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Main character:
Special features (that distinguish from other riolu):

also 2-headed

Both are very kind, very friendly and very helpful to other Rescure teams :) (unless they are very bad 0w0)

Riolu thought he is the only one with this birth defect. But when he found about houndoom. The two become quick friends. :)

Riolu, being the leader of the 2 member team, is more focused on fighting type attacks. Along with bite and Reversal, he also carries a bone with a pointed end. This is his signature weapon for the move: Bone Rush.

Houndoom, with his flash fire ability, likes to roast enemies that are in his way, especially a incoming flock of Zubats, since there are the easiest to roast, without a grill.

One head is lonely
Three is a crowd
2 is just nice, at least there is someone to talk to at all times. :)

Also both are dogs
But one is on twos, and the other is on all fours.
And yet they somehow got their missions done.
...Usually they choose the easy ones.

The secret is that they have a combined total of 4 pairs of eyes. For a team that is 2 Pokemon big...

With this, they are a team that is not easy to surprise attack on.

They are Always on the lookout for suprise attacks...


My team for PMDUnity, or other role playing PMD deviantart groups, if mine was rejected.
My twitter Profile Banner wishlist:

Some ideas for my twitter banner:

A Buizel who's head is sticking out of the lake, is admiring his hard work (sculpture), floating on top of the lake water.

The sculpture is made out of floats (you know, the inflatable tube kind that helps you float on water if you are a non-swimmer.) That spelled out the words "BLUETAILS" or "BUIZEL" or "BLUETAILS the BUIZEL". You can choose either of the three depending on your capabilities. If the last one is the chosen word for the final sculpture, then the word "the" is notably smaller than the words "BLUETAILS" or "BUIZEL", and either words should stack on top of the other.

You can add Quilava, Lanturn, Snivy and/or Popplio as "cameos" in the artwork, since they are my favourite Pokemon. You don't have to include all of them if it's not possible to include them all.

2. Snivy or Buizel sleeping on a Shaymin pillow.

3. Just a cool banner with my name and favourite pkmn. You don't have to cram all of my fav pkmn. And I wouldn't mind if some of my favs pkmn don't end up in the final design.
My name is yuliangthebuizel and I love buizel (ok sort of...)

My strengths: computer gaming and solving codes (unless you don't count these two as strengths, then I have none.)

My weekness: gosh, I have so many...

Friends: yingyingkirby
:iconyingyingkirby: :icontanyuliang:
On this plate of Char Que Teo (a kind of Singaporean dish), there were no vitamins or nutrients, the nutrients has been wash away by the burning oil from the frying pan that keeps the Char Que Teow fried to perfection. As a result, the whole plate was filled with burned-down buildings and full of bad vitamins hitting each other and swearing at each other and rioting the shophouses. There was no hope. There was no future. Except for a tiny little dot right in the center of that dish mounted on a tiny portion of a giant slab of Char Siew (pock) where the vitamins and nutrients were not destroyed by the fire or the burning oil. This dot is called Singapore.
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