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Photography Newsletter: April 2016

Mon Apr 18, 2016, 6:42 AM


Welcome to April 2016's CRPhotography newsletter, a round-up of photography goodness on DA from the last month. The newsletter is divided into handy sections to help you browse photography news and features from the last month. The links with a Fella icon are official CRPhotography articles and the newsletter is illustrated with beautiful pictures from our Photograph of the Day collection.

Tereza villa 4 by xxbone

DD Roundups Fella

:bulletred: General Photography

:bulletred: Animals, Plants, & Nature

:bulletred: Fashion

:bulletred: Macro

Old Man of Storr by AlexGutkin

CV Articles

:bulletorange: It's Flowers, Trees & Plants month at AnimalsPlantsNature group! Check out the Intro Blog for more information and contest details! Entries accepted through April 23rd.

:bulletorange: Welcome to Commercial and Fashion week on projecteducate! Check out the Intro Blog for a line-up of the articles.

:bulletorange: Check some of the best Macro photography added recently to dA: Macro Spotlight Vol. 201

:bulletorange: Have you seen APN Adventures yet? It's a weekly collection of newly submitted nature photography.

:bulletorange: Admire some of the amazing urban and rural photographs on DA in CRP's Monthly Feature! :fella:

:bulletorange: Mrs-Durden has published yet another spotlight of some of the DD suggestions she has received for General Photography.

Sugarcoma by Pixelcoma

Interviews and Artist Spotlights

:bulletyellow: TheGalleryOfEve continues her Interview series. This time, she talked to JenFruzz. Read ALL ABOUT JENFRUZZ.

:bulletyellow: Yuukon interviewed Street Photography CV hosagu in Feature-Fest Vol. 18: Street Photography w/ Hosagu.

:bulletyellow: TheGalleryOfEve helps you get to know different artists of DA in her Friday Inspiration ... Katrin-Elizabeth.

:bulletyellow: Queen-Kitty interviews prolific DA photographer vampire-zombie at projecteducate

:bulletyellow: Queen-Kitty interviews designer, model and photographer XiaoLin94

:bulletyellow: :AnimalsPlantsNature group recently interviewed flower photographer John-Peter. Check it out here!

:bulletyellow: Mrs-Durden has published yet another monthly interview for CRPhotography, this time shedding like on Urban and Rural photography! :fella:

Quallen by Gehoersturz

Art Features

:bulletgreen: You don't need to be a cat lover to appreciate the great collection of outstanding cat photography collected by ElyneNoir in Cat Feature - Part 10.

:bulletgreen: Traditional artist Agaave has taken a Voyage to the Unknown: Street.

:bulletgreen: PaMonk shares some stunning photography in Amazing Photographs Feature

:bulletgreen: Queen-Kitty shares some beautiful humans in People and Portraits Spotlight Vol. 125

:bulletgreen: hosagu features some epic views from the street in sTreET pHOtoGrAphY IV.I

:bulletgreen: Look at tiny things in lots of detail with MarcosRodriguez's Macro Spotlight Vol. 202

:bulletgreen: Check out this lovely Flowers, Trees, & Plants feature by Amarantheans!

:bulletgreen: This fascinating collection of street photography shows just how hilarious some candid moments can be.

:bulletgreen: Tourist sites are full of them, but we also see these in our every day lives. Browse through this entertaining collection of photo-gestures in different scenarios.

:bulletgreen: Mrs-Durden has spotlighted some amazing artistic nudes in her recent edition of The Human Form series, focusing on Tattoos!

:bulletgreen: Need more colour in your life? Dive into A World Of Rainbows.

Steel Wool and Snow 3 by WillLeavey

Contests, Challenges and Projects

:bulletblue: PhotoUnited invites you to take part in the group's Architecture and Leading Lines challenge during April

:bulletblue: MacroPoetry announces the winners of their A Drop's Life contest

:bulletblue: Don't forget to participate in our monthly contest on the theme of Urban and Rural photography! :fella:

:bulletblue: This week's 52 photography challenge involves taking a portrait of someone's profile! Join in and win some points! :fella:

Pollen Covered Pollinator by dalantech

Educational Resources and Tutorials

:bulletpurple: Pros and cons of shooting on-location vs in the studio

:bulletpurple: harrietsfriend talks about Photography in 3D and why it's worth a try.

:bulletpurple: Photographing when you're alone can be a tad tricky. Allany21 hands out some basic tips to make things easier in Useful Photography Tips For Solo Travelers.

:bulletpurple: Yogeshdawra lends some easy tips when you're ready for a new photography adventure, but don't want to splash on new gear just yet in How to Develop Your Photography Skills.

:bulletpurple: inprotest introduces commercial photography in Commercial Photography 101: What Is It?

:bulletpurple: Queen-Kitty talks about the advantages and disadvantages of studio and location photography for photoshoots

:bulletpurple: Interested in commercial photography? inprotest talks about niches where you might be able to find work

:bulletpurple: Mouselemur has compiled some fantastic tips for Flowers, Trees, & Plants photographers. You can read about them here!

:bulletpurple: This projecteducate article by Yuukon helps to explain the basics of lighting in photography.

Natural History Museum, London by nickhighfields


:bulletpink: CRPhotography's monthly discussion has gone live! This month we're taking about something taboo: money! :fella:

:bulletpink: Yuukon answers photography questions in Photography FAQ.

:bulletpink: We all love photographing for different reasons; musicismylife10027 discusses their reasons in Why I love photography.

:bulletpink: Street Photography is going through a difficult time - Batsceba discusses Why street photography is facing a moment of truth.

Road by haifischfutter

Chats and Forums

:bulletblack: phydeau would like to hear from artistic nude photographers who are interested in being involved with a chat room for networking and community support

:bulletblack: AshleyxBrooke would like your help promoting the photohunt group and chat room

:bulletblack: EdibleShoes is looking for advice about portrait lenses

:bulletblack: Kyndelfire invites you to talk about your favourite photography gear

:bulletblack: Nostalgia time! @nymsinister wants to know about your first serious camera

The real bambi by dark-cayden

This month's newsletter contributors are silber-englein, Mouselemur, JenFruzz, Mrs-Durden and TanyaSimpson

The latest features, articles, interviews, challenges, contests, resources and other photography-related awesomeness from around DA, compiled with love by the CRPhotography team.
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Agaave Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
Interesting collection; thank you for including my feature in it! :heart:
Queen-Kitty Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016   Photographer
Lintu47 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
TheGalleryOfEve Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
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silber-englein Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016   Photographer
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Thank you very much for the feature! :hug:
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Thanks for including my work :)
Batsceba Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016   Photographer
ElyneNoir Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the mention :)
PaMonk Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Professional Artist
Thank you so Much for the Mentions and wow will go look on these all
a lot of Great News Here :hug: :happybounce:
Yuukon Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016   Photographer
Thank you for mentioning my things! :heart: 
Lots of other great content too! :happybounce:
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