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2 by TanyaCroft
Lara Croft gym suit cosplay by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft Cosplay - Tibet by TanyaCroft  Tomb Raider: Last Revelation by TanyaCroft  Little Lara Croft - dreaming by TanyaCroft 
Lara Croft CLASSIC cosplay - WeGame 2 by TanyaCroft Lara Croft CLASSIC render 11 by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft - looking down by TanyaCroft Lara Croft SOLA wetsuit - sunken ship by TanyaCroft 
Lara Croft and small medipack by TanyaCroft  Tomb Raider Lara Croft catsuit - HK Ammo by TanyaCroft
3 by TanyaCroft
Lara Croft - Strahov complex by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft inside bio-research facility by TanyaCroft 
Lara Croft jeans cosplay - health pills by TanyaCroft  Tomb Raider AoD - good team by TanyaCroft
4 by TanyaCroft
Legend Lara Croft - studio12 by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft - beauty of nature by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft catsuit - Necronomicon 4 by TanyaCroft  Tomb Raider Lara Croft ripped dress - ambush by TanyaCroft  
Lara Croft - really hot by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft - killing sight by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft - King Arthur's tomb by TanyaCroft

5 by TanyaCroft
6 by TanyaCroft
Lara Croft and Doppelganger by TanyaCroft  Doppelganger: ready for battle by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft - autumn by TanyaCroft  Lara Croft wetsuit - suddenly! by TanyaCroft
Lara Croft Underworld - ready for action by TanyaCroft 

7 by TanyaCroft

1 by TanyaCroft (cosplay videos and so on)

8 by TanyaCroft (exclusive cosplay content) 

3 by TanyaCroft (cosplay and everyday photos)

6 by TanyaCroft (my cosplay group)
Hello dear friends :aww: I have great news for you :D

More than 5 years I've dreamed to make Calendar with my cosplay, but it was only a dream. In 2016 was 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider and my BIG gift for Lara and who loves her (and my cosplay of course :D) was Calendar! :dance: Yes, despite the fact that these photos don't have beautiful locations, it was too expensive for us with Beyket. Many costumes were remade, two of them are completely new... Also I finally tried on wig for the first time :D :D 

Well, I will be glad if you wanna purchase this calendar! And I really hope you'll love it :nod:
CALENDAR 2017 with Tanya Croft by TanyaCroft
Hello everyone!
That happened :D I decided to create patreon account:
If you gonna support me - you'll receive exclusive photos (selfies, BTS, early and nowaday cosplay) :dance:
Thanks a lot for attention :aww:
Patreon by TanyaCroft

Hello everyone! :boogie:

I thought for a long time to do that or not, but I decided... From this moment you can purchase almost ALL my cosplay sets of photos in original resolution! :) Because I always spread here only 12 photos from each photoshoot, I think you would be interested to see the rest.  

Okay, now a little bit more why I’m doing this: every my photoshoot requires a lot of effort, cost and time. Yes, of course it’s also a pastime and real adventures, but with every new photosession it become more and more difficult to realise something new. You can help me with it by your donation. BUT it’s not compulsion, you can (or can’t) do it completely voluntarily. :) I'm planning to go round the whole Ukraine, and visit many others countries for more cosplay photos!

So, you can see pack of photos below: it contains 8 or more pictures in one set. These photos I didn’t post on Deviantart, you only can download them by purchasing. In description you can see more information about it: names, size and price of attachment files. 

Click a button “purchase” (from the right of photo) and you download photoshoot that you want. 

Here is a list of examples 
:aww: In future it will be supplemented.

Packs of 8 photos:
AOD JEANS [2009] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft RIPPED DRESS [2009] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft CLASSIC [2010] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft AOD JEANS [2010] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft CLASSIC REVELATION [2010] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft LEGEND [2011] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft LITTLE LARA [2011] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft SOUTH PACIFIC [2014] pack of 8 photos by TanyaCroft

Packs of 13 photos:

Packs of 18 photos:

Packs of 23 photos:

Pack of 28 photos:

Pack of 33 photos:

Pack of 43 photos:

Hello everybody! :)
How is your summer passes?

I just wanna share with you my facebook public page:

Feel free to join and thanks! :hug:
Hello my dear!

First of all I really appreciate all your congratulations with my birthday! It's hard to answer to everyone, so I write here - THANK YOU!!! :hug: :la: :boogie:
I've received so many Llamas :D But I really didn't understand for what are they :D So if you know - tell me, please :)

Secondly I congratulate all of you with spring! :la: It's also good for me, cause IT'S TIME FOR COSPLAY!!! :la:

ALSO! Don't forget about coming Tomb Raider! :dance: Tomorrow is the 5th of March!!! :la: Can't wait for that!)))
Hello my dear! :aww:
I want to congratulate all of you with Christmas and New 2013 Year! :la: :dance:
Be happy, healthy and loved!
And my little present for you... :)…
Hey, guys!
I'm going to Moscow! :D
Every year in autumn hosts an exhibition Igromir. It's the first full-scale exhibition in Russia for all fans of interactive entertainment.
Last year I was there and it was absolutely amazing! I've met Karl Stewart - Crystal Dynamics global brand director and a lot of friends :hug: There are pictures we've taken :D…
So, this year my boyfriend and I also go to Moscow :D It will be during of 4th to 7th of October, so soon! :la: I will take Lara's costume and have fun! :boogie:

Собираюсь в Москву на Игромир :D Буду там все дни, включая бизнес-день. Естественно, как косплеер Лары Крофт)))
I'm back! :D It was great time! I've met Meagan Marie, she's amazing person!!! :aww:
Also there was a competition on best Lara cosplay. And I've won! :omg: :la: :boogie:
So, here's video link, but with russian language... Whatever, hope you enjoy ^^…
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What do you think? Do you like new Lara?
I even don't know how to describe my emotions about this... :facepalm:
When I saw it - my first thought was "WTF?!" and then I understood that it's not a joke.
A certain "danicroft" has stolen and used part of my body&costume in her "cosplay"! It'c horrible! :pissedoff:
And also she banned me, I can't leave a comment in her profile/under her photos.
BTW she wrote in her bio "Don't copy be creative." :D LOL!


Fresh information:
she deleted this picture, but if you wanna see it - check:… :D
So thanks to all of you! I'm really appreciate it! :kiss: :thanks: :aww:


Her answer to me :D


She apologized for everything, so I hope conflict is gone.
(10/06/12)… - Cosplay Lara Croft 2009-2011 - Tomb Raider Legend cosplay… Tomb Raider Classic cosplay
:hug: :hug: :hug:
I hope you can see my new photos soon :aww:
Thank you so much for your comments, it's very pleasant for me :aww: :kiss:
My little present for you :)…
Have fun!
O_O Wow! That's amazing news for me! :dance: Thank you all!! :kiss: And hope you like my SOLA photos ^_^
Hi everyone! Maybe it's stupid idea, but I made it. First of all I wanna say "Thank you" for 9000 pageviews! :) It's a lot for me, and I'm really happy, that you're visiting and commenting my photos :) Then I was thinking for a long time, and decided to show some of my "erotic" photos nevertheless... :D I don't think it would be stupid idea, I'll venture :D
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