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Apparently I need a paid account to make a poll... and I'm not getting one for just one poll.

Anyway, after I'm done with Roald Dahl books, which would you rather have me do next?
-The Oz series, it's bigger than it looks!
-H.G. Wells
-Sherlock Holmes

Also, if I don't manage to finish a story before the day ends, would you rather have me make a gif of what I've read so far or wait until it's completed?
So... I don't know how much I talked about my last trip to "Hell Pueblo", which was five day or hard work and tedium that exhausted me mentally and physically.

Well, guess what? NOW I GET TO STAY FOR THREE WEEKS!?!?! 

At least I'll have an internet connection, a USB modem is better than nothing. I also got a ridiculous amount of games, comics, books and movies... as much as I could fit on my Vita and Droid! I even started a trail for Cruncyroll, which has a Droid.

I really don't look forward to this trip, hopefully I'll be able to return before the three weeks are over if I get enough work done... I'd rather work myself to the bone for a few days than stay in that hellhole for such a long time.

My body and brain are screaming for rest, which I will never get until my parents finish their work on their dream home.

Hopefully I can program the updates right and I can finish the comics in time, it seems like I have more work before leaving than normal. :|
I'm leaving on a trip until late Sunday, I won't have internet access or anything, so see you until then!

Frankly, I'll be working my ass off fixing up a house or doing gardening, I'm not sure... but I don't think I'll get much rest. :|
So.. it seems I'll be at my parents little house in the Village In The Middle of Nowhere with no Internet for the Easter weekend.

My new Droid Tablet will be my salvation since it has a bunch of ebooks, but they are from indie bundles and the quality.. varies. I also got a few e-comics from Kickstarter projects and it has the Comixology and Dark Horse comic apps with quite a few comics I haven't read, but I know I'll buy at least one ebook and one full digital graphic novel before the event.

As for games? As if the "Gaming Gods" knew of this even, they released the new Corpse Party game for PSP! And my Droid has ScummVM with all the Lucasarts adventures I own! Did I mention I can plug my PS3 contoller into it and that it has MAME on it too? (I still might buy a PSP or Droid game for the event too)

I really wish I could bring some videos to watch, but there is no legal way for me to watch videos on my Droid if I don't have an internet collection... :|

But I think I'll do fine...
The stuff I have on sale ends today, but I'm putting some games up at this very moment and they'll be up as soon as the other ends.

Mostly 360 games that I already own on Steam.

Nobody is buying anything... XP
I'm selling some of my (and my sister's) stuff on Ebay. Mostly films this week and games the next.... If you don't live in Europe, this probably doesn't interest you, but if you see anything you like I'd be grateful if you bought it.
I really needed this Halloween thing, I think I'll try to pixel on a daily basis.

I don't know if I'll go back to pixel puns, themed animated gifs or just random stuff, but I'll try to do something?

I actually have the comic which you can read here:…

But.... Since they changed the site here I'm having trouble uploading it here, I'll try again later.
O.K., I'm already on vacation, but I'm actually leaving to a little village in the middle of nowhere for a few days and I probably won't have an internet connection until I'm back...

And I forgot to make a comic for the weekend I'll be away... Ooops?

I prepared so much for the trip that I forgot about it, oh well, it's not the end of the world if I don't update my comic one weekend, right? XP

To make the trip more tolerable I got a ton of audiobooks, mostly Dresden Files, a bunch of digital comics. I can't afford games, so I'm just playing older PSP games and bringing some classics collections.

See you soon!
My PC is being repaired at this moment, which will bring a hiatus to this semi-hiatus until it's fixed.

Since I don't know how bad the damage is, I don't know how long it will take.

This clunker of a loaner can't handle much, so I'm not even going to try to do anything with it until mine is fixed.
In case you're wondering I'm only doing Kitchen Kaos instead of the other comics I so during the week, I'm doing a gardening class and I still have to work at my parent's shop, so I just don't have the time or energy during the week to do anything...

But it should be over in about a month or so.
I've got a very bad case of gastroenteritis and I can barely concentrate, the comic will resume when I get better, which I hope is soon… the pain is so bad I can't sleep!
PRO-TIP: Don't have your store next to a jewelry shop!

It was relatively well planned, for days our front door didn't close well, so anybody could enter, and guess what? The boiler room is right next to a fishmonger's, which is where they made a hole to access the marketplace.

And this is where it gets a bit confusing...

Obviously, you never break into a jewelry shop from the front, that's where the alarms and security is, so they broke into BOTH stores that were next to it!

And that's what's confusing me... why both?

The police didn't let us enter the stores, but I could see the other store had damage, but that store was close and had been broken into before with the same plan.

As for our store? We have those metal curtain things, but the lock was broken a long time ago, so we use hooks to keep them in place. They had to break the lock in the front door and crawl in, so at least we made things harder for them?

I could see they didn't take our change and the cash register was closed, but they left the meat freezer room open all night and the meat might be ruined. "Fortunately" they made the hole in the storage room in the back, but that hole leads to another storage room and that one leads to the jewelry store...

Did they robbers really know what they were doing? It seems they got away with the jewels, but it seems to me they only knew to avoid entering from the front and just used guess-work to get to it from the sides.

My mother says you could make a whole in the maintenance hall and access it easier, but that doesn't add up, I'm pretty sure the back of the jewelry store leads to the storage room I mentioned before, so there isn't and wall left for that?

And the thing is... I'm kinda fired, yet I still work there, what happens to me? There are going to be people there, either police or someone to fix the hole they made, and... I don't even know if what I'm doing is legal or not... Some tell me working a few hours a week while being unemployed is OK, specially since I'm not getting any unemployment checks? I also heard we might have been in the middle of switching insurance companies, so I don't even know if we are covered? :(

And I'm off!

Mon Aug 1, 2011, 4:21 AM
In a few hours I'll be leaving for a trip to my grandparent's village and then to a wedding and some time later, I'm not entirely sure, I'll be coming back...

Since I don't really know when I'll be back, I got carried away and I have way too much digital entertainment:

-Dresden Files: Storm Front (My first Dresden Files book!)
-A Doctor Who Audiodrama
-The HHGTG audiobook by the guy who isn't Douglas Adams
-Tina Fey's Bossypants

-I bought the Elite ZX Spectrum collection and got ALL the games for it... it's over 150 Spectrum games! But unless you're European and not a whippersnapper, you don't even know what a ZX Spectrum is! One of the games is called "Fat Worm Blows a Sparky" making the whole package worth the purchase! XD
-Rayman 3D
-SNK Arcade Classics 0 (All the games they made that aren't fighters?)
-Blaster Master on my PSP legally? It can be done!
-Gate of Thunder, Lord of Thunder
-R-Types I, II & Delta
-A bunch of old Game Boy games from the 3DS Virtual Console.

Do you think I'll have enough to keep me entertained? XD

Like I've said before, my cousin is getting married and invited us at practically the last moment and now I have to go to my grandparent's village for... an undetermined number of days?

You see, my grandparents moved out of their home their and gave it to my parents and are remodeling it... You can see where this is going, right? Yep! Since I'm going to be in the area, while not spend my vacation time working at their home? You know, painting, cleaning, assembling and moving furniture and lamps...

I wouldn't have minded if they hadn't told me this sooner and gave me time to prepare, I can't build a comic buffer if I don't know for how many days I'll be away, right? In about ten days I should be leaving, if anybody could make some fanart or a guest comic on such a short notice I'd appreciate it.

This village is in the middle of nowhere, and there is nobody my age living there, and nothing to do... I need to know for how long I'll be there to know what I'll bring. There is no internet in that village and no cable, so all I have to entertain myself is audio books and video games in a room with no furniture. I really hate to complain, but the fact they gave me so little time to prepare and they won't tell me when I'm leaving or returning is really annoying me.

(There is a big chance I'll splurge on audio books and downloadable games for the trip)

I was just told that in three weeks I'll be in my grandparents village for my cousin's wedding and I'll be away for 4-8 days...

Does anybody want to do a guest comic, fanart or similar? Worst case scenario, I'll try to make some tiny animated gifs?

PS: Is it me or is it messed up to get invited to a wedding three weeks before it happens?

Here is my Pokémon Pal Code: 0991 1766 1148

3DS Friend Code: 0044-2835-6739

Give me yours and add me! 8D

What... You know it was going to happen!  XD

This should have been a post where I put up my Pokémon Pal Code and ask for yours but...

My DS can't play online since it won't accept WPA and my Wi-fi dongle won't work in Windows 7 64 bit, so the game I bought to play with my friends? I can't play it with my friends! HUZZAH!

The 3DS does have WPA and Pokémon Black is "DSi enhanced" so it accepts WPA too!

Also, the battery of my DS is lasting less than a Game Gear lately, the question is...

Do I trade in the DS and buy a 3DS or do I keep it to trade from Pearl to Black and then get rid of or should I just keep it, just in case?

Frankly, I don't even know if I want to trade with the Pokémon Pearl, which each new Pokémon game I feel less inclined to catch them all....

Which reminds me, how the hell are they going to make a new Pokémon game? Won't it have EIGHT HUNDRED Pokémon to capture? And won't people expect it to be in 3D? How on Earth are they going to pull that off?

This is why I'm more inclined to play a Megami Tensei game, they only add a handfull of new monsters which each game (if at all) and the game isn't about capturing them all!

I still love the game, I just don't think I'm going to play this as hardcore as the other ones... :|

This is kinda urgent!

Thu Mar 31, 2011, 11:38 AM
This is kinda urgent, it looks like someone hacked into my Gmail account, tried to send some spam, Gmail rejected the spam and left...

Is there anyway to know if the hacker, or bot, did anything to stuff like Paypal and others?

They do send you an email if the try to change or do anything strange, right? Even if you try to change your email?

Something for the PSP fans

Tue Mar 8, 2011, 10:17 AM
Damn the short titles! Oh well, I'll try to sum it up...

Do you have a PSP? Do you want or have an account for each region to play region exclusive games? Do you hate the fact that you have to manually delete the account and login with the other and then activate it? Do you have a PS3? The your problems are over!

You may have noticed how quick and easy it is to switch accounts on the PS3 and you probably copy the PSP games from the PS3 to the PSP instead of directly downloading them, you may have noticed that if you try to install a game onto a PSP that has another account activated (but both accounts are registered to that PSP), the PS3 will activate and do the process for you...

This is incredibly useful, but what about when you want to switch back? Copying and deleting PSP games takes too long, even PSOne games are too big...

But what about the PSP Minis? Those are no more than 50 megs, some are less than 10!

I decided to test my theory! The US PSN had Fortix, a game which is basically Qix with a bit of strategy, for 99 cents, so I bought it I installed in a few seconds and it changed the account for me, I tested a few US PSN account games to be sure and they worked! So... I deleted a European PSN games, swtiched to my Euro account on my PS3 and installed it again, and since it was a mini it only took a few seconds, I tried it just to be sure and sure enough it DID! I switched a few more times to be sure...

So.. there you have it, if you have a PS3 and a PSP you can now switch accounts so much easier than before!

PS: The only Japanese PSP Mini game I know of is Young Thor... A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, Fortix and Flying Hamster are good and cheap Minis if want suggestions! :3