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we had a themed week in our art group where we would each draw ourselves as a old school final fantasy class. I got red mage haha. And yeah, that doesn't look like me at all ;_;

photoshop cs

our Black Mage: [link] by *frankhong
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Aug 7, 2008, 11:15:03 PM
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damonmensch's avatar
I would love to see more classic styled Final Fantasy characters done in this same style from you.Perhaps maybe some of the more recent classes as well.
Draco-Angelus's avatar
Simply amazing! :D
RokalDragonHeart's avatar
This is still one of my all time favorites on DA and inspired the fanart you may see in my avatar done by another artist.
tak210's avatar
yep that looks good i do fantasy and i say its awesome.
h3knuckles's avatar
I'm torn; it's a great piece of art, and a really cool character design... on the other hand I guess I'm a stick-in-the-mud traditionalist because to me it's just not an FF Red Mage without the hat. I see you have a feather in the hood, but it's just not the same.

Still a really awesome picture though, added to my favorites
F*CKING SA-WEET! I knew there was a reason I liked this class!
NanashiWanderer's avatar
Amazing picture. I really like your interpretation of the Red Mage.
Lyfin's avatar
This is the BEST interpretation of a Red Mage I have EVER seen! :O

I was born on the Summer Solstice, which means I am a pure cusp of Gemini and Cancer. I have always loved Red Mages because they are a mixture between mental, emotional, and physical power. Like mages Gemini are intellectual and creative - most likely to change their stats all the time ;D Cancers are emotional, which relates to magic, wise, and filled with honor/chivalrous. So it's all like the Red Mage.

But THIS Red Mage includes even more! It has the armor, the sword-wand with a red jewel at the top - Cancer, the book of knowledge and spells - Gemini, it has Gemini's wings everywhere! It represents intelligence AND wisdom, honor and strength, dexterity and power...

This portrait makes me think of myself! In fact, other than the eyes (mine are brown), it looks EXACTLY like me! O.o

*hugs you and favs this* :3

IF-LovE-WaS-BluE's avatar
Do you remember what a red mage does? ;3; i can't remember..
Branny021's avatar
This is actually amazing..

You look more like a paladin from WoW with that armor and tome. ^_^
Azerell's avatar
I know this is a little late, seeing as you have had this up for over a year. I think this a great piece. One of my favorites in fact.
I would like to offer one critique if you don't mind. The right leg looks slightly stunted to me. A tad shorter than it seems it should be. That may just be me, but I know great artists as yourself appreciate criticism.
I would actually love to see more along this line if you ever get the chance. Its pretty rare to see character designs that I actually like and you seem to have a knack for it.
TaoPaint's avatar
fair comment, looking back at it now, yeah the leg is way too long haha

thanks for the nice crit =>
SereneBlackout's avatar
Woah sweet ^^ Looks awesome! :D
Feriberri's avatar
Awesome design. I love the flexibility of it and the sort of line down the middle that divides it from being mage like and armor like. Amazing work bro!
Scythed's avatar
Dude, that came out really well.

I really love it!
Sannl's avatar
just awesome ...
jonepone's avatar
Best RedMage I've ever seen!
Great work, and your gallery is impressive too :lol:
kiriappeee's avatar
awesomeness... just confused on one point.. this was drawn in cs.. why does it show the camera description at the bottom..???

anyways.. bout the drawing... awesomeness like i said before.. some might call it an inaccurate portrayal of a mage but i call it interesting.. (magic users rarely if never have that much armor.. need for speed of arms and a lack of need for weapons like swords means they usually travel without armour but have a heavy protection squad round them)

hehe anyways i still like the concept... very sexy..

two thumbs up :D
Lyfin's avatar
You don't play Final Fantasy much do you?

This is the most accurate portrayal of a Red Mage EVER... except for the hat :P He's supposed to have the trademark hat xD Cept I like this version better :O

Red Mages are called the Jack-of-all-Trades class because they are jacks of ALL trades. The Red Mage can wield both magic AND melee, even bows at times. They can wield EVERY weapon and use ALL magic that's for about 1/3 of the game, at times 2/3 whether with or without a class upgrade to Red Wizard or similar. Sometimes they can evolve into a Sage which is like Onion Knight but without the Onion equipment. AKA the TRUE masters of all classes.

Red mages DO wear cloth, leather, light, chain, heavy, AND plate armor. All types of armor. So this is the PERFECT interpretation of one.

One thing that is known, however, is that Red Mages and their upgrades for the most part can't summon. That's the only bad thing :P
TaoPaint's avatar
i dunno lol, whenever i take a picture of a sketch from my sketchbook, then import that into photoshop to paint, it always keeps my camera info lol.
kiriappeee's avatar
oh right... the answer's there. :P. digicams leave the fingerprint there. i thought u did the entire thing from scratch on cs. :).
Faitherix's avatar
i love the shape of the legs and it has awsome design
Leo-alostcause's avatar
Really like your take on the Red Mage! It is a great look.
IchigoKura's avatar
WHAT? Why didn't I hear of this theme?!

This is soo awesome <3 I love it!
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