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I'm a REAL color-freak first of all!!! :D The rainbow, nature and awesome-funnyness are my inspirations xP.
I'm a firm believer in the fact that anything is possible, and you should live your dreams! :) I also like supporting other people, so if you ever have problems or so, you can always call on me whoever you are! ;D

Also, all of my art comes from my inner world :P It's what I see there, and I often have dreams in which my creatures first appear in :D They are like my inner friends/guides etc and I love putting them on paper xP. Also, I don't know why, but the thing I dream of MOST is some kind of body of water(like the sea, a swimming pool etc) that's always sunlit! :P Dunno why, but I LOVE it!

If you have anymore questions don't be shy!! :D Just give me a shot! xD hahaha WELL... Not a real shot lmao!! XD I'd be dead then :O hahaha xD. But you know what I mean lmao :) :heart:

BTW, I'm a DIE HARD DEATH NOTE FAN!!! :D I even have my own as you can see here: tanyawolfmystery.deviantart.co… XD muahahaha :P
Hi there everyone!! I have a favor to ask!! There's this hero competition that I have entered in which the winning one gets a TV show! Please help me!! VOTE FOR LUNEX! The vote ends tomorrow! THANKS A BUNCH!! :D (Just click like under the picture) http://nowtvsuperheroes.co.uk/gallery/character/lunex PLEASE vote for Lunex!! THANKIES to everyoneeeee!! x) I'd be really grateful! ~dragonglomp (https://www.deviantart.com/dragonglomp)
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Is any one willing to do an art-trade with me? I'm really bored so I wanna do something like that at the moment haha XD Message me if you do!! I will reply directly after =D *Friends* =!lecithinacid (https://www.deviantart.com/lecithinacid):iconefaniel::iconluffyjones::icontrue-crystalwolf::iconrabbiata::iconstereokidd: :iconschdaeffy::iconlostoliver: *Contests, Riddles and Fun* :iconda-scavenger-hunt: *The Greatest Artist Ever!* :iconbri-chan::iconrabbiata::icondolphy::iconvanillakitsune::iconartsywolven: (more to come.. I'm lazy so it'll take a while :$) *Cool Clubs I have joined* (AHHHHH I LOVEEEE L!!!) :iconchurch-of-l::iconhella-toes::icondeathnotefan: QUIZZES - R
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Well.. I got tagged by ~LuffyJones (https://www.deviantart.com/luffyjones) so I guess ill do this.. but this is an ecception xD... anyway.. ten facts(that are weird but are not supposed to be) about me: 1.I am 'uncalmable' if you know what i mean.. lol.. I cant be calmed down.. i always have to do something cuz i have so much 'energy'. 2.I love dressing up.. not as in dressing up for parties or stuff that.. i like just dressing up for fun like for example as a pirate xD I'll put on some pictures of me and the pirate hat lol. (and god this is soo embarrasing! Why the hell did i even write that??) 3.My friends say I am the weirdest and extraordinariest person they ever met an
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Thanks for the watch :heart: 
p.s awesome ID ^^ <3
:icondaawplz: Hehehehe it's no problem whatsoever!!! :D :heart: You deserved dat! Haha ... .. And WHY THANK YOU! :iconchuuplz::iconglompplz:
MUAAHAHAHAH ich hab dich gefunden! XD
SUPIIII!!! :DDD XD hahaha . .... stalker! ;) hehehehe .. ... ICH WERDE MEIN DEVIANTART LEBEN WIEDER AUFBAUEN!!! :D BIN SO EXCITED!!!! x3
GUT MACH DAS! XDDD Viel erfolg dabei! :'D