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Just finished this piece live on my stream, I hope you enjoy..
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My first thought - Wendy didn't get saved.... lol. Seriously, though, wonderful piece! The movement, colors, and lighting are all beautiful!
This is absolutely stunning; very dramatic and awesome!
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IT IS AMAZING! I'm speechless, you're a GOD! :3 love this art
Oh! I see the maiden has a ball and a chain attached to her!  Well the mermaids help her?
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Lovely mermaids!  Awesome composition!
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Their tails are gorgeous!!  They'd look exotic with webbed fingers, too!!
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it looks to me as if the woman whose tide up is being sacrificed to the mermaids and they look as if they intend to ether eat her or turn the woman into what they are. ether wait it looks freaking amazing!
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yeah that was the kind of story I was going for :) really glad you enjoyed it ^^
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Looks pretty awesome. Good job :heart:
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like it.. great work!
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This is amazing. I like how the one mermaid is scowling at the viewer.
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I love how u did the fish tail/mermaid tail effects OMG jussst amazing!!!
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Thanks very much hahah it was many hours just drawing scales I'm afraid :P
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I ended up spending alot of time on the scales on their tails, as I drew most of them individually ><
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of scales? sorry >3< what do u mean?
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