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The Hidden Legacy

2 min read


Pacifica Northwest wants to buy a pretty birthday gift for her mom. Something ordinary ... If the chosen object does not contain something that is coveted by a cruel criminal boss, who will not hesitate to kill the young blind blonde and all her friends to get hold of what he wants!

 The girl's only hope is the legitimate heir to the artifact and his friends. Unknown allies she doesn't even think she has, but who are willing to do anything to prevent a tragedy from occurring!

The battle gonna begin!

                                                                   O Legado Oculto



   Pacífica Northwest quer comprar um belo presente de aniversário para a mãe. Algo corriqueiro... Se o objeto escolhido não contivesse algo que é cobiçado por um cruel chefão criminoso, que não hesitará em matar a jovem loura cega e todos os amigos dela para se apossar daquilo que ele tanto deseja.

 A única esperança da garota é o legítimo herdeiro do artefato e seus amigos. Aliados desconhecidos que ela nem imagina ter, mas que estão dispostos a tudo para impedir a ocorrência de uma tragédia!

 A batalha vai começar!


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URGENT: Invasion of the Old Account Hijackers

15 min read
Lately, I've been seeing a number of legitimate-looking DeviantArt accounts who've been around for years and whose owners have, depending on the account, established decent bodies of work and have interacted in non-suspicious ways with other Deviants…but those were all years ago, and they're now suddenly adding my work as well as the of others to their favorites in the past few months.  I can tell the accounts are all being hijacked because every DeviantID or most recent status update of each hijacked page contains in its text a bogus link to a pornography Website.

And here's the creepiest part: half the hijacked accounts say that the real users, the hijacking victims, were last active ages ago.  No doubt, these hijackers prey on the weak.  And I can tell they're Russian/Eastern European because, occasionally, they drop words like "krоsоtki" (means "beauty" in Russian and sister languages) in the randomly generated, nonsensical blurbs that follow almost every porn link.  If that doesn't scream Russian/Eastern European crook, I don't know what does.  At least knowing the virus is Russian narrows down where the perpetrators might be hiding.  Or it would if Russia weren't an enormous country.

Who is responsible for messing with these longtime inactive accounts?  What do these hijackers want from their victims or us?  I have no answers to these questions, but I do know their links have become recognizable because they follow, with a few exceptions, this standard template:
1) www. (optional, usually present if the victim's username is not).
2) The victim's username and a dot (optional).
3) Either the word "sexy" with a number before or after it, or a random jumbling of letters.
4) One of a selection of extensions, the most common being .pw, .ru, .be, .eu .biz, .xyz, .pl, and so forth.
5) A randomly-generated blurb of "seductive" words combining both English and poorly-Romanized Russian.  Frequent words include the obvious "sex/sexy," "chat," "probability," "catch," "ocean," "sea," "then," "beauty/beauties" "krostoki," and so on.

And now, here is a working list of the afflicted accounts.  The active ones have their suspicious links listed beside them so you can get a feel for the template.  For obvious reasons, you are strongly advised not to visit the links.
  1. :icon223anders: (Deactivated)
  2. :icon2jhonroy: (Deactivated)
  3. :icon642194165: (Deactivated)
  4. :icona58390011: (Deactivated)—He was only around for about five months before being hijacked!
  5. :iconaaneska: (Deactivated)
  6. :iconaaysh2006: (Deactivated)
  7. :iconacotoulas: (Deactivated)
  8. :iconadittnatt: (Deactivated)
  9. :iconailps: (Deactivated)
  10. :iconaksumfan: (Deactivated)
  11. :iconalfredanderson0: (Deactivated)
  12. :iconalopex03: (Deactivated)
  13. :iconalphageek2u: (Deactivated)
  14. :iconamcbee: (Deactivated)
  15. :iconamsterdance: (Deactivated)
  16. :iconanassar86: (Deactivated)
  17. :iconancientoftheages: (Deactivated)
  18. :iconandremertes: (Deactivated)
  19. :iconannederk: (Deactivated)
  20. :iconannematrixque: (Deactivated)
  21. :iconapolinarecb: (Deactivated)
  22. :iconapworkman: (Deactivated)
  23. :iconarhaan27: (Deactivated)
  24. :iconarrh25: (Deactivated)
  25. :iconavtechron: (Deactivated)
  26. :iconazalozniy: (Deactivated)
  27. :iconazmatsci: (azmatsci.sexy17.ru) (The bots seem to have a fondness for accounts starting with the letter A.)
  28. :iconbagleyed: (Deactivated)
  29. :iconbflescoe: (Deactivated)
  30. :iconbigjim400: (Deactivated)
  31. :iconborkoman: (Deactivated)
  32. :iconbra1ved: (Deactivated)
  33. :iconbrainlure49: (Deactivated)
  34. :iconbropsy: (Deactivated)
  35. :iconbrunodg91: (brunodg91.sexy14.ru)
  36. :iconchandreshwar: (Deactivated)
  37. :iconchapsicum: (Deactivated)
  38. :iconcodebrain: (Deactivated)
  39. :iconcodenamepolarbear: (Deactivated)
  40. :iconcoolmels: (Deactivated)
  41. :iconcrappyone: (Deactivated)
  42. :iconcrazybeaveralex: (Deactivated)
  43. :icondactstoner: (Deactivated)
  44. :icondaplinksta: (Deactivated)
  45. :icondeadbulky: (deadbulky.19sexy.pw)
  46. :icondessinateurmanga: (Deactivated)
  47. :icondgcd97: (Deactivated)
  48. :icondiablothecute: (Deactivated)
  49. :icondpedlund: (Deactivated)
  50. :icondragonawsome222: (Dragonawsome222.19sexy.ru)—He was only around for about two months before being hijacked!
  51. :icondragondaime: (Deactivated)
  52. :icondreadnikk: (Deactivated)
  53. :icondreakert: (Deactivated)
  54. :icondross263: (Deactivated)
  55. :icondrwingnut: (Deactivated)
  56. :icondstover1688: (Deactivated)
  57. :iconeboorepo: (Deactivated)
  58. :iconelmatkos: (Deactivated)
  59. :iconemail2ricardo: (Deactivated)
  60. :iconendqwerty: (Deactivated)
  61. :iconepisodic: (Deactivated)
  62. :iconericphilbin: (Deactivated)
  63. :iconespdeangibson: (Deactivated)
  64. :iconesteedarla: (Deactivated)—And I know this was once a legitimate account because she has a YouTube channel.
  65. :iconetpu: (Deactivated)
  66. :iconeudoxuz: (Deactivated)
  67. :iconeziniti: (Deactivated)
  68. :iconfafu098: (Deactivated)
  69. :iconfauck45: (Deactivated)—I apologize for the former account owner's username, parents with children under the age of 13.
  70. :iconfierdancr: (Deactivated)
  71. :iconforlaxos: (Deactivated)
  72. :iconfuchsiapossum: (Deactivated)
  73. :iconfulbix: (Deactivated)
  74. :iconfuture08ps: (Deactivated)
  75. :icongamesnepal: (gamesnepal.18sexy.ru)
  76. :icongeorgiiou: (Deactivated)
  77. :icongolgarud: (Deactivated)
  78. :icongrimku: (Deactivated)
  79. :icongsus89: (Deactivated)
  80. :iconherclis: (Deactivated)
  81. :iconhex691: (Deactivated)
  82. :iconhiroslayer: (Deactivated)
  83. :iconhnnrq: (Deactivated)
  84. :iconholipopluna: (Deactivated)
  85. :iconhonore00: (Deactivated)
  86. :iconiain479: (Deactivated)
  87. :iconiamhephzibah: (Deactivated)
  88. :iconichacantero: (Deactivated)
  89. :iconiiaptu3ah: (ᴡᴡᴡ.IIapTu3aH.18sexy.co)
  90. :iconinashensilence: (Deactivated)
  91. :iconindigomichigan: (Deactivated)
  92. :iconinsanecola: (Deactivated)
  93. :iconjandican: (Deactivated)
  94. :iconjocnwo: (Deactivated)
  95. :iconjoehpa: (Deactivated)
  96. :iconjohnnywasgutted: (Deactivated)
  97. :iconjorder247: (Deactivated)
  98. :iconjossdance: (Deactivated)
  99. :iconkacepek: (Deactivated)
  100. :iconkahmul1819: (kahmul1819.18sexy.ru)—Found this user name on Facebook, too.  His real name is Andrew Tate.
  101. :iconkai87x: (Deactivated)
  102. :iconkarlosh007: (Karlosh007.20sexy.pw)
  103. :iconikaufm32: (Deactivated)
  104. :iconkboy1163: (Deactivated)
  105. :iconkejaad: (Deactivated)
  106. :iconkingkunde: (Deactivated)
  107. :iconkirmerk: (Deactivated)
  108. :iconkolkhozkol: (Deactivated)
  109. :iconkostua16: (Deactivated)
  110. :iconkubinator4321: (kubinator4321.sexy15.ru)
  111. :iconkurosameshimabuku: (Deactivated)
  112. :iconladysaltfire: (Deactivated)
  113. :iconlennon2008: (Deactivated)
  114. :iconleopardone: (Deactivated)
  115. :iconlevihero: (Deactivated)
  116. :iconlldeaganll: (Deactivated)
  117. :iconlmtan0909: (Deactivated)
  118. :iconlordambrai: (Deactivated)
  119. :iconlthrnchk06: (Deactivated)
  120. :iconlunarphase1: (Deactivated)
  121. :iconmaclila: (Deactivated)
  122. :iconmadermafia: (Deactivated)
  123. :iconmalcridian: (Deactivated)
  124. :iconmarcothedwarf: (Deactivated)
  125. :iconmejle12: (Deactivated)
  126. :iconmgallop: (Deactivated)
  127. :iconmihirsuvanam: (Deactivated)
  128. :iconmilutz94: (Milutz94.5sexy.ru)
  129. :iconmjhenkel: (Deactivated)
  130. :iconmogsoggindog: (Deactivated)
  131. :iconmontebahn: (Deactivated)
  132. :iconmoulvy:(Deactivated)
  133. :iconmrttt3: (Deactivated)
  134. :iconnarutosfirstfan: (Deactivated)
  135. :iconnatejacobs34: (Deactivated)
  136. :iconnikkybaze: (Deactivated)
  137. :iconnirajalok: (Deactivated)
  138. :iconnolan0wnsyou: (Deactivated)
  139. :iconnowayman10: (Deactivated)
  140. :iconnursekarina: (Deactivated)
  141. :iconobrb51536: (Deactivated)
  142. :iconodelicanli: (Deactivated)
  143. :iconornjtangmasskr: (Deactivated)
  144. :iconosmold: (Deactivated)
  145. :iconounikao: (Deactivated)
  146. :iconoutsideroom302: (OutsideRoom302.sexy8.ru)
  147. :iconpamheggie: (Deactivated)
  148. :iconperry475: (Deactivated)
  149. :iconpetebogia123: (Deactivated)
  150. :iconpieopolis24: (Deactivated)
  151. :iconpink2sheep: (Deactivated)
  152. :iconpizoner: (Deactivated)
  153. :iconpokemanaphy: (POKEMANAPHY.30sexy.ru)
  154. :iconpolarcoded: (PolarCoded.tujej.ru)
  155. :iconprosperouscheat: (Deactivated)
  156. :iconptrl235: (Deactivated)
  157. :iconqtrilla: (Deactivated)
  158. :iconrakjr121: (rakjr121.sexy8.ru)
  159. :iconralanboone: (Deactivated)
  160. :iconranzelement: (ranzelement.xwxu.ru)
  161. :iconrashedbd: (Deactivated)
  162. :iconrcarpi2: (Deactivated)
  163. :iconredangelfx: (Deactivated)
  164. :iconrentyr: (Deactivated)
  165. :iconricardoshan: (Deactivated)
  166. :iconrmcghay7: (rmcghay7.0sexy.ru)
  167. :iconrssuarez: (Deactivated)
  168. :iconryudom: (Deactivated)
  169. :iconsamspargur: (Deactivated)
  170. :iconsargrass: (Deactivated)
  171. :iconshaktalaz: (Deactivated)
  172. :iconsilvermotion: (Deactivated)
  173. :iconsongo177: (Deactivated)
  174. :iconstephy1721: (Deactivated)
  175. :iconsthuh1:(Deactivated)
  176. :iconstrupps: (Deactivated)
  177. :iconsuperbelty: (Deactivated)
  178. :iconsuzistic: (Deactivated)
  179. :icontameweevil: (Deactivated)
  180. :icontbiwkuh: (Deactivated)
  181. :icontensaix2j: (Deactivated)
  182. :iconterryfnsmif: (Deactivated)
  183. :iconthedjsofa: (Deactivated)
  184. :iconthenile12: (Deactivated)
  185. :iconthisiszonked: (Deactivated)
  186. :icontieskey: (Deactivated)
  187. :icontravisty22: (Deactivated)
  188. :icontristanh7: (Deactivated)
  189. :icontrueconnfuzion: (Deactivated)
  190. :icontribalryu: (Deactivated)
  191. :icontruehyuga: (Deactivated)
  192. :icontubageek101: (tubageek101.sexy26.ru)
  193. :icontylerwerrin: (Deactivated)
  194. :iconuevertondias: (Deactivated)
  195. :iconuzzlic: (Deactivated)
  196. :iconv2hero: (Deactivated)
  197. :iconvannahfantasy: (Deactivated)
  198. :iconvasquez132001: (Deactivated)
  199. :iconvi3tb0ytommy: (Deactivated)
  200. :iconvixeltheimmortal: (Deactivated)
  201. :iconvolthree3: (Deactivated)
  202. :iconweavp001: (Deactivated)
  203. :iconwindboy91: (Deactivated)
  204. :iconworx88: (Deactivated)
  205. :iconxhuizini: (Deactivated)
  206. :iconxx-ihoujin-xx: (Deactivated)
  207. :iconyara72: (Deactivated)
  208. :iconzarengurl: (Deactivated)
  209. :iconzerosol15: (Deactivated)
  210. :iconzeusbolt64: (Deactivated)
  211. :iconzydar17: (Deactivated)
That means, of all the hijacked accounts I know to exist, 91.94% have been successfully deactivated.

Meanwhile, the following accounts have been reclaimed by their original owners, so you don't need to be afraid if they fave your work:
  1. :iconjeleclekat:
  2. :iconstromfresser:
  3. :iconz100888888z:
Nevertheless, if you've seen other user pages with links as described above in their DeviantIDs and status updates, please report immediately in the comments section by providing me a link to those users' (or hijackers') profiles.

You may also use this handy-dandy Contact Support Link!
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Surprises Here and There - Surpresas Aqui e Ali

1 min read
This story show Pacifica Northwest to fitting in Pallas High School,making friends and also,some enemies!
The Pallas and Brixton High mentioned here are fictional places,but the Fenton Creamy is a real place,opened in 1894.More information about it can be found in the Internet.

 Esta história mostra Pacífica se enturmando na escola Pallas,fazendo amigos e também,algumas inimigas!
As escolas Pallas e Brixton são lugares fictícios,mas a Fenton Creamery(uma sorveteria),é real.Fundada em 1894,ela é um lugar famoso na cidade de Piedmont.Maiores informações podem ser facilmente encontradas na Internet.

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Stamps Board

4 min read
<da:thumb id="797825083"/>
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Frag Counter

1 min read
Flag Counter
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The Hidden Legacy by TanukiTagawa, journal

URGENT: Invasion of the Old Account Hijackers by TanukiTagawa, journal

Surprises Here and There - Surpresas Aqui e Ali by TanukiTagawa, journal

Stamps Board by TanukiTagawa, journal

Frag Counter by TanukiTagawa, journal