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Guitar Twirl

By tanya-n
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Yep, another guitar shot.

Long exposure + twirling guitar : )
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820x620px 270.11 KB
HP PhotoSmart R707 (V01.00)d
Shutter Speed
1/2 second
Focal Length
8 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 24, 2005, 11:04:40 AM
© 2005 - 2021 tanya-n
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MeinTrauer89's avatar
Wow! Looks great! Ilove it! =D
o-BlueMoon-o's avatar
Great effect, I like it a lot! :clap:
I featured this picture in my latest journal... [link] :music:
EvanescentArtist24's avatar
i love the effect with the exposure and movement, love your pic it's a fav
xxshannxx's avatar
oh, this's really nice. =)
DriesI's avatar
Nice idea and it turned out an interesting image
captain-stu's avatar
Can't beat a good bit of blur.
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coldplaya's avatar
Thats an Awesome shot. gorgeous guitar.. the effect works really well =)
tanya-n's avatar
Thanks a lot : )
cherrystones's avatar
nice idea, and composition - I like it! :)
tanya-n's avatar
Thank you : )
hesitation's avatar
Surreal and almost abstract shot I love it. :)
i think by cropping of some of the "body" of the guitar you would make it even more abstract and mysterious :)
tanya-n's avatar
Thank you : )
I can see what you mean by cropping the image to make it more abstract, but for me the idea is not so much to make it abstract and mysterious, but to depict movement in the guitar. I'd still want the guitar to be completely recognisable, but I was trying to achieve a different perspective and encorporating movement into that.
I didn't actually crop this shot at all, and I thought the white spaces in the top corners worked to a degree!
Thanks for your suggestion, though - I may have a play around with it later and see how the results turn out.
ssecret's avatar
hmm, its just not doing it for me
i like the idea of the long exposure, but it needs to be excecuted a bit better, imo
everything is a bit to crazy for me
tanya-n's avatar
How would you suggest I improve on the execution? And could you elaborate on 'bit too crazy'? Do you mean there's too much happening? Too much movement?
ssecret's avatar
well i just am not fond of the 'idea'. I know your trying to make a cliche guitar scene more intresting..but i would just stick with the long exposure.

and both of the 'too much's' you mentioned :)
tanya-n's avatar
Thanks for your comment, but I'd have to disagree. I always think it's a good idea to experiment and try and create something that's different and stands out. Of course this isn't always a good thing, but in this case I think long exposure does work. If I hadn't used it for this shot, I can't see how it would have been interesting really. Stick with the basics? No, I'd rather understand the basics, and then extend that knowledge to produce something unique, especially with guitar shots, which are so common.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though, and thanks for sharing yours.
Gorrelgat's avatar
Yep, another guitar good shot.
tanya-n's avatar
desert-dweller's avatar
:evileye: 'twirling' guitar?? how the HECK did you get this image girl?? I have a mental image of how you did it.. but i now need to rest my poor brain after that! :O :D LOLOL.. nice shot sweets! :)
tanya-n's avatar
Lol. I literally just twirled the guitar and as I did it, took a picture of it in movement. Quite simple really. Ahem I don't think I want to know what kind of mental image you had! :paranoid:
Thanks for the fave.
desert-dweller's avatar
:) no problem- thanks for sharing such great images! :)

For the record- i had an image of you twirling the guitar round your head! :D
tanya-n's avatar
LOL If I tried that I'd end up breaking my head, as well as the guitar.

Toda raba :)
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