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Revelations,Fight and Changes.Part 4 of 7
In the secret laboratory, Pacifica faces the monster that then disappears before her nervous eyes, not knowing if the enemy was gone as before, or if he was using another power.
- Get down! Turn! Strike!
She obeys without hesitation. It didn’t seem to make sense, because there was nothing ahead. But when he attacks, she can feel the blade cutting through something, and then a white liquid gushes into her eyes.
Pacifica drops the weapon and puts the hands on her face and screams, feeling the eyes burn. James who was invisible reappears, staring at the large, deep cut in his belly.
 In the basement above Preston is startled to hear the female scream, "Priscilla" smiles, but before she can make any comments a handmade stun grenade the size of an ear of corn falls from the stairs. All the cultists look at it, but Gabor grabs "Priscilla" and the force turns to face the panel and with his back to the ladder.
The grenade explodes with a deafening roar and a blinding flash as the mo
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Discoveries,Fights and Changes.Part 7 of 7
First, I passed through something resembling a luminous tunnel and when I could step on the ground, I found myself on a vast sunny prairie. When I arrived, my mother was already there. We walked until we saw a bluish white crystal bridge that entered a wall of fog so high that we could not see where it ended. Then three men came from it.
One of them was middle-aged, with pale gray hair and reddish-brown hair, wearing a white coat. He said that his name was Brandon Lockhart, and that it was not yet time to cross that bridge. When I turned my face to speak to my mother, I realized she was no longer by my side. Brandon added:
- She already came back and it'll be your turn. It was I who built the underground laboratory, after discovering that cave by chance. In it I began to experiment that I believed would bring me fame and fortune, perhaps even a Nobel Prize.Always in secret, because I fear a lot someone steal my ideas.But my ability to deal with chemicals was not as great as my pretensi
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Discoveries,Fights and Changes.Part 6 of 7
- Why your driver didn’t come?
- The driver that was with us that day don't work for me since autumm 2005, and I don't know where he is currently.
- What about the pilot of your private jet?
- If he has noticed something he has not spoken to me,and we will never know why. In the fall of 2007 while I was attending an important business meeting in Acapulco he went to lunch,and was killed by a drunk driver.
Ogura stands up, asking for permission to approach the table where Haworth and the others are. Then he takes out of the folder several documents,and explains about each one.
- This is the report on Miss Mallor by the respected detective agency Watch & Warn. She was the youngest daughter of ranchers who has a small vineyard in the Napa Valley. Since childhood she seems to have disliked her humble social condition.One day, after observing her for some time and talking with her, a psychologist who was a friend of her father's vacationing on the family farm said that Elora appeared t
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In the secret laboratory, Pacifica faces the monster that then disappears before her nervous eyes, not knowing if the enemy was gone as before, or if he was using another power.
- Get down! Turn! Strike!
She obeys without hesitation. It didn’t seem to make sense, because there was nothing ahead. But when he attacks, she can feel the blade cutting through something, and then a white liquid gushes into her eyes.
Pacifica drops the weapon and puts the hands on her face and screams, feeling the eyes burn. James who was invisible reappears, staring at the large, deep cut in his belly.
 In the basement above Preston is startled to hear the female scream, "Priscilla" smiles, but before she can make any comments a handmade stun grenade the size of an ear of corn falls from the stairs. All the cultists look at it, but Gabor grabs "Priscilla" and the force turns to face the panel and with his back to the ladder.
The grenade explodes with a deafening roar and a blinding flash as the monks enter and begin to attack everyone, aware that they were in numerical inferiority and that they had to neutralize as many enemies as possible before they recovered.
Alastair and Priscilla saw each other and saw the members of the cult being knocked down like flies against each other: Alastair pulls out a 10-millimeter Desert Eagle pistol. "Priscilla" puts the bloodied statue on the altar and conjures a spell that causes it to fire black energy projectiles from the palms of the hands.
The old monk pulls out a circular medallion that had a black five-pointed star inside a double circle on a green background. An energetic projection with a meter and a half of diameter appears before him. Power bullets and gun bullets ricochet off the mystical barrier.
"Priscilla" is struck in the chest by the attack itself, while one of the bullets of the pistol hits Gabor in the chest making him fall to his knees and the others pierce the floor, pass through the ceiling of the laboratory, reaching more jars on the shelves and making James look up, not understanding what was happening. More chemicals are spilled and mingle to the ones that were already destroying the wooden floor. The mixture begins to burn falling into the tunnels of an old coal mine, with plenty of methane gas accumulated in several places.
A devastating chain reaction begins. James, who was preparing to kill Pacifica is flinging the side, banging his head and back on the stone wall and then falls headlong into the ground.
Another opens a great hole, and the old monk can see Pacific face down on the ground and a few yards away the Spectral Hunter, who was already starting to rise again, looking at the fallen girl, and more anxious than ever to kill her.
The old monk sees the small bloody statue on the altar and with a side kick, the break in several pieces. When this occurs the monster screams in agony, and quickly falls into a puddle of gray-blue goo.
Huge cracks came from the bottom up, destroying the walls and fragmenting the floor. The team of monks interrupts the attack to try to help the cultists still standing, but they refuse to begin making a series of errors: they push or attack the monks, who are forced to leave them behind.
"Priscilla" was lying face down on the floor. Gabor was trying to get up, but with Pacifica in his arms and the place crumbling the old monk could not help them and reluctantly went upstairs. One of the monks had opened the double gate, but instead of leaving for it the remaining nine cultists spend time trying to start their vehicles and before they do this, cracks open on the ground swallowing them all. Preston was already in the limousine, doing something he had never imagined to do: driving it in person. As he maneuvers to leave, Preston sees the old monk running past him with Pacifica on his arms.
Preston was already in the limousine, to do something he had never imagined: driving it in person. While the he begin start the car, Preston sees the monk passing by him running, with Pacifica in his arms:
- Who are you, and what do you intend to do with my daughter?
But the monk ignores him, entering the van through the back doors that were open and when the two Vandura leaves, he follows them. The three vehicles quickly move away from the scene and the Erebus headquarters implode falling into a huge hole, while more rumblings from the underground echo, waking up many people in the middle of the night.
As he follows the van, Preston thinks about the events of the last few hours. After being hit by the power of Bill Cipher and witnessing the Weirdmageddon bizarre phenomena, he believed that nothing more could surprise him in life. However, he had just realized that he was wrong! What else was going to happen?
When he realized it, he was walking down a side road to what appeared to be a condominium in the mountains, surrounded by a six-foot ocher wall and curved roof tiles. Further on, large double wooden gates, which open when they approach. See an ample parking, and back of the vans.
He looks around: there were dozens of houses with one or two floors, a few with three. In many of them, solar panels. Wooden posts with wires on them. The streets had pavements and curbs of stones. The people on the street seemed familiar with the vans of the monks, but not with a luxurious car like his limousine, beginning to comment among themselves, and remaining at a distance, without approaching.
Opposite was a gray stone staircase leading to a one-story red-roofed oriental-style building and two round windows with elaborate enameled metal grilles. Among them, a double brown wooden door.
The driver and a helper leave the front doors of the van and go to the back of the vehicle, opening the doors. The group that was sitting on the inner benches descends, with two stout monks carrying Pacifica and the blonde in her arms. Preston asks a girl with black hair tidied up in a little braid:
- What place is this?
- You're in Hipperharta. She replies as she joins her teammates as she climbs up the stairs with Preston next to her.
- Who are you? What do you intend to do with my daughter?
- All your questions will be answered in the guest lounge.
 The place was large with ocher-colored walls and floor, decorated with several oriental-style tapestries and vases, and plates with Chinese ideograms. Seated on a throne, was a monk even older than the one who had led the attack team. He was bald, with a goatee and a white beard wearing an ocher mantle with a collar and golden cuff cuffs. Everyone in the group bows their heads. Only Preston does not bow.
- Greetings, Brother Pinãta. What news do you bring me?
- I'm sorry to say you're not good, Venerable. We caught the cultists of the Shadow One by surprise, but suddenly there began to be strong explosions coming from the underground. We interrupted our attack to try to help our enemies, but they refused and ended up having a sad end. We brought this woman and the child, who were their prisoners.
- How are they?
- The woman  died during the trip. -  Answers the stout monk with green eyes and light brown hair, tidy up in a little ponytail that carried her.
- The girl was still alive when I caught her. - Continues Pinãta - But she died shortly after entering the van. She and the woman have marks of being targeted by the Hands of Colubra. The girl had fled by going to an underground laboratory where she was attacked by a Spectral Hunter. Even though she was poisoned, she burned one of the monster's arms with acid, and then wounded him in the belly with an improvised naginata, made with a broom handle and a hunting knife.
- An amazing feat for someone so young! - Then he asks:
- Did the monster die from the wounds?
- No. In the parlor there was a small bloody statue and three little dead dogs on the floor, indicating that the hunter was a transformed cultist. I destroyed it and this was the end to the monster.
- A great strategy! Why did you bring them here?
- That they may be brought into the Divine Hall and perhaps receive the Great Gift, if the mighty Khatanid so decides.
- Just a moment! - Interrupt Preston - I will not allow you to defile the corpse of my daughter!
- And who are you? - The leader asks.
- I'm Preston Northwest, and this blonde girl is Pacifica Elise Northwest,my daughter. I don’t know who the woman is.
- We will not do what you think, as you will soon realize. - answers the old man, who next says to one of the guards:
- Call our blacksmith to remove these handcuffs and save them to melt later.
Minutes later, a monk in brown suits connects an emery disc with a disc in a wall socket and gently moves the device from side to side until the cuffs are cut, which are put together with the chains inside a wicker basket.
Then the old man descends the ladder leaning on a fig-tree stick with nine knots, heading for a side door that is opened by the guards standing at the sides. They all walk up to a large room with ocher walls and floor where there was a double door to their left and right, something that appreciates a golden eye, big as a bus. Embedded in the ground, a circle made of white jade, showing a star with five curved tips and in the center an ellipse, with a flame inside.
Priscilla is placed on the flare. Then words in Chinese are spoken and the eye illuminates. The main facts in the life of the young woman are shown, among them the marriage with Preston, the imprisonment of her by the cultist, the liberation by a Wave of Weirdness, the trip to Melville and the other facts, until the moment of the death.
Another question is asked in Chinese. Then the symbol shines turning golden and when it turns white, the young woman stands up. She looks around and when she sees Peaceful in the arms of a monk she asks:
- My daughter! What happened to her?
- She's dead. – says Preston dryly as the group of monks looks at him frowning and Priscilla begins to cry.
- Calm down, ma'am. - Says the old man. – But this isn’t over yet.
She is so perplexed that she stops crying and asks,
- What do you mean by that?
- That she may back to life, if the mighty Khatanid so decides.
- Is that even possible?
The leading monk nods slightly.
- What place is this and who is this Khatanid of whom you speak?
- Our God! - Answers one of the young monks - The light that protects Humanity!
- I've never heard about him.
- He doesn’t want to be known. -  He likes to act behind the scenes.
- Well, to me, this is just a big joke, and you're all a bunch of crazies! -  Says Preston.
- How dare you say that after witnessing a resurrection? - Asks a young monk.
- I have no evidence that she-and points to Priscilla - was really dead. Just the word of you that for me, is worthless!
- If someone is worthless here is you! Priscilla says, very angry. The Northwest Mansion servants told me about the horrible things you did to our daughter!"
- Calm down, ma'am. - says the old man. His disbelief is understandable. Now, so that there is no doubt, he can examine the girl's body.
Preston approaches and touches the daughter's neck with his fingers notes that the girl did not have a pulse. And despite her anguish, Priscilla did the same. The leader says:
- I also want to tell you that your daughter's eyes were struck by the blood of a monster called the Specter Hunter. Because this, when she returns to life, she will be blind.
- Doesn’t matter! - Say Priscilla - I still want to have her by my side!
 One of the young monks leaves and soon returns a bowl of copper with holy water is brought to wipe the girl's eyes, which is then placed inside the mystic symbol. So the first question is asked in Chinese. The main facts in the life of Pacifica are shown. Priscilla is open-mouthed and indignant. Slapping Preston, saying:
- You're much worse than the servants of the mansion spoke! For all that our daughter did, she deserved to be castrated with a blunt knife! If Pacifica returns to life, I want not only her custody, but also the divorce! And looking at the leader of the community, he asks:
-Please, go on."
The second question is asked. The symbol shines with an intense golden light and after a few seconds, Pacifica sits down and opens her eyes. Priscilla feels tightness in her heart, seeing that her daughter's eyes were completely white, with no trace of the iris. Even so, he runs to her and hugs her, crying with happiness.
- Pacifica, my love.-  says her mother. I have no words to describe how I feel, but I also have some bad news to give you.
- I know I'm blind, Mom. But it's not as bad as it sounds, because I got something back. I think we can say it's a sense of radar.
- Radar? Asks Preston.
- Yes daddy. I do not know how to explain it better, but I can tell I'm in a big room. Besides you and Mom there are more people here, too grouped together to I count them. On the ceiling, there are six hanging chandeliers.
- Unbelievable! - He exclaimed.
- Can you say something else about the chandeliers, like shape, size or quantity of lamps in each of them? Asks Pinãta.
- Unfortunately not. Said the girl, while the young monks commented among them about those miracles.
- With the proper training, you can enhance this gift. - Says the Venerable.
- I wanna your permission to do this. - Ask Pinãta.
- Granted.
- I want to stay with my daughter. But first I have other problems to solve. One of them is to return to the Golden Oak hotel to pick up my luggage. Except that I registered there wearing a red wig, which must have stayed in that den of madmen.
- I got it, just like your purse. -  Says Preston.
- Why did you do this, daddy?
- For the same reason that I also took your handbag and the impostor belongings: I didn’t want to leave behind any clues to the press or the police come to our home.
- To the cops don’t catch, in fact. Priscilla asks. - But it doesn’t matter. I know it must be late, but I want to go to the hotel and then the mansion there - she says, glaring at Preston - to get my daughter's clothes and stuff.
 - Venerable Father - says a monk with a ponytail. I would like to help this woman. I think the best way is to use the van to carry the girl's luggage.
- Good idea, Brother Bruce. Take two brothers along with you. But first, change clothes.
- Just a moment. I'd rather say a few things to my father.
Priscilla holds her daughter by the shoulders, turning her toward Preston.
- I want you to keep a secret about everything you've seen here. I want to have Goldie, but I ask you to continue to take care of Lunar until I decide what to do with him.
- Got it. But now I want to make a request. He says looking at the Venerable. The witch who pretended to be my wife confessed to having used a magic scepter to alter my mind. I would like the effects of her black magic to be broken, and the memories of my driver's transformation into a monster, wiped out of my mind by you pagan god.
- You insult Khatanid, and yet you dare to ask for his help? -  Asks one of the young monks indignantly.
- Let the powerful Khatanid decide whether this man deserves a gift or not. Responds the Venerable. And looking at Preston, he adds:
- Walk to the center of the Elder Sign and wait.
Preston obeyed. The question is asked and the sign shines for a few moments. The Venerable says:
- The gift was granted. With an appropriate bonus.
The Northwest and the young monks do not understand the meaning of those words, but they also do not ask questions. Later, the Venerable would say to the monks: "The gift that this detestable man has received is something that will teach him a lesson that he must learn."
Everyone leaves, and ten minutes later three monks enter the van while Priscilla enters the backseat of the limousine and closes the door, telling Preston:
- Drive! I'm not going to sit next to someone as despicable as you!
No choice, he obeys. As he goes to the city, he thinks of everything that has happened. Peacefully he would not even have to keep him secret about the resurrections because, if he said that to anyone, they would call him insane. But more important than that were the things the impostor had told him.
He had never given importance to his own moral failings, because he had learned from his father and grandfather that the Northwest were above everything else and everyone. But the mad witch had shown that such things served only to attract people like her, who had tortured and poisoned Pacifica, next sent a monster to kill her. It was something to think about.
Still on the secondary road, he picks up his cell phone in his pocket and makes a call. He that servant is the steward, and he say:
- Rudolf, it's me. I have found Pacifica, but know that she will move. Start by getting my daughter's clothes, shoes and personal belongings inside suitcases. I want everything ready for travel when I arrive. And put the leash on Goldie, because she will leave too.
He turns on the radio to listen to music, because the wife said nothing and the silence was unnerving. He wondered what kind of gift he had received from the mysterious Khatanid. Maybe the ability to predict the future or something that would help you is more successful in business?
Preston has to wait for the Golden Oak sidewalk while Golava leaves the van wearing a wig and sunglasses to enter the hotel, whence he returns twenty minutes later. When arrives at the mansion he fires the remote control to enter the garage, while the van parks near the curb. Already inside the home he tells the butler, a man of 38 years with green eyes and gray hair, wearing brown suit, white shirt, tie and black shoes:
- Open the door for our visitors.
He obeyed, while the rest of the servants (one of them, holding Goldie by the collar) stood, waiting. Soon, everyone is gawking at the blonde with stunning beauty, who comes in with an athletic boy and two girls, who soon get six large suitcases and go with them to the van. Then one of the girls comes back to pick up two others who were left behind. Goldie wags her tail for the blonde, as if she already knew her.
 Priscilla asks:
- Do you have something to eat? I am hungry!
- Yes. The butler replies. We prepared pheasant's breast steak and grilled salmon, as well as several other dishes and desserts. But the pheasant and the salmon have cooled.
- Doesn’t matter. Just warm up and serve. She replies.
The butler looks at Preston, nodding his head. The monks say they have already eaten, and sit on the couch.
 Golava and Preston eat with appetite and silence, while one of the servants cannot contain the curiosity and asks:
- Miss Pacifica is fine? And why has Mrs. Northwest not returned yet?
Preston looks furious at the woman and when she does so, she feels a sudden sense of fear and anguish. It makes him so confused that he cannot answer. It is Golava who does this:
- At the moment, I can tell you that only Pacifica decided to live somewhere else, and she's in good hands.
 Preston feels the perplexity and confusion of the servants. After finishing dinner, Golava asks for some of the food and desserts to be taken. He also talks to Preston alone, walks out of the dining room with his bag and climbs the stairs, returning a few minutes later. Then the servants see her leave in the van.
However, the unpleasant sensations that disturbed Preston continued.
- Who was that woman? - Asks the butler. And why is not your wife back yet, sir?
Preston feels a place of intense fear, realizing what had been the gift bestowed by Khatanid: empathy. Whenever he made someone feel bad, he would also feel in his own body what the other person was feeling. And since he had threatened everyone in jail if something bad happened to Pacifica, the servants were terrified. He deduces that there is only one way to feel better, and so responds calmly:
- When I was coming back from Sioux Falls I phoned to my wife, and she said she was visiting a sick aunt. If he has not returned, he decides to spend the night there, along with Alastair. Now, I’m sure that my daughter will come here in due time. Now you all can sleep.
The servants were still confused, but fear and their anguish were gone, to Preston's relief.
(I was cursed by a heathen god!)
Over time he would realize that that gift was indeed a blessing, and would help him in business and personal life more than could be imagined, in addition to making him a better man,because when he did something good, also sharing pleasant feelings. But at that moment, he was too many nervous to realise this and went from the dining room to the living room, where he looked at the paintings that came from the Northwest mansion in Gravity Falls.
Before leaving, he himself had destroyed the pictures that showed their ancestors as they really were: a bunch of thieves and crooks. But they bore the fake images of the Northwest made known to the world. For a long time, he had liked to look at it, but for some reason, that was no longer the case.
There was another picture with him alone, his hand on a globe and another with him, the impostor and Peaceful, wearing a nice green dress and the Miss Gravity Falls sash. At the right moment he would have it destroyed, but not before he order to make a copy, showing only him and Pacifica.
Then she feels a lump in his throat as he looks at the painting where the daughter she had always despised was shown with her beautiful turquoise eyes, something she no longer had. That little detail makes the suppressed anguish until that moment breaks out overwhelmingly,and the tears too...
Revelations,Fight and Changes.Part 4 of 7
Pacifica fights for her life and loses. But upon returning from the frontier between  the life and the world beyond the grave, she get amazing new skills!
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