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Hi! I am gonna take a shot, cause the activity seems a little quiet here. And most groups on DA is dead anyways. But I have started a passion project. It can be read on DeviantArt, but I do recommend reading it on Tapas/Tapastic. It is called WeatherChaotic, a fantasy and adventure comic about dangerous climate change.

I am known for my colors, and cute stuff. So from my readers on Threads and what I have gotten on Tapas, it is an enjoyable comic so far. It is very new with 5 episodes, so you can still catch along easily.

The thing I can not promise is a consistent schedule, cause I got Tendinitis for trying to upload every week. But I promise I am updating it as fast as I canHeart

WeatherChaotic Comic Cover by Madame-JenJennette
Here's my two webcomic series

Fourthly Puzzled: On Webtoon And Tapas

A Slice of Life Comedy about three women named Georgia, Tina, and Rachael who all (mostly Georgia and Tina) raise a little boy named Andy, and take in a new life into a small city of Alnanza, and making friends and take new advantages in their lives along the way.

Human Yet Hybrid: On Webtoon and Tapas

A Fantasy Comedy a
bout two circletique sorcerers, one named Edwina, and another named Ida, who were turned human and banished to another world by an evil witch Queen Vapor. It's up to them and some new friends along their journey as they fight many foes that cross their path, and to find a way back home or make the world they're banished to their new one and defeat the evil queen.
Hello! i have a recommendation for you all, i discover this history, its just started but i think has potential, Is about a Girl named Maky Eventy   who has a mental issues


check it! Wink Wonk  
even i made a Fanart :3
Maky Eventy by RxViolette
If anyone is interested, my Tapas series (also on Webtoon) is "Sam in New York," about a young man in 1920s New York who struggles with his identity. He is forced by his parents to attend law school but wants to become an actor. 

Sam in NYC - Intro 1 by charcoalfeather