their skin. Graduals shed patches of their skin irregularly and sometimes make use of the shavings for different purposes. Snake masks for example use loose skin on their neck to make themselves look like Skinlegs, animals that are often feared for their acid spit. Graduals are further divided as listed:
:bulletred: Canimimids: this group consists exclusively of small quadrupeds that look like long-eared puppies with V-shaped hooves.
:bulletred: Solid mouths: their jaws are included in the design of their skulls, much like in the Toci1 anatomy drawing (or like yours). Some aliens, like the Murggles or the Lloyd, also have highly muscular lips covered with teeth.
:bulletred: Flexi-Mouths: Their jaws is practically detatched from the main skull except for a few support bones and can move in different directions. It makes their face look as if it was bent out of shape.

The Cocoon group consists of animals that at birth have one form but then at one stage of their lives become incased in old skin and pupate into a completely different creature. The animals are typically bipedal with long tails that are often used for locomotion but the hands usually change into hooves during the cocoon stage. This class includes the sentient Gorgosapiens.

The last class is the Instant class, which currently only consists of the Cacanians. Like snakes or scorpions on Earth, these creatures skin does not grow like the animal grows. So they shed all their old skin at once and must exit through an opening where their mouth was.

Blugs are small soft bodied creatures and are Toci1's equivalent of insects. They typically have eyes on stocks (like snails) and move with two snake like tails and occasionally with multiple small limbs. Currently, we only know of Blugs that either have shells or don't.

Ramphimimids include the Fleels and other animals that have recently evolved from them. Ramphimimids means Toucan-mimic and all animals in this class have beaks. Fleels are eel bodied, lay soft eggs and are Toci1's equivalent of fish. When Toci1 started to become a jungle world, several Fleels left the water altogether to live in the trees, starting with mangrove-like plants. Those pioneers make up two subcategories, the Ornitoads that are frog-like and the Sciuritoads that are squirrel-like. The former still lay soft eggs and are bound to water for life, while the latter can lay eggs with shells and can venture away from water longer. Both of these groups have digits instead of hooves, allowing them to get a grip on trees.

Frost Bloods consists of Toci1's cold blooded animals. Like the Dandruffers, they also shed skin and may have split from a common ancesotrs millions of years ago. One theory against this however is that all Frost Bloods have compound eyes, something not found in Dandruffers. The skinlegs are feared critters that ressemble a cross between snakes and centipedes. They move are by using skin protrusions as make-shift legs and have the ability to spit acids. Dragon Tails are lizard like animals are distinguishable from Dandruffers for lacking hooves.

The unclassified group consists of animals that look nothing like those from the other group. Until more information can be gathered, this is considered the "other" group. It includes the few animals known from the Haunted Forest, including the undead beast that killed several members of a exploration crew.
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