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Skinny Ridley is skinny.

Seriously, just look at him!
He's skinner than a stripper in a concentration camp. I don't get how this guy would be a heavy weight if he had been a playable character in Brawl or when he'll be a PC in the next installment (probably in another ten years).

Anyway, Ridley always struck me as the sarcastic type, and the kind of villain that mimics the snake in biblical literature, you know, luring people into temptation by whispering such things in their ears and then stabbing them in the back.

But whatever.

Ridley belongs to Nintendo.
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WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
It's kinda cool how open of a character you can take on Ridley.

I've always thought the reason for his emaciated appearance was due to the series' inspiration from "Alien". If you look between Ridley's designs and a xenomorphs, they will look very similar.
Ziblink's avatar
Skeletal things are evil.

He just has bad body image. What with all these magazines showing perfect bodies and preened wings. No way he can live up tot hat!

(Also, Samus, want this apple? I swear it doesn't have X in it at all!)
tanuki-kage's avatar
Awh I do want him in a smash game so.
Ziblink's avatar
Against his arch enemy, Jigglypuff (The small, fat squishy little smartass.)
TheBlackNova's avatar
Please make it look less disturbing
TheBlackNova's avatar
His pose makes him look like hes fapping.
tanuki-kage's avatar
Purely unintentional.
S3piaSurge's avatar
Poor Ridley. (Bloodhound gang's "Why is everybody always pickin on me?" plays in the background)
TheGuyWithNoHeart's avatar
lol, you can see my ribs kinda. =O
tanuki-kage's avatar
That doesn't mean it's healthy. xD;;
rosutu's avatar
He was pretty portly in his first couple of appearances, too.

Maybe he got liposuction?
Aqua311's avatar
Maybe he should give Kraid some weight loss advice. :XD:
GoddessofPerversity's avatar
He IS freakin' skinny. :XD: I like your interpretation of him here. I certainly can see him using sarcasm. He always struck me as someone who's just an all-around bastard and loves it.
tanuki-kage's avatar
Yeah same. I'm hoping some day the games will actually show him as an intelligent being (like talking) instead of going roar and stuff.
S3piaSurge's avatar
omg, I agree 100 percent... like in the manga.
tanuki-kage's avatar
Indeed. Hooray for personality! :dummy:
GoddessofPerversity's avatar
Yeah...I read the Metroid manga, and couldn't help but be surprised when they had him talk. I can't help but wonder what his voice would sound like...Know what'd be cool? If he talked in Other M. :meow:
tanuki-kage's avatar
If he just talked in the games it'd be awesome. I want to hear him call Samus a crazy bitch. That would be win right there. xD
GoddessofPerversity's avatar
I need to hear them saying any sort of insult to each other. :XD:
tanuki-kage's avatar
FadyFTJ's avatar
Well would you rather him being fat? :V
tanuki-kage's avatar
I'm not saying he has to be fat, but he doesn't have to give us a biology lesson either. :V It's just a joke, anyway.
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