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The first page of the gallery shows all my deviations that cannot be categorised into the sub-galleries within.

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Just general artworks that appeal to me.


I honestly can't find anything wrong with this artwork. As someone who has played Riven several times before, seeing this in the thumbn...


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Vincent-Paul Foidart
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm here to enhance my skills in art. Due to financial limitations, I don't plan on making art my career, but a hobby that I can enjoy. My favourite foods are Pizza, Chinese and Sushi. I like playing some video games such as the Mario Kart franchise, Pokémon franchise and Godzilla Melee, though I don't consider myself a gamer. I just play for the fun of it, not competitively.

My favourite Animes are Death Note, Detective Conan, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan and Pokémon.

Art that interests me usually involves Aliens, Nature, Dinosaurs and Comedy, among others.

Anything else you want to know? Just send me a note. Oh by the way, if you add my art to your favourites, there's a higher chance I'll look through YOUR gallery.

Favourite genre of music: Nature or Rock
Favourite style of art: Colored Pencils
Shell of choice: Alligator Snapping Turtle
Occupation: Customer Service Representative (Roadside Assistance)
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson
Favourite colour: Royal Blue
Favorite animal: Great White Shark
Personal Quote: I don't drink, simply because I don't need to be half conscious to have a good laugh.

Find me on Facebook:
Decided to make a new journal entry since my original Safekeeping entry is about to move over to the 2nd page of my journal list.

Mikowa Region
Region is based on province of Manitoba, Canada
Derives from cree words Mihko = Red and Miskwamis = Ice

Region 3 Fakedex:

1. Howler Monkey (Grass Starter)
2. Lion-tailed Macaque Snake Charmer (Grass)
3. Lion-tailed Macaque Flying Moss Carpet (Grass / Psychic)
4. Zebrafish (Fire Starter)
5. Zebrafish-Moorish Idol Hybrid (Fire)
6. Moorish Idol Cleric based on Heart Burn and Love (Fire)
7. Cone Shell (Water Starter / Poison)
8. Long tongue cone shell (Water / Poison)
9. Big Cone Shell (Water / Poison)
10. Eider Chick Cinderella Story (Normal / Flying)
11. King Eider gender differences (Normal / Flying)
12. Goose Chick (Poison / Flying)
13. Canada Goose Street Thug (Poison / Flying)
14. Thirteen Lined Ground Squirrel Socialite (Normal)
15. Fisher Loner (Normal)

16. Caterpillar infected with Voodoo Wasp Maggots based on Voodoo Doll (Bug)

17. Caterpillar protecting 6 Voodoo Wasp Cocoons (Bug / Psychic)

18. Voodoo Wasp, does not have ability levitate (Bug Psychic)
19. Voyageur 1 (Ice)
20. Voyageur 2 with racoon hat (Ice)
21. Rock Candy (Rock)

22. Rock Lollipop (Rock)

23. Salmon Hatchling (Water)

24. Salmon (Water)

25. Aggressive Salmon (Water / Fighting)

26. Panda Bat with Levitate (Electric / Normal), Region’s Pikachu

27. The Fly Eeveelution (Bug)

28. Pixiu Eeveelution (Dragon)

29. Garter Snake with Chlorophyll-like ability (Ground)

30. Garter Snake trio (Ground)

31. American Water Spaniel (Water / Normal)

32. American Water Spaniel that foams rabies from mouth (Water / Normal)

33. Skink (Lizard from Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock) that can dismember itself (Poison)

34. Nordic Alien (Spock from Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock) with hypersleep status attack that heals HP and cures conditions but freezes user for 2 turns (Psychic)

35. Troll Arm Wrestler with ability that adds rock typing in sunlight (Fighting) - Trehere, Troll under a bridge

36. Hamartroll Arm Wrestler (Fighting)
37. Black Cap Mushroom (Dark / Fairy)
38. Black Cap Mushroom Trio (Dark / Fairy)
39. Animalito - grants wishes and carries a reed (Dark)

40. Red Blood Cell 1 (Steel)

41. Red Blood Cell 2 (Steel)

42. Saskatoon Berry (Electric / Grass)

43. Thunder Cloud Berry (Electric / Grass)

44. Pliosaur Fossil (Rock / Dragon)

45. Mosasaur Fossil (Rock / Dragon)

46. Orthoceras Fossil (Rock / Water)

47. Basculites Vampire Squid Fossil (Rock / Water)

48. Clown Fish in Sea Anemone that reminds of clowns in tiny car (Electric)

49. Clown Fish Pennywise, villainous team favorite (Electric)

50. Sturgeon with variety of sizes, largest size based on Ponik the monster from Lake pohénégamook (Water)

51. Mimic Octopus mimics coral snake, stunfisk and lion fish, ability constantly swaps stats around (Water / Psychic)

52. Haunted Animatronic Beartic, based on Abandonned Amusement Parks (Ghost)

53. Lava Lamp Lion Maned Jellyfish (Poison / Fire)

54. Large Lava Lamp Lion Maned Jellyfish (Poison / Fire)

55. Angler Fish based on lost boot version exclusive (Dark / Ghost)

56. Bear Trap Snapping Turtle version exclusive (Steel / Ground)

57. French Bull Dog (Version Exclusive A) (Electric)

58. Shock Collar Dog (Electric)

59. Shock Therapy Dog (Electric/Fighting)

60. Encased in ice with condensation face (Version Exclusive B) (Ice)

61. Partially Encased (Ice)

62. Frost Giant themed (Ice/Fire)

63. Qilin (Normal)

64. Beluga Whale Ice Breaker with Soundproof and Thick Fat (Water / Ice)

65. Grasshopper similar to Wishiwashi that becomes extremely powerful in a swarm when lv. 20 or over (Bug)

66. Lost Child with Teddy Bear (Ghost)

67. Einherjar 1 (Ghost / Fighting)

68. Einherjar 2 (Ghost / Fighting)

69. Red Crowned Crane Soul Collector (Fairy)

70. Red Crowned Crane/Angel/Priestess/Mortician/Counsellor Hybrid (Fairy) **
71. Condor Fearow Evolution (Dark / Flying)
72. Wobbegong Stunfisk Evolution (Ground / Electric)
73. Ditto Evolution (Normal)

74. Rose Dragon, genetically modified (Grass / Dragon)

75. Rose Cocoon (Grass / Dragon)

76. Pseudo Legendary Rose Dragon based on Biollante and Indominus Rex, hybrid of Tyrantrum, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, Roserade, Mimic Octopus and Thoraptor (Grass / Dragon)

77. Pestilence Legendary based on Aniwye (Steel)

78. Famine Legendary based on Wendigo (Ice)

79. War Legendary based on Unktehila (Fighting)…

80. Death Legendary based on Electric chair and Katshituashku (Electric)

81. Version Mascot Nature Gorilla (Grass / Ground)

82. Version Mascot Technology Godzilla (Steel / Electric)

83. Version Mascot Paranormal (Bug / Ghost)

84. Ice Queen Fairy Legendary (Fairy / Ice)

** Ability is Soul Collect: increases the Pokemon SpA by 1 everytime it knocks out a Pokemon

Regional Variants (this is a Gen VII game so there are going to be some similarities with Alola)
1. Ponyta (Water) - Kelpie
2. Rapidash (Water) - Unicorn Kelpie
3. Solosis (Psychic / Rock)
4. Duosion (Psychic / Rock)
5. Reuniclus (Psychic / Rock)
6. Crabominable (Fighting/Poison) - based on Chinese Mitten Crab, Bigfoot. Invasive Species.
7. Hypno (Psychic/Ground) - based on Sandman, loses pendulum but sand pours constantly from hands. Also learns a ground type status move that garantees 100% sleep similar to Spore
8. Komala (Psychic/Poison) - is more yellowish in color, is carrying a bush of leaves that are hallucinogens that let it see other wordly things)
9. Ledyba (Bug/Dark) - yellow-orange wing cases with more black spots, blacker body and noticeable fangs. Based on the Asian Lady Beetle which has been biting people in Manitoba. Found early in travel.
10. Ledian (Bug/Dark) - similar features to pre-evolution. Alien origins expanded upon with a possible connection to Fakemon 83.
11. Woolly Donphan (Ground/Ice) - fuzzy body, armor now has exaggerated studs, reminescent of a winter tire. Has lower defense but higher speed.
12. Unmilong (Grass) - looks more like someone made a fake cow out of leaves and twigs. Merges with herds of Bouffalant to gain their trust, tables have turned, now everyone is oblivious to it
13. Petritaic (Grass) - true form, carnivorous birch tree that feeds on Bouffalant, massive horns, tongue sticks out

Villainous Team
Team Circus: a failed circus that was recruited by the main antagonist to do her grunt work. They will steal some random things and some Pokemon needed to construct a machine that will turn people into Ghost Pokémon. Some of the grunts include a firebreather, a male clown with Pennywise-like makeup, female acrobatic twins, a small clown that can balance himself on a giant Pokeball shaped balloon, a very buff clown with a smiling mask and a female clown with a Harley Quinn-like appearance.

Towns and Parks
Town names are made of two words, similar to Hoenn and Sinnoh. One of the words is always going to be based on a character you'd find on a music sheet. The parks/tourist attractions get their names from tempos.

Route 1: where the player's house is. It's on the outskirts of La Semibreve.
Notre-Dame-de-Treble (based on Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes): location of the Pokemon School and a restaurant called the Amphibex. The professor and rival also live there.
Saint-Segno* (based on Bruxelles): This small town is surrounded by ranches that raise Bouffalant and is overlooked by a large hill. The ice trial takes place at the local hockey arena. The trial captain was supposed to raise normal Pokemon but she rebelled against her family heritage and opted for ice types instead to prove they can be just as strong.
La Semibreve (Treherne): another small town known for its RV park and wooden bridge. Fighting type trial occurs at the bridge. Trial captain is a man who plays wheelchair basketball.
Beau Minim (Morden): a booming town where the museum of prehistoric marine Pokemon is located. The prairie kahuna can be challenged here and specializes in rock type Pokemon

Crotchet Hill (Stonewall): a town that used to be a mining town now turned into a place of festivals and museums and even has an artificial oasis. Team Circus' tents are located just on the outskirts of the town and overwhelm the town with an amusement park once their plan is put into action. The bug trial takes place in the mine shafts. The trial captain always wears goggles and an item finder to look as much as a bug as possible.
Quaver City (Winnipeg): the largest city in Mikowa known for its winter festival. A large bridge connects both sides of the river together. One side has residences, a fort where the winter festival took place and the location of the Pokemon league. Meanwhile the other side of the bank has a large market, train station and hotel among other things. Crossing the bridge is optional in winter when the river freezes. The ghost trial occurs in the hotel in a haunted room that is said to have been built over an old restaurant.
New Tenor (Steinbach): a booming city that used to rely primarily on agriculture but is gearing heavily towards manufacturing farming vehicles. The Valley Kahuna is a former war hero and is in charge of an automated plant. She is known for using Electric Pokemon and for her short temper. She may have been Lt. Surge's superior.

Tenuto Lake (Falcon Lake) - a small resort area along a large freshwater lake. Most of the buildings here are cottages but there's also a gas station. UFO sightings are common and Paranormal Mascot can be encountered here. Vivace Rock Camp is just north of here and is the location of the trial with the local trial captain who specializes in Psychic Pokemon.
Trill Rapids (Thompson) - this average looking town is the current mining town. Aside from the nearby rapids, there isn't much to see. The dark nights are filled with the howls of Lycanrocs. The trial captain here specializes in steel types.
Caesura Bay (Churchill) - a northern town that borders the sea. It snows often and the town is well known for its Beartic sightings. Hundreds of visitors come here by train to see them as well as the aurora borealis although visitors have been few since the railway was damaged. The Plateau Kahuna here specializes in water Pokemon.

Sharp Cove (Gimli) - this fishing town has many monuments commemorating its Hageto heritage. It borders one of Mikowa's great lakes and the flying type trial captain can be found amongst large rocky pillars offshore. Strong winds creates large waves of which the town is wary.
Little Alto (Dauphin) - a decent sized city known for its massive gardens and cultural events. The Forest Kahuna can be challenged here and specializes in fairy types.

*May change town name if saint creates too much religious conflict

Elite Four:

The League is based on Fort Whyte Alive, with the main entrance and Buffalo Stone Cafe acting as the gate and final Pokemon Center. By entering the league, you follow a path that leads to the Interpretive Center which is locked until you face the members of the Elite Four. The Ghost Elite Four is found in a haunted willow walk trail, the Fighting Elite Four is exercising in the middle of a lake, the Grass Elite Four is found in the Wetland Boardwalk and the Normal Elite Four is in a prairie/Bouffalant observatory. Once you've beaten an Elite Four, they will grant you access to a trail that brings the player back to the Interpretive Center (a ledge prevents return). Once all four Elite Four are beaten, access to the spiral staircase is granted. The champion does not specialize in any type and is a gamer girl.

Bird's Hill (Forest)
Spruce Woods (Desert)
Red Rock (Shield)
Oak Hammock Marsh (Marsh)
Winnipeg Beach (Lake and Caves)
Narcisse Snake Dens (Mountain)

Like my other regions, I always make a Youtube playlist based on my region. The songs are supposed to give an idea of what kind of vibes you'd feel from the different locations:…

  • Listening to: Amnesia ost
  • Reading: Five Nights at Freddy's Survival Guide
  • Watching: Vannamelon plays Doki Doki Litterature Club
  • Playing: Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Eating: Hamburger
  • Drinking: Water


What would Kawaru be without some voodoo? I'm excited to get working on the next Fakemon three stage evolution.
Finally saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Time to work on that bingo sheet again.
New drawing has begun as planned. Also found a tool that will make it easier to draw circles.
My third Pokemon region officially has a name: Mikowa.
Finished updating the descriptions for my top Pokemon per type list.


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