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New Horror and Macabre Photography CV

Tue Sep 26, 2017, 2:57 AM


Since I'm posting this on my own profile as well as at CRPhotography and I get weirded out by talking about myself in third person, hi, I'm TanyaSimpson and I'm the Community Volunteer for Photography > Horror & Macabre as of today!

I'm super excited about this because horror photography has always held a special place in my dark little heart and my DA gallery. It's an absolute joy to return to my roots and have the opportunity to support all the talented photographers here who enjoy creating dark and challenging art.

Asylum of the Shattered Memories by caiusaugustus
Asylum of the Shattered Memories by caiusaugustus

What is horror and macabre photography?

Fine art horror genre photography depicting macabre themes
, often using creative lighting, make-up and other physical theatrical effects to construct atmosphere and visual impact.

Black embrace by NataliaDrepina
Black embrace by NataliaDrepina

Daily Deviation suggestions

I'm looking for amazing photos to feature as Daily Deviations
, top notch in both style and substance, exemplifying high quality horror and macabre fine art photography on DA. This isn't about my personal taste. It's about capturing the spirit of a challenging, theatrical and subversively beautiful genre of photographic art.

You can find out more about how to suggest a horror and macabre photography Daily Deviation to me in my official DD suggestion guide.

Dracula Story by mariano7724
Dracula Story by mariano7724

What's next?

My adoption of the horror and macabre photography gallery coincides with the month of Halloween! Don't even try to tell me Halloween doesn't last for a whole month. It's impossible not to recognise and celebrate this excellent fluke of timing, so October's contest and feature gallery at CRPhotography will be horror and macabre! Keep an eye out for information and updates really soon.

My initial plan for the gallery itself is to ignite renewed passion for the horror photography genre, celebrate existing talent and encourage photographers to embrace the horror and macabre gallery as a relevant and exciting venue to share their creations on DA.

Some things end up in Photography > Horror & Macabre that would be better suited to other places on DA, so I want to openly acknowledge that and assure you that the CR team is working hard behind the scenes to handle this issue across the site, not just in relation to horror photography. We're on it!

Zombie University by DESIGNOOB
Zombie University by DESIGNOOB

Join us at SubversiveAesthetic 

While horror and macabre on DA is a small, niche gallery that sits happily under the CRPhotography umbrella, my group, SubversiveAesthetic, welcomes horror photography in the space we've carved out for photographers creatively exploring emotive, challenging and non-mainstream concepts, styles, subjects and genres.


Big thank yous

Huge hugs go out to pullingcandy
, who has poured masses of love into the horror and macabre photography gallery over the last few years. Her time and energy will now be focused on Cosplay photography, where she'll continue to feature inspirational DDs and give buckets of support to all the awesome cosplay artists on DA.

Also, much love goes to the wonderful and industrious Mrs-Durden and arbitrarynamechange, who I've had the pleasure of working alongside as a CV for General Photography since December 2015. I'll continue to collaborate closely with Nina and Mark at CRPhotography and projecteducate so I won't have to miss them too much, but it still feels like the end of an era and I'm a wee bit emotional. All General Photography DD suggestions should be sent to them from now on as I'm only going to be featuring from Photography > Horror & Macabre.

An update about our photography Community Volunteers :heart: :camera:
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