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Photography Newsletter: February 2018

Sat Feb 17, 2018, 2:30 AM


Welcome to February 2018's CRPhotography newsletter, a round-up of photography goodness on DA from the last month. The newsletter is divided into handy sections to help you browse photography news and features from the last month. The links with a Fella icon are official CRPhotography articles and the newsletter is illustrated with beautiful pictures that have been recently featured as Daily Deviations by the photography Community Volunteers.

DD Round-Ups

:bulletred: Abstract and Surreal from JustACapharnaum

:bulletred: Animals, Plants and Nature from JenFruzz

:bulletred: Fashion from Queen-Kitty

:bulletred: Horror and Macabre from TanyaSimpson

:bulletred: Macro from JustACapharnaum

Perfect System by BenedictusT

CV Articles

:bulletorange: Queen-Kitty shines a People and Portraits Spotlight at devPREMIUM. Vol. 188 includes and undiscovered talent feature with Daizy-M and vol. 189 includes an undiscovered talent feature with Hutsku10969

:bulletorange: TanyaSimpson shares a selection of your photography submissions to CRPhotography in January 2018 :fella:

:bulletorange: JustACapharnaum interviews ELKAPL in Another day, another macro artist at CRPhotography :fella:

:bulletorange: TanyaSimpson features some dark and beautiful things from the gallery of SubversiveAesthetic

Red Deer Stag by StephiPhotography

Features and Interviews

:bulletyellow: Browse some beautiful photography from a range of genres in AshleyxBrooke's Oh Snap! articles at iPhotograph. Check out #40, #41, #42 and #43

:bulletyellow: MarcosRodriguez is shining a Macro Spotlight at devPREMIUM. Vol. 230 includes an undiscovered talent feature with Toniii94 and vol. 231 includes an undiscovered talent feature with erx86

:bulletyellow: Yuukon's Feature-Fest Continues with Vol. 118: Cosplay, Vol. 119: Conceptual, vol. 120: Horror and Macabre and vol. 121: Fashion

:bulletyellow: Take your Weekly Vitamin with FrancescaDelfino at devPREMIUM! #58 features the work of FurImmerUndEwig, #59 features the work of porbital, #60 features the work of Aliz1 and #61 features the work of dfm63

:bulletyellow: Awesomealexis1 goes behind the scenes with TarJakArt, vince454 and dinabelenko to find out how they created some of their photos :fella:

:bulletyellow: Unkopierbar continues the Animals, Plants and Nature Spotlight series at devPREMIUM with vol. 136 including an undiscovered talent feature with xBajnox

:bulletyellow: pulbern introduces the wonderful work of andrewpershin in Photography: Darkroom

:bulletyellow: Yuukon at AnimalsPlantsNature introduces streamweb in Artists of Land- and Waterscapes

:bulletyellow: Lk-Photography invites you to focus on focus with Wednesday shares - bokeh

:bulletyellow: MegapixelMasterpiece features some beautiful photos you might not have seen yet in The Unseen week 3 and week 4

:bulletyellow: ZephyraMilie highlights some stunning and unusual views of nature in scape in reflection

:bulletyellow: KizukiTamura features the work of Markus43, Inextremiss and Poromaa in kaleidoskopik : (K)onfrontation

:bulletyellow: NeraGozalo shows that DA is the perfect place to find inspiration in spooky vibes

Paradise apples... by Luciuuu

Contests, Challenges and Projects

:bulletgreen: Our monthly contest for February at CRPhotography is all about animals, plants and nature :fella:

:bulletgreen: Because it's awesome to connect with other DeviantArtists all over the net, iPhotograph invites you to share your Instagram link

:bulletgreen: PhotographyGuide and AnimalsPlantsNature are teaming up for another feedback frenzy!

:bulletgreen: Horror photographers in London! myrkky is organising meet-ups

:bulletgreen: ThatOnePerfectShot is looking for Contributors

:bulletgreen: PhotographyGuide are now on Discord

:bulletgreen: Join in on February Comment Month :fella:

:bulletgreen: Congratulations to FurImmerUndEwig, Catlaxy and F-Lagerdahl, the winners of CRPhotography's holidays themed contest :fella:

Artemis by AshleyShyD

Educational Resources and Tutorials

:bulletblue: Check out this useful categorising guide Yuukon made at CRPhotography: Part one and Part two :fella:

Dream House by LashelleValentine

Opinion, Chats and Forums

:bulletpurple: Looking for photography events and chats to take part in? iPhotograph has you covered

:bulletpurple: ChesedLogos is looking for advice on which camera to use for photographing wildlife

:bulletpurple: Dagger-13 asks improvement or camera first?

:bulletpurple: ninjanicktf is looking for an affordable digital camera. Can you help?

:bulletpurple: atomkat invites you to chat about your dream lens

:bulletpurple: Can you help AClockworkKitten with photographing sculptures for sale online?

:bulletpurple: AndyRomano asks what you use to get creative with your photography

:bulletpurple: Smacketeer wants to know how to keep dust from getting inside your camera lenses

Apollon. Greek Mythology by Vaishravana

This month's newsletter contributors are TanyaSimpson, Yuukon, Lk-Photography, ZephyraMilie, KizukiTamura and NeraGozalo

You can help support photographers on DA by collecting/faving and sharing this CRPhotography newsletter to help more people find it :heart: :camera:

The latest features, articles, interviews, challenges, contests, resources and other photography-related awesomeness from around DA, curated with love by the CRPhotography team.

You can help support photographers on DA by collecting/faving and sharing this CRPhotography newsletter to help more people find it :heart: :camera:

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FurImmerUndEwig Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Great wrap-up! Thank you very much for the mention! :heart:
myrkky Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
Thanks for including my meetup group! :D
Markus43 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the mention!
Vaishravana Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Professional General Artist
Thank you )
Lk-Photography Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Lovely idea of creating this wonderful newsletter - one can find fine artwork gathered in mesmerizing collections.

Thanks a lot for including me, and keep up the good job :handshake:
Luciuuu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
Dagger-13 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the mention of my forum post - I will have a look through the rest of the stuff on the newsletter :D
dfm63 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you soooo much, Tanya, really good job you did!
AshleyShyD Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
Woooo, Thank you!!
NeraGozalo Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much Love 
MegapixelMasterpiece Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the mention! There’s lots of interesting things to investigate here 
AshleyxBrooke Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
:love: Thank you for including my group stuff :love:
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