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September 8, 2010
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By TaoPaint
Print for AX this year.
The new zelda for Wii looks sweet, although when Link is running with the sword in the direction of the wiimote is kinda weirdly animated.

edit: thanks for the DD, I put an updated and uploaded a bigger image =>
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Very symbolic and I really love the colors you chose. :)

For some reason my eye is just very caught by the fact that Link's flower is brown. Even the patterns just surrounding it are more green and lively. But the color just feels right somehow.... It's a rugged color, reminiscent of the hero's trials. While at Ganon's feet there is more darkness reflecting his evil, while Zelda in her wisdom hovers above them both.

Just very nice. :clap:
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I love how you have a style that is both realistic in some parts and cartoony in others, yet everything fits together so well. Amazing job.
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I love this! great work, the colors and pop of the image is amazing
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I love the use of colors and the idea of how evils trying to take over but since the princess and hero seems to dominate the picture color wise. It directly takes my eye to Gannon before I see link then Zelda.
nice job
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This is wonderful! :D
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This is puurfect Link La 
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brutal !!!! me encanta!!
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Awesome, i love this one a lot!! :D
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This is really original. I love the colours and the fact that it's not just a generic anime style Zelda picture. Great stuff.
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Upon seeing this:

Me: "Wow...This really deserves a DD..." *scrolls down* "Oh. Well. Excellent then."
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Specially the spirals and zelda's cape <3
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Love the spirals, circles,the patterns, the clouds. Okay . everything.
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This really awesome :) (Smile) 
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This is incredible, how have I never seen this before?! Amazing work, the style is gorgeous!
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I love the swirling designs in this artwork. It reminds me of the stylized series of images they always have at the beginning of every Zelda game to introduce you to the legend. So very epic!
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