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Altair armour by Spader7 Altair armour :iconspader7:Spader7 485 20 Fili walk by Spader7 Fili walk :iconspader7:Spader7 1,652 150 elf character by Spader7 elf character :iconspader7:Spader7 91 3 Birds by Spader7 Birds :iconspader7:Spader7 38 1 Nasir by Spader7 Nasir :iconspader7:Spader7 86 2 legolas pls by Spader7 legolas pls :iconspader7:Spader7 924 48 vale by Spader7 vale :iconspader7:Spader7 28 0 asad and nasir by Spader7 asad and nasir :iconspader7:Spader7 119 3 Solas by Spader7 Solas :iconspader7:Spader7 312 14 Smooch by Spader7 Smooch :iconspader7:Spader7 162 8 Nasir outfit by Spader7 Nasir outfit :iconspader7:Spader7 109 1 Malazan by Spader7 Malazan :iconspader7:Spader7 316 9 Dunmer assassin by Spader7 Dunmer assassin :iconspader7:Spader7 238 5 First meeting with the sun by Smilika First meeting with the sun :iconsmilika:Smilika 331 46 DAI: Dalish inquisitor by Smilika DAI: Dalish inquisitor :iconsmilika:Smilika 839 142 Through the Fade by Smilika Through the Fade :iconsmilika:Smilika 758 188



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Chris Beavans
United States

I am 25 and like to play Minecraft when I have free time to do so. My current Minecraft project is Rail-X5 and eventually rebuild statues of ALL the players I know in Minecraft (currently close to 450 players!). I will also post Minecraft renders from time to time. In addition to Minecraft i'll post photos of the local park in my area or photos of COTA buses (the local transit system). Given my busy life I am only able to upload 2 days a week so don't be surprised if I post a lot of stuff in a short time. If you give me a lama, I will likely give you a lama in return. I will also watch for a watch if anyone asks. Finally any trolls that may stir up trouble will get blocked so don't start trolling. or you will end up like this cake
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

You can find me on YouTube too, just click the link and sub :)…

My new Blog

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Troll-B-GONE stamp by StampBandWagon
Gamer Forever stamp by Darkmax204

And now a random flxible
Still Goin'
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just an FYI i plan on doing the 18th bday challenge for DA but i'm not sure i can pull it off given how complex the line art is and how hard it will be to color and how little time i have to do it in...
Villager #666
While testing out the ingame NBT editor I downloaded Thursday I found out what the professions are for modded NPCs and now i might know why none of the villages in Rail-X5 had any naturally spawned Blood Magic NPCs. The Blood magic Villager's profession is 666!

Something tells me either the villagers or the mod maker might have a contract with the devil ok 
Rail-X5: The Blacksmith
The Center village didn't generate with a blacksmith so I added one to the village and while i was replacing the gravel path with a nicer paved path, I noticed he was watching me and took a screenshot.
Rail-X5 - The Perfect Village
Been working on the Center village the last few days by adding in some things like a blacksmith and church to make this a perfect village.
However I have had an unexpected issue start up with animals/villagers suffocating and/or escaping areas. Thankfully I found out that you can set the movement speed for mobs to 0 with an NBT editor and surprisingly I found 1 that can run within the game without me having to close it. I decided for the safety of the villagers to "freeze" the villagers with the NBT editor in their correct buildings for their own safety. They still can do everything else except walk around. the only downsides are having to push villagers to their correct buildings (that took 3 hours for this village btw) and making sure the village has plenty of guards and/or iron golems since villagers are now unable to run away from danger. Also if your wondering where the farmland is, don't worry i'm going to make an underground farm and plant all sorts of food there for the villagers, the villager market and train station will also be underground below the farm. This screenshot shows the village as of midnight last night (I was really determined to finish the wall in 1 day)

The mob issue has apparently been around almost as long as i have been playing MC (the bug started in 1.4.2, I started playing in 1.4.7)
Map of Rail-X5 - 8/5/18
I managed to somehow finish the map in 1 day ant that's with the NASCAR race distracting me in the afternoon.

Working on the center village now...
A lot of players and some of my friends have told me not to start a survival series of minecraft as youtube is flooded with these types of videos but i am more tempted now then ever to start one on my gaming laptop as a side thing to working on Rail-X5. If i were to start one it would be on my forge profile. Please feel free to give feedback if you think i should Start one or not?


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