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Photography Newsletter: July 2016

Mon Jul 18, 2016, 2:23 AM


Welcome to July 2016's CRPhotography newsletter, a round-up of photography goodness on DA from the last month. The newsletter is divided into handy sections to help you browse photography news and features from the last month. The links with a Fella icon are official CRPhotography articles and the newsletter is illustrated with beautiful pictures from our Photograph of the Day collection.

Sunshine in paradise by demon1582

DD Round-Ups

:bulletred: Animals, Plants and Nature by JenFruzz

:bulletred: Fashion by Queen-Kitty

:bulletred: General Photography by TanyaSimpson, Mrs-Durden and arbitrarynamechange

:bulletred: Street by hosagu

On a Sunny Field by John-Peter

CV Articles

:bulletorange: JenFruzz shares an interview and some gorgeous photos by JestePhotography in Artists of Bird Photography: JestePhotography at AnimalsPlantsNature

:bulletorange: Queen-Kitty shares some epic photos of people in People and Portraits Spotlight Vol. 134, Vol. 135, Vol. 136 and Vol. 137

:bulletorange: Get up close and personal with tiny things in MarcosRodriguez's Macro Spotlight Vol. 208 and Vol. 209

:bulletorange: Time to go on an APN Adventure in Vol. 60 and Vol. 61 of JenFruzz's regular feature at AnimalsPlantsNature

:bulletorange: Mrs-Durden introduces us to food photographer theresahelmer as part of projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletgreen: Check out the Best of June's Submissions to our Collections from hosagu at CRPhotography :fella:

:bulletorange: arbitrarynamechange shines a spotlight on concert photography in Photography Exposed at CRPhotography :fella:

:bulletorange: Dive into other photographers' kit bag in Love Your Photo Gear by TanyaSimpson for projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletorange: Mrs-Durden talks about the advantages of working with amateur models for Photography Week at projecteducate

:bulletorange: Enjoy some emotive portraiture in Mrs-Durden's Photography Exposed at CRPhotography :fella: 

:bulletorange: Want to try macro photography but short on cash? MarcosRodriguez is here to help with a quick guide on how to do macro the cheap way at projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletorange: Get stuck into some photojournalistic excellent at Mrs-Durden's feature at CRPhotography :fella:

:bulletorange: If you want to learn about lenses, arbitrarynamechange's primer article for projecteducate's Photography Week is a great place to start

:bulletorange: Need some cheering up? Explore the theme of happiness across photographic genres with TanyaSimpson

:bulletorange: queenkitty shares some great lightroom tips and tricks for Photography Week at projecteducate

:bulletorange: TanyaSimpson invites you inside some beautiful buildings in Photography Exposed: Interior Architecture :fella:

:bulletorange: Check out JustACapharnaum's interview with Delahkor in Interview with Delahkel: a still life photographer

:bulletorange: hosagu shares some street photography to inspire you to get out and shoot!

:bulletorange: Love abstract photography? Don't miss mercurycode's feature

Interviews and Artist Spotlights

:bulletyellow: Amarantheans introduces Delta406 in Artists of Geology Photography at AnimalsPlantsNature

:bulletyellow: pearwood has featured the following amazing images over the last month: Beauty and the Beast by preethi524, Many Mauvais by ImpressionofLight, Kelsey Polaroid 1 by Queen-KittySegovia 4 by motagirl2, The Blue Wave by rdhobbet and Rough Day by Kyndelfire

:bulletyellow: Read an interview with EdgedFeather and look at some incredible bird photos in Artists of Bird Photography: EdgedFeather by Amarantheans at AnimalsPlantsNature

Art Features

:bulletgreen: Explore a flighty and feathery world in Eruanna17's birds of all colours feature at AnimalsPlantsNature.

:bulletgreen: jesseboy000 shares some beautiful and interesting photographs in Delectable Deviations -- Set 18 --.

:bulletgreen: Yuukon has put together another Feature Fest, this time focusing on Street.

:bulletgreen: Discover terrific Darkroom photos with ElyneNoir's Darkoom Feature - 9.

:bulletgreen: PhotoDragonBird shows the beauty of swans in Photography Collection - Birds - 7 - Swan Special.

:bulletgreen: With the idea that "you don't make a photograph with just a camera", admiringu created a stunning Photography feature.

:bulletgreen: Amarantheans welcomes new members to AnimalsPlantsNature in Thursday Tributes Vol. 6

:bulletgreen: HalfFormedThoughts has taken his camera on many trips to show you different towns. His latest feature lends you a look around LIVERPOOL.

:bulletgreen: perzarus shows photography from a different vantage point, in Photography Feature: \/ANTAGE vol.2.

:bulletgreen: There's fungus among us in StemmyBotanist's Fungi Photography feature at AnimalsPlantsNature

:bulletgreen: PaMonk shares some photography favourites in her Amazing Photographs Feature

Dream Garden by porbital

Contests, Challenges and Projects

:bulletblue: Get ready to comment on the submissions to Comment Month: July at CRPhotography :fella:

:bulletblue: Yuukon is hosting a second edition of Comment4Comment, where you can give and receive constructive comments on your photography!

:bulletblue: SkyAndNatureClub are looking for admins. Could you help?

:bulletblue: Admire the winners of CRPhotography's photojournalism contest

:bulletblue: You have until 22nd July to take part in CRPhotography's 52 week challenge this week; it's all about transport

:bulletblue: AnimalsPlantsNature are hosting a fungi and geology photography contest. You have until 23rd July to enter

:bulletblue: Through-a-Lens is hosting Themed Tuesdays; send in your umbrella photos before 25th July

:bulletblue: PhotographersDelight is hosting a contest till 29th July; the theme is yellow with black as a secondary color

:bulletblue: CRPhotography's July contest is about Conceptual Photography; you have until 31st July to submit your entry :fella:

Lot @ Techworkxxx by Fliegel

Educational Resources and Tutorials

:bulletpurple: Mouselemur teaches us about zoo photography in projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletpurple: Want to make your own pinhole camera? pearwood shows you how as part of projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletpurple: Lunnika-Horo shows you how to identify the birds you're photographing in this helpful article at AnimalsPlantsNature

:bulletpurple: Yuukon introduces photojournalism (and shares some great examples of it) at projecteducate's Photography Week

:bulletpurple: dinabelenko tells us about photographing steam

Singapore Fireworks - Tree of life by AlexanderYap

Opinion, Chats and Forums

:bulletpink: AaronSmith87 needs Nikon macro lens advice; help him out by sharing your experiences if you can.

:bulletpink: Can you help keesyb find a good replacement for his 70D with his limited budget?

:bulletpink: AC-Dyer answers questions what it's like to be on "the other side" of the camera.

:bulletpink: OliviaMichalski is looking for macro photographers

:bulletpink: Join Mrs-Durden at CRPhotography and talk about selling your work :fella:

Angel by Wan-Mei

This month's newsletter contributors are TanyaSimpson, Mouselemur, Yuukon, JustACapharnaum

The latest features, articles, interviews, challenges, contests, resources and other photography-related awesomeness from around DA, compiled with love by the CRPhotography team.
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Glad you like my forum post! :love:
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Thanks a bunch for the features for AnimalsPlantsNature!:happybounce:
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Thank you so much for the mentions! :heart:

Amazing collection of articles and features, some of which I haven't seen before. Thank you for sharing this! :la:
serel Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
I enjoy these journals again and again. While I often already know of several journals I find new and interesting things each time.
Amarantheans Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is such an awesome compilation of the goings ons in DA! :la:
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It just rocks :headbang:


(the article about identifying the birds is just awesome :la:)
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All Are so Awesome Sounding will look at the ones I may not have
Thanks so much for the wonderful mentions, going to look at these right now :hug:
Thanks for sharing them all.
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Thank you for mentioning my feature :)
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