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updated my price list just so that i won't mislead people anymore lol v_v

some samples of my works and prices:

1. soft shadings (painted) + no background/flat background color
lost time memory. by tanuma-san  Koishi by tanuma-san  Pure by tanuma-san  dream battle by tanuma-san
headshot: $20
half body: $40
full body: $60

these are base price, so more complicated are your design i would probably charge more

2. soft shadings (painted) + complex background
  Aquarium Date Anniversary by tanuma-san  POKEMON ORAS! idol versions by tanuma-san  Imperishable Niiiight by tanuma-san  Deflation World by tanuma-san
$85++ depends on the complexity, just ask me.

** i do other kind of commissions too such as backgrounds art for visual novel and such, but once again because it depends on your project, and because of how time consuming it is, all you need to do is ask first.

(*) important:
- these prices are for one character ONLY. adding more characters depend on the type of commissions you want. one more char is half the price of the original price (ex: full body with 2 people in it would be $90)
- i won't draw anything r-18, mechas, furries. some nekomimi or such is ok. just ask me.
- for the first option, i can give FREE simple background (such as textures/pattern)

- note me, give me your references/description (photos/anything is ok) and then i'll see if i can do your commission or not.
- i'll sketch your commission (sketch + block colors, roughly the whole composition), please pay half the price up the front. once i receive your payment, i'll proceed your commission to the finish. once finished, i'll upload (or if not, as you wish, i'll just note you) with watermarks. i'll send you the bigger resolution via email.
- paypal only. i would tell you my paypal address when we already shake the deal. please note that if there's fee, you pay for that (5.5% + $0.30 if you use credit card). i only receive what i originally asked.
- please note that this is for personal commissions only. if you're interested to use them for commercial works, please discuss it with me first.

send me e-mail to: i rarely open notes and stuff, so most likely my replies won't be fast if you don't send me e-mail
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Hi again, I've sent you a note.
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are these still open~ x3
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i might if it's not a really hard design to draw since i have so little free time nowadays ; v ;

also i think i still owe you a kiriban ahaha ;; sorry i just remember lmao
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Oh ok well I would wanna order one sometime XD But not yet. And I can wait. :P No rush. Take your time.
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take your time too! and thank you for the interest ><
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//casually wishes you accept points//crais

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maybe one day if i have any use for it ; v ;
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Ahh, I see ; v ; alrighty then~
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ahehe looking forward for it, thank you so much!!
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What about cel shaded character with a flag as a background
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if the flag is still simple enough, it's not a problem for me!
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would this be simple? [link]
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yeah, that would be ok c:
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ok then I have an OC commision for you, sorry for the late reply
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i'm so sorry for the late reply as well, it's getting hard to get online in hometown hehe ^^; would you note me with details and such about your oC, the description and such? thank you!
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note sent, your thoughts?
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already replied, please check your notes c:
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When I get more money I will commission you for sure!
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uwahh thanks so much for the interest, i'm really grateful! ;_;!
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Well I'll let you know when I get some more money! Thanks!
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Good luck tanumaaaa!
I wish I could buy them but I'm tight on money as well :iconcraiplz:
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thanksss, i hear you want to open commish too? i wish you luck too kisekiss ;-;
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