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Looks really cool ! I really like the lit up windows,

as well as the un-lit main tower observatory glass...

The Raven (?) casts an eerie spell...

Beautiful work !

I'm looking for an artist to do the cover of my second espionage roleplaying game book. If interested let me know.

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This is beautiful!!

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I give you props very nice work.:D

Brilliant. And, much as I like the architecture of the observatory and adjoining buildings, the hot air balloon platform really makes it awesome.

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This would have been a cool setting for another Myst game. :thumbsup:

удивительный мир

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Awesome work!!!!

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I absolutely love this. Beautiful illustration!

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Grat work. I love it!!!

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What a beauty pic
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Any moment now I'm expecting to hear someone scream "IT'S ALIVE!!!" 😅

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Really love that dreamy atmosphere :aww:

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I can practically feel the cool night air 😌
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Nice shades of blue and purple in this. :clap:

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cool landscape

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